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February 21, 2012


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Mr Focus

Oh yeah? They should ask the Hawaiians how they feel about Americans. Not much better than people from every other country in the world.

Stan Johnson

WHAT A CROCK OF REPUBLICANAZI BS.......as usual, the PPP, like Fox(hole) news, is nothing but a bunch of conservative garbage........

But, what do you expect from this party---the truth???


Dustin Ingalls

That's funny, because we're Democrats.

not likely

more people dislike california than new jersey? i think not.

Captain Obvious

Mr Focus: Perhaps you forget that Hawaiians are Americans? Last time I checked, Hawaii was one of the 50 states of the USA.


California gave this country Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Google, Intel, HP, Sun, Cisco, EA, Genentech, AMD, NVIDIA, etc. They gave us Hollywood and Biotech. They're a net donor state, giving $60 billion more to the federal government each year than they get back in spending. That's $2000 from each man, woman and child. If the rest of the country hates California, then the rest of the country are pretty damn stupid.


I think at least 30% of twitpics are people from LA or San Francisco tweeting pictures of food. STOP IT.


"Oh yeah? They should ask the Hawaiians how they feel about Americans. Not much better than people from every other country in the world."

Hawaii IS part of the United States. I sincerely hope you know that.


So glad this poll is being shared with the nation. Being a real Nor-Cal(Northern California for the 44% haters who probably have never been here)native, I would like people to continue to hold this unfavorable opinion. That will help prevent those individuals from ever coming here and discovering that they love it and want to move here. We don't need any more trash from the states with 50%(not sure)votes because no one knows a thing about them. California is more widely known so more people hold an opinion of it. California also carries many stereotype that uneducated people in less populated states are likely to believe. Future relevant polling would be appreciated. Above all "your all hella jealous"


So why the heck to they keep moving here?

J. DePolo


Chill out.....you liberals are much too emotional. Just head down to your local bath house after work (if you have a real job) for a good soak.



This was EASY to predict. California has become a joke and a disgrace -- bankrupt, deep in hock, full of liberals, Hollywood hokum, and run amok by illegal aliens. You can keep your state. The main reason that people visit is the WEATHER -- which has nothing to do with the residents or the clowns running the place.

California Dreaming

California should leave the union and start its own country and stop sending in all the tax revenue for the fly over states. if the rest of the country doesnt like California then why should California support them?

Gerry Anderson

Now that Im living in Texas and having lived in California for Twelve years, I miss the beautiful sunny skys(on a clear day)the sandy beaches and magestic mountians,And the vast majority of its citizens. What I don't miss is the state Government, one of the worst in the union.


This is why Texans hate Californians moving here in droves! I just can't understand why more Californians move to Texas than any other state??!!! We hate California, your politicians, beliefs, snobby attitudes, etc. Please stay the hell out of our state, you've already ruined your own, don't come here and do the same!!! It's almost too late as it seems that half the state of California has already moved here!! You're not a "Texan" just because you move here and say so. You're a transplant wannabee and we hope you'll get lost and find your way to another state. We can only pray....

Pablo Nino

I'm really not surprised at this findings. To me, it only goes to show that, people from other
places that are, obviously, not as prosperous, beautiful, bountiful and progressive as California is , are just a bit envious and jealous. I feel very proud and, to a point, honored at knowing that we are in a class of our own, the hatred an bigotry notwithstanding. Too bad for them because, contrary to popular if erroneous belief, we are not going to fall into the ocean or disappear any time soon. Finally, what other state can make the claim of having such wealth and resources to be ranked among the first ten wealthiest nations of the world if we were one?

J. DePolo

Dear California Dreaming,

There is a fundemental difference between California and Californians. California is, indeed, a beautiful state with much to offer and ONCE had the fifth (5th) largest economy in the world . However, the politicians and the citizenry that elects these "ass clowns" year after year have put a stop order on capitalism and the benfits it wrought. Where else is a massive budget deficit a "badge of honor?" (Maybe Illinois) You also bring up secession as a solution to spite Americans that dislike California. I am sure your illustrious state politicos would not be responsive to that idea since they wouldn't be able to later beg Obozo's administration for a federal bail-out. Of course, California could also apply for foreign aid, if the state did secede, but the offer is only good if they act immediately and apply prior to November 2012! And to think, before you, Texans were the only citizens chastised by the national media for uttering the word secession.


JT, you have to be kidding. Your state is going bankrupt. You cannot afford your prisons, all the illegals you allow to harbor safely, your social programs because so many of you losers are on welfare. If every person in your state gave $2,000, then you would not be failing miserably in your schools, # of police per person, or your outstandingly high property taxes. So what if Apple was created there? So that means that you can't have more rapists per capita than any other state? Your logic, and your math, is unsound. Maybe because you went to school in California.


seriously?!?! All I have to say is," Haters gonna hate!"

