Dems Doing Well In Iowa, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina

| pppadmin

PPP has been busy this week polling on important races across the country:

-In an Iowa survey done for Emily’s List, we found Theresa Greenfield starting out the general election for US Senate with a small lead over Joni Ernst, 45-43. Greenfield emerged from the primary with a +13 net favorability, while Ernst is at -7. Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by just 1 point in the state, which he won by 9 in 2016.

PPP has consistently found Democrats leading in the Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and North Carolina Senate races which should be enough for a majority next year. States like Iowa expend the battlefield and provide the potential for a more robust majority.

PPP released one of the only public polls for this week’s primary in Iowa and correctly found Greenfield winning by a landslide.

-In a Texas survey done for the Texas Democratic Party, we found Joe Biden and Donald Trump tied in the state at 48. Only 46% of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 50% who disapprove. A Quinnipiac University survey released this week showed the state a toss up as well.

One particularly notable finding in the Texas poll is that Biden leads 53-41 among voters under 45…and 51-46 among voters between 46 and 65 as well. The only thing keeping Trump in the game is a 59-38 lead with seniors. That huge generational split means Democrats are going to start winning important elections in Texas some day…and it could even be this year.

-In a Michigan survey done for Progress Michigan we found Joe Biden leading Donald Trump 50-44. In four surveys we have done over the course of the last two months Biden has led by 7, 8, 6, and 6 in Michigan showing a pretty consistent picture in the state. Gary Peters leads John James 48-39 in the Senate race, indicating the second best GOP pick up opportunity isn’t much of an opportunity.

Gretchen Whitmer continues to get high marks in the wake of her leadership on the coronavirus. Her net approval rating is 22 points better in the state than Donald Trump’s. She stands at +13 (53/40), while he is at -9 (43/52).

-In a North Carolina survey this week we found Joe Biden with his biggest lead in the state so far this year at 49-45. We also found there’s room for him to grow- Donald Trump has a -62 approval rating with the undecideds and they’re supporting Roy Cooper by 43 points for Governor and Cal Cunningham by 31 points for Senate.

This is a trend we are seeing in most of our polling- the voters who don’t know how they’re going to cast their ballot for President are generally younger Democratic leaning voters who don’t care for Joe Biden. That is probably the most important voting bloc for this fall- if they continue to decline to support Biden the race may be close. If they end up deciding he’s good enough, the election may approach landslide territory.

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