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January 01, 2012


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Ron Paul Supporter

Ron Paul 2012.

Look up Santorum's record:

Rick santorum was voted as the most corrupt member of the senate in 2006

Rick santorum is ranked as one of the top members of the senate who took lobbyist money.


Hello, the news is fantastic. I believe that ron paul can just nudge though with the help of this passionate base.

nancy sabet

...Romney needs Santorum in Iowa real bad...if Newt or Rick Perry get their ticket punched in Iowa, Romney's dead.
The liberal Media and “Policy Boys” are giving Santorum a bump in Iowa at just the right time (if we had 2-3 weeks we could discuss Santorum backing Specter over Toomey in 04′, which cost Santorum his PA Senate seat in 2006


Then in 2008
Santorum endorses Romney, Hates McCain
and finally in 2008
Santorum endorses McCain over Huckabee in the 08' Primary


Congratulations on the poll release. This may probably be the last poll before the caucuses Tuesday.


Ron Paul is going to win it!!!!!!!

Mark W. Stroberg

After two weeks of a steady onslaught of distortions, lies, and outright slander by EVERY mainstream media outlet from MSNBC to Faux News, Paul still leads. I like the way this is looking.

Liberty or Death!

Ron Paul Wins

Ron Paul 2012 baby

thank you PPP


The days of Ron Paul are numbered...a pseudo libertarian! Santorum 2012!


Santorum, are you kidding me, nobody believes the bs polls, Ron Paul is taking 40%


If you are 18 to 29 years old, press 1. If 30 to45, press 2. If 46 to 65, press 3. If you areolder than 65, press 4.
18 to 29(12%)
30 to 45(26%)
46 to 65 (40%)
65+ (22%)

Looks like the pooling sample favors the establishment candidates, 18-35 is where Ron Paul's strongest support comes from.


After a week of the news cycle being dedicated to lying about Ron Paul we are still in it to win it. Ron Paul 2012!


Thank God For Ron Paul! Our only hope!

Mark Anthony Jones

Santorum endorsed Arlen Specter; that's good judgement. Perry gave Texas Gardasil and is for the NAFTA superhighway. Romney has no principles, just whatever polls best. Bachmann voted for NDAA to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial. Newt is riddled with liberalism's. ALL Of them can't wait to repeat Iraq's 1 million deaths in Iran, yet they want you to believe they are pro-life! Only Ron Paul and 30 years of consistent policy can protect this country by DEFENDING this country and ending the military industrial complex that will end our country.

Newt, Romney, Santorum, Perry, Bachmann... all the same as Obama on policy. And boy are they scared they are going to lose their gravy train!! Only Ron Paul represents a return to the principles of liberty and the constitution. Just ask them where they stand on NDAA and the Patriot Acts. Liberty is fading unless we get a grip and pull ourselves back from the brink. This will be our last chance!


Ron Paul is a pseudo libertarian? Haha.


Ron Paul 2012 !!!


PPP, are you willing to comment on your turnout assumptions versus the Des Moines Register's poll? I know you include a small number of Dems, but other than that are you assuming similar age, evangelical, and conservative/moderate ratios?

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter

Ronald Ernest Paul landslide people.
no 'photo finish' like Ames Straw Poll


Ron Paul is the true Conservative.

Romney, well to put it lightly, he's not a conservative.

Santorum voted to raise the debt limit...
not once,
not twice,
not three times,
not four times,

Vote liberty 2012! Vote Ron Paul!


Do you truly support the troops? Ron Paul overwhelmingly leads in support from the troops! Support the troops by helping this pro-Ron Paul article go completely viral! Spread it all over the internet and social networks! Denver Conspiracy Examiner’s, “Support the Troops by Supporting Ron Paul”

Mike Ouellette


Paul 28%
Romney 19%
Santorum 16%
Gingrich 14%
Perry 12%
Bachmann 10%

Independent Thought

This Rick Santorum surge is blowing my mind right now.

It has to be some mistake.


It's got to be Ron Paul...or we and our children are screwed again by the elitists elected (rigged) by the puppeteers.
For my Country, my children and future grandchildren, I pray people are smart enough to look behind that curtain and see they are all phonies with the EXCEPTION of the exceptional Ron Paul.


A Ron Paul win in Iowa would be a great way to start off the first 2 weeks of the new year. A NH top place would secure his electibility and for sure the LSM will stomp on him with both boots. However, are the American people smart enough than base their opinions off the media propaganda? Are they still capable of critical thought? Only this election will tell. In the meantime, have a look see at this video, "How To Brain Wash A Nation," dating back from 1985. It is an interview of a former USSR KGB officer. What he speakes of sounds eirily similar in todays MSM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeMZGGQ0ERk&feature=endscreen&NR=1
If you find that this interview represents what the media has become, SPREAD IT LIKE THE SPANISH FLU. Post it on your FB wall, and post it on every comment bar possible. Hopefully wake the walking ignorant.