McCloud Logger

I hope this stops people coming from out of state to get on our welfare rolls. California is a fabulous state. Mountains, (most winters good skiing), Beaches, (great surfing, swimming, sunbathing) Agriculture (feed more people than any other state) and I could go on and on, but I don't want those others to come out here.


California has the most lavish pensions of any state, the highest paid legislature who can’t balance a budget and love to pass nanny laws, most regulated, highest gas prices (due to regulation), we have the highest paid teachers but score the lowest, highest cost prison system, we have more people here on welfare than any other state, highest level of illegal immigration, lowest score of CEOs who would want to locate their company here, one of the highest state taxes (and this fall they will be asking for more). People who can are leaving (but it takes someone to buy your house and/or business) before you can leave. California is a net exporter of people. The one thing we do have is great weather but give the politicians another 30 years and they will find a way to screw that up. Stop living in denial, California had its day but it is in steady decline (how’s that liberalism working out?). Most likely it will be the first state to go bankrupt.

N Mac

Gerry Anderson,

Trust me, Californians aren't trying to "ruin" Texas-George W Bush did that for you! I bet Californians in Texas are trying to make it flourish just like we do here in the Golden State! Hahahahah "Haters gonna hate" & we don't need you here anyway!


So I am guessing you took an equal sample size from each state, which clearly explains the results regarding CA, considering it's by far the most populous state.

I'm curious what the results would have been if your sample size between residents of different states had been proportional.


If you disagree with a liberal in California you are a hater or an "ic" or "ist" of some sort.


nobody cares


Born and raised in Cali and left 5 years ago and would never move back. It's a narcissistic crap hole filled with fake people living a unrealistic liberal utopia that's bankrupt. The only people moving there are democrats looking for a free ride while all the hard workers flee.

Buh bye CA.


Shut up people. California has everything and anything anybody could ever want...mountains beaches, agriculture, great all-round weather, Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios, technology, you name it, they got it.

If I try hard enough to convince everyone, maybe, just maybe, they will buy it and the Cali's will stop moving north and we can save Washington and Oregon. :)

Dustin Ingalls

Geoff: Not sure why you'd guess that. The numbers would be even worse if Cali WEREN'T represented proportionally.


It is really hard to properly compare California to other states due to its size.It has the same population as the total of the 23 smallest states.It does have the #1 weather,#1 in physical attractions, in corn ,cotton,technology,Federal Tax contribution,illegal immigrants, and most everything else.

And ,yes you can keep Los Angeles and it surrounding cities.


Yes this is just Republican propaganda and the Dems are angels. Can we just throw all these partisan clowns in a pit and bury them? Let's all congratulate both parties and their hack followers for the shit we are in. Thank you.


Well, as a native of Montana, I am glad to see that more people are unsure than unfavorable, hahaha. But, even though California is gorgeous, I agree that it is the mentality of the people. I know firsthand because they just love moving up to our state and building enormous houses near our gorgeous lakes and rivers to live in three months out of the year..then the rest of the year they sit empty. And the ones who actually do stay are intent on changing our state the way they want it. Please, come and visit, but if you're going to live here, it's best to at least tolerate our lifestyle if you don't want people to think you're a snob :)

Rich Giddens

On March 8th 2012, I will have lived in Horrible'fornia for 30 years. I HATE California. See YouTube or Google-- Solano Communist County.

Rich Giddens

So whats it like to live in even a smaller Horrible'fornia city? YouTube or Google = Sewer Soon City.

Whatever you do--Do not buy a home or retire in this awful morally and fiscally bankrupt COMMUNIST STATE.


"Mr Focus: Perhaps you forget that Hawaiians are Americans? Last time I checked, Hawaii was one of the 50 states of the USA."

He obviously means native hawaiians, many of whom have a pretty strong resentment to America. When people from hawaii say "Hawaiians" they usually are referring to people with hawaiian blood.


. If every person in your state gave $2,000, then you would not be failing miserably in your schools, # of police per person, or your outstandingly high property taxes.

Umm, they do, on average, but it's to the Feds to be given to the other states. Of course, with the Dem senators and reps they elect, it's kInd of their own fault.

...and yes, native Hawaiians do sometimes resent America.

laughs alot

FYI, Hawaii is NOT a willing state. It is a militarily occupied Kingdom, stolen from the Hawaiians by the US Federal Government, conspiring with certain businessmen, who overthrew the Queen with US military and tried to rewrite history with lies and fabrications of Treaties of Annexation. The Native Hawaiians were never given a legitimate chance to express their views.

Hawaiians love Las Vegas!

