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January 31, 2013


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I wish you would have polled the favorability of Christie and Rubio like you did Clinton. Without some kind of measure of their name recognition in Texas, it's impossible to know whether Clinton wins because there are voters who would prefer her over an unknown, but would prefer Rubio or Christie once they learn about them.

Chris S.

So, according to your polling from the last few weeks, Clinton would beat Christie by 2% nationally, but she'd also beat him by 2% in Texas, and by 6% in Minnesota? Either the Christie vs. Clinton electoral map looks completely crazy, or one or more of those polls must be an outlier. Any insight into the demographics that would explain a mere 4 point gap between the presidential vote in Minnesota and Texas?

don baker

I know of nobody who would support a corrupt marxist liar like Clinton.

Sid Grier

Some people only know people who think like they do.
That's why Karl Rove and Fox News were so surprised when Obama won again.
Right now Fox & Friends are very puzzled by Obama's 60% popularity rating.

Dee W.

I don't know what democratic office you polled but here in Texas I know of no one who would vote for Hillary. She is not well thought of here in our glorious state.

I took my own poll during the last election of polls and not one of the people that I know in 14 states or in my home state of Texas and not one person had ever been solicited for a poll. Seems to me that polls must be bias for the company or party that hired them and are a waste of time and $$. Polls must be a filler for empty news spots in the paper & air time.

retired military from texas

No voters in Texas were actually used in this poll.


Clinton is not a corrupt marxist liar, but most of the republicans in our government and out of it sure are. So look in the mirror buddy.


Someone should take a poll on how many NON-Texans want Texas to secede. I know I'm for it, although an air-drop to a still-loyal Austin would have to be included.

Ted Warren

I heard that a recent poll in my state (not Texas) found that 99% are in favor of Texas seceding from the US. We are in favor of throwing out Texas and making Puerto Rico the (new) 50th state.

Luke Nicholson

Axzl, actually, so is Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

The idiots here are only easier to hear because they yell louder.

As far as the poll goes, I'm a little surprised, but no entirely. I heard predictions that Texas would be a swing state d/t the growing/aging Hispanic population anywhere between 2016 & 2020.

Of course, this poll comes before any sort of widespread concerted effort to both antagonize Clinton or support any of the Republican candidates by the right-wing media. But Nate Silver certainly thinks Clinton could win handily, and he's earned his stripes.


What fantasy is this? Are we hearing voices like Joan of Arc?


What far left skewed media poll published this? Dream on.

Gerald Walden

I do not believe the polling results you have taken in Texas on Hillary Clinton winning a presidential bid here. She is liked here in Texas about as much as a Western Diamond back Rattlesnake. Your polling must be taken from all democratic subjects. Your polling results remind me of the far lefts, "News Medias Reporting" on anything conservative. I think your forum is like theirs, you're trying to push your on liberal agenda. NO THANK YOU!

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