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January 07, 2012


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But South Carolina is an open primary. What do independents think of Ron Paul?


PPP, you do know that South Carolina is an open primary, right?


Jim DeMint was a Romney supporter in 2007. DeMint even defended the individual mandate on tee vee, calling: “Making Freedom Work For Everyone”.



Wow, if Romney is leading even head-to-head against Santorum in South Carolina, there really is no point in going forward.


Surprise surprise another establishment based group lying about Ron Paul. He's a good person and an awesome candidate. Only fools and liars say he's not electable.


Romney is the only candidate that can carry the Independents an have a possible chance of beating Obama. He took Iowa and will take NH and SC. Why are South Carolinian's giving Newt 22%. After his poor performance in Iowa and NH, he and his ego rode the bubble a few days in Iowa, he declared himself the nominee (what an ego maniac) then it burst and he left with no delegates, a defeated old man full of vengeance and hate. The guy is a whiner, a corrupt Washington insider taking millions from Freddy Mac and the health care insurance industry as consultant/lobbyist? The guy carries so much baggage that Iowan saw this con man,huckster, charlatan, snake oil salesman for what he is. He appears to have a maniac /depressive personality.The guy is not even on the VA ballot, your wasting a vote if you vote for this jerk. Who would want that hand on the button? He is a bomb thrower one day then has remorse the next, who would vote for this kind of stability? Perry and Santorum both will be history. Ron Paul is the only one that could surprise the nation if he will pull out of the GOP and run third party.


Newt is going to use his $5 mil donation to attack Romney in SC, smells hypocritical to me. And huntsman just need to disappear like now. Both r just whiners.

Dustin Ingalls

"PPP, you do know that South Carolina is an open primary, right?"

Yeah, which is why we have 18% of the electorate as non-Republicans. You can see what proportion of the independent vote each candidate is getting by looking at the crosstabs.


Nobody twists anybody's arm in the voting booth. If a voter chooses to believe everything they hear/see in ads, then what does that say about them. What it means is they didn't do the homework on their own.


Dr. Ron Paul 2012

Gene Climer

Rick Santorum is the only candidate, Ron Paul aside, who has the gumption to take a stand on anything controversial. If you want a yes man, vote for Mitt. If you want a 1.0% solution for the rich that enjoys laying off employees and sucking cash out of bankrupt companies, then you should vote for Mitt. If you want a slimey, tells you want you want to hear, sort of politician, vote for Mitt. Afterall, that is how President Obama got elected. He told people what they wanted to hear and then did what he wanted to after getting elected. People are forgetful in terms of memory. Somehow they seem to forget. We are all (99% of us) economic slaves to the status quo, wanting to believe that handsome and slick is better than character and substance. Truth is, substance is more like being a loving parent, telling your teenager what they don't want to hear. Good Presidents are like that. Vote for the one man who you could trust your kids with if you were to die tomorrow, because without significant intervention and sacrifice, we all just might be headed that direction. America does not need slick. America needs substance.

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