Rich Giddens

Today's disgusting Horrible'fornia story comes from the city of ''Sin Freak Sicko'' where an ogreish 250 pound naked woman (no telling until a plumbing check is done) went kuku for cocoa puffs and attacked and damaged cars by jumping and stomping on car hoods and windshields. Do yourself a favor and dont look at the pictures at SFgate.com

Rich Giddens

The PPP polling results are not GOP propaganda because California wrote its own horrible reputation.


As a native Californian I have to say that California is a beautiful state but all the liberals have run it into the ground, turned it into a welfare state for illegals and are taxing taxpayers to death. As for Hollywood, it has always been full of uneducated fruits and nuts. It's just a pity that all the liberals who invaded the state have destroyed it.

Che ... a Navajo name

California native...born in LA in 1943. Used to be a great state. Have watched it deteriorate until I couldn't take it any longer...moved out in 2003. It is only "beautiful" along the coast and everywhere above San Francisco. Otherwise, it's one ugly state run by idiots.

Moved to Utah. Love it here. Lots to do. Nice people. Cheap, large houses. No traffic. Low taxes. Best snow on earth. Beauty everywhere...and natural, not needing an army of gardeners to maintain it. Well managed...always listed by Forbes as one of the best places to do business and to live....and always has a balanced budget. You can live in the city and be in the mountains in 10 minutes. Provo/Orem area of Utah listed as the 4th happiest place to live. And hardly any idiot democrats in the entire state, unlike California.

Please don't move here. Just come spend your money. Ski on real snow instead of California boilerplate.


I find that wherever I move, (have lived on both coasts and in-between) there are things I like and things I don't like. Ive always managed to find decent, nice people. Now on my second stint in CA, (not in LA this time). Things I like about CA: weather--absolutely the best, variety and diversity in population and natural beauty. Minuses: traffic/congestion around major cities, earthquakes, high cost of living, and gridlock in state govt. Once CA had the best educational system in the country, but no more. It still has many of the top nationally ranked public universities in the country.

CA fiscal woes in part are related to Prop 13 which made it harder to pass a budget or raise taxes, limiting flexibility. I also believe the numerous measures on the ballot every election has constrained the state govts ability to deal with fiscal challenges. The Enron scandal also cost the state billions.

Posted by: Mattie | 


I was born and raised in California. My parents moved here from Lima, Peru after getting married and to this day we cannot picture living ANYWHERE else. I have friends who left to the east coast for school and are counting the days for when they get to come back here. Yeah I agree that the government sucks here but I seriously love it here and I never want to leave. Every state has pros and cons so why get all pissy and insulting over this??

James Smith

My guess is that the unfavorable view of California is based on the southern part of the state. LA is more or less the birthplace of much of the low quality aspects of modern American culture. Fast food, strip malls, suburban sprawl, vapid art and music, and cultural epicenter of America's preoccupation with physical appearance. This does not mean that has not been been quality cultural contributions to come out of the region or that all southern Californians are petty and fake. I will say, however, that during my several visits to the area I have been struck by an unusually high number of unauthentic and arrogant individuals, mainly white. It seems to get worse in more upscale areas, such as Santa Monica. Some of these individuals seem highly passive aggressive as well. I have travelled throughout the US and I have never been to an area where so many strangers will speak negatively about each other in the same public room, completely audible to the other individual, but without directly addressing the person. People in New York can be aggressive at times, but they will speak to you directly and mind their own business unless specifically addressed. In the South, where I live, people generally keep their opinions to themselves concerning strangers. Speaking negatively about a stranger is generally an invitation for a physical confrontation.

Stan Preftokis

If California is so bad, how come California has more than 12,000,000 more residents than Texas, the next largest state?

Jim Wynn

California is a beautiful state which is populated by absolute idiots. Face it.


The reason why California sucks it is because of the government here their is nothing wrong with the state as a whole mayors in california does a better job then governor brown why do they need him seriously he been a government 2-3 times he is suffocating the states of california he need to step down .

Javier Anderson

I don't know if these were the right questions to have asked the respondents. Wouldn't the better question have been: If you could, would you like/choose to live in the state of X 1) yes; 2) no, no prejudice; 3)no, with prejudice, 4)Don't know/uncertain. Perhaps even outlining the conditions of affinity would have better separated those who like and don't like and have eliminated the many who were unsure. Something like: I would love to live/retire there some day; all the way to I could never imagine ever setting foot in that state. Another good question to have asked would have been if people had ever been in or had read extensively about the state they were being asked to give an opinion about. Probably smaller (and possibly more rural) states got the bad end of this questionnaire. I finally would have also put in the question of which state the respondent actually lived in. All in all however, this questionnaire did offer some interesting demographics and has some potential if more specific questions are asked. Keep up the good work!

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