Democrats Lead Key NC Races

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PPP’s newest North Carolina poll finds that Joe Biden leads Donald Trump 49-45, the largest lead PPP has found for Biden in the state so far in 2020. Only 45% of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 50% who disapprove. That net -5 approval for Trump represents a 9 point drop for him compared to his 4 point margin of victory in 2016. That is consistent with the -11 net approval the FiveThirtyEight polling average finds for Trump nationally relative to his 2 point loss in the popular vote the last time around.

The undecideds for President support Roy Cooper for Governor by 43 points and Cal Cunningham for Senate by 31 points and disapprove of Trump 11/73, suggesting that they’re Democratic leaning voters who might eventually be brought into the fold. Half of the undecideds are under the age of 45- younger progressives who aren’t in love with Biden may be the key demographic for President this fall.

Roy Cooper continues to have a double digit lead in the Governor’s race, leading Dan Forest 50-39 this month. Cooper gets high marks for his leadership on the coronavirus and voters stands with him on the key decisions he’s made:

-55% approve of the job Cooper is doing handling the virus, to only 29% who disapprove. 58% think the state’s response has been ‘about right,’ to just 23% who think the state has over reacted in its response and 13% who think it’s under reacted.

-Only 33% think restrictions on gyms and bars should be lifted, to 56% who think they should remain closed for the time being. Just 29% say they would personally feel comfortable going to gyms and bars with 57% uncomfortable doing so.

-There is a strong bipartisan consensus on the importance of wearing masks in public with 57% saying it’s ‘very important’ and 84% that it’s at least ‘somewhat important.’ Only 15% of voters think wearing them isn’t important. 97% of Clinton voters- and also 70% of Trump voters- agree on the importance of mask wearing.

In the US Senate race Cal Cunningham leads Thom Tillis 43-41. Undecideds in the Senate race support Biden by 9 points and Cooper by 23 points, suggesting some room for Cunningham to grow if those voters end up deciding to vote Democratic across the board.

PPP interviewed 949 North Carolina voters on June 2nd and 3rd. The margin of error is +/-3.2% and the full results are here

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