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December 09, 2016


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campaign is over, polling should sample from the opinions of ALL Americans, not just Trump supporters.


Many Trump supporters hate Hillary so much, and believe just about everything negative written about her no matter how rediculous, that they don't realize how ignorant, naive, ill prepared and deeply egocentric Trump is.



I've been saying for years that something needs to be done with the media "outlets" that play fast and loose with the truth - from Fox to Breitbart, Drudge, WND, Infowars. LifeSiteNews, etc.

I bumped into a casual acquaintance prior to the election. She was bemoaning the terrible conditions under Obama: unemployment was soaring, the economy was far worse than under Bush, pssstttt....of course... Obama shouldn't even be President. Then there was Clinton who had personally authorized a number of assassinations of her political rivals!

This woman also made it clear that whites were being persecuted under Obama "the Muslim traitor". Tragically, this wasn't stuff she made up! She was taking this straight from Breitbart. If I were repeating this just for the sake of conversation, it would be anecdotal. But this poll is direct evidence that we have a serious problem in this country that can't be left unaddressed.

It has been said that without a free and independent press no democracy can survive. The press had long been given special privileges in recognition of its fiduciary duty to the public. Organizations that serve the far right are about as dedicated to the truth as Burger King is dedicated to fighting obesity. There is absolutely no incentive for outlets with a political axe to grind to stick to facts when their base is so reactionary and ignorant.

Correcting this problem became critical to the survival of this nation once a demagogue announced his intention to run for office. His election can be attributed directly to the misinformation and "fake news" being fed to certain members of the public on a 24/7/365 basis.

As I'm not a First Amendment specialist, I'm don't know what actions are appropriate. It is long past time to address this; something should have been done BEFORE Trump prevailed. However, the country was ripe for the appearance of an authoritarian leader who would whip up our basest emotions while claiming he had all the answers. The sane among us pretended that Fox's preposterous spins really weren't a problem. As to the "normalization of Breitbart" - that entity didn't even merit mention until a Breitbart "news" "reporter" had problems at a Trump event. Breitbart, known for its white supremacist leanings, was then being referred to as "news" and its employees are referred to as "reporters" by credible journalists! And now Steph Bannon, a man that would more appropriately be an inpatient in a mental health facility, is being given power he never should have access to. Not in a decent and ethical world.

This is the down side of tolerance. Those who need to be called out will end up destroying the very liberties we all take for granted. We're stuck with the aftermath. We'll be lucky to preserve SOME of the fundamental liberties we've come to enjoy.

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