Shirley Freeman

If you vote 'sound bytes' without doing your homework, you'll vote Romney or Paul, maybe...But if you really do your homework and take the time to understand with Rick Santorum why he takes his stands then you'll find in him the leader we can trust to get the job done for America and our next generation. He does not say he is a 'perfect' conservative; he has made some votes and supports he regrets. But he does say he is a 'consistent' conservative. If a candidate tells you he or she has a perfect record, will you believe them? Is there a perfect human being in the world?? Santorum's record is MAINLY consistent. He is a rugged leader with outstanding accomplishments for conservative principles, a 'won't quit til it's done' smart, hard work leader! What a change from Obama, who admits his greatest weakness is 'laziness!' Santorum has a keen mind and memory for facts and figures that provides him the ammunition to be strongly convincing on his well-thought positions and pragmatic, targeted goals for our country. He has the winning vision for our country! Go to http://www.c-span.org and review Santorum's Q&A sessions with real Iowans tough questions at town hall meetings and rallies before you make up your mind...Use your own best judgment, not sound bytes, as the basis of this very important decision on who should lead our country for the next 8 years.

Liberty Or Death

Liberty or Death. Remember this.


Santorum is a stupid man

...and I don't for ONCE buy it that he's gaining ANY ground, it HAS to be a mistake.




Amazing the durability of Ron Paul, solid gold!

Santorum is the latest media pump job, its false.

I'm putting Ron at 50% . Why? Watching a cspan commentary yesterday, almost everyone who called in was pro Paul. It's just sick the part that media plays in the election, often times media is owned by the same people who build tanks and bombers. big suprise they don't want Paul. well I want that guy.

Tough USA

As of 1/1/12 there are over 20 million voters out of approx:126 million that are voting for Ron Paul. He is gaining in democrat swingover and independant votes which does not even account for the new young voters that are cultivating the rebirth of Liberty and Restoring thier America. This is begining to spell disater for MSM who have held America hostage for years.

Ron Paul will win based on Values set forth by the American people not 10cent commentary. We are not a core group of supporters anymore. Pauls growing support is at least
10x of 2008. We are educated people from small business and large corporations.
We are military who clearly understand BLOWBACK. We are Americans that
understand America is bankrupt and unemployment is well over 20%. We want
americans to work and share wealth, which is our poor and middle class. We
understand Big Government is out of control and unacceptable.We are tired of
the filth that MSM announces day after day. WE ARE RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!!!

mike g

Dr. Paul is our only chance to significantly cut into this deficit. Please Iowa don't be fooled by these smooth talking politicians. Dr. Paul is honest and principled. That's why liberal and conservative media detest him.


Well, well! The media and the establishment has done its best to throw everything against Ron Paul now - yet still he leads!! Looking good!

Fingers Crossed

Ron Paul will lose because there is a special Republican caucus rule in 2012 that requires ballot counters to destroy every second ballot cast for anyone called Ron Paul.



Please save our country and vote Ron Paul! Open your minds and do your own research. Dont listen to this media smear campaign that is straight out of a North Korea brainwashing handbook!



The media has tried to convince all of us to follow them off the cliff by not supporting Ron Paul.

Everyone needs to do your research (Google Ron Paul) before you decide and study what he is based on and his beliefs - by the way RP has not changed. People talk foreign policy, if our military did not support him double than any other candidate then I may have to agree with the media. Oh then there is racism of gay and blacks I do not hear any of the blacks nor gays speaking out about RP just the manipulative media. So I guess if you want to be the sheep and follow them off of the cliff that is why we are born in America our freedom of choice and if you want to keep that freedom of choice then vote for RP

Ron Paul 2012


Ron Paul is leading the Republican pack even with all the negative talking points about him and the minimal coverage. I was there in 1988, I was there in 2008 and now 2012, we have the most organized, energetic and passionate campaign. The establishment is afraid of Ron Paul because his policies will force them to face economic and political reality.



The only candidate I'm considering is Michele Bachmann. PPP admits that the CNN poll that showed the "surge" for Santorum was wrong and now there's barely any time to dig into Santorum's long and embarrassing record. The Conservative Hammer best summed up Santorum:

"Santorum: for steel tariffs, for massive federal pork projects, for crony capitalism, for market distortions, for No Child Left Behind, for Medicare Part D, for the Bridge to Nowhere.... A pro-life statist who did nothing to downsize the federal leviathan while in Congress."

Look into Michele Bachmann, her record is clear and consistent. She's been a voice for real conservatism in Washington: cutting spending and shrinking government.


"The reality is that our military presence on foreign soil is as offensive to the people that live there as armed Chinese troops would be if they were stationed in Texas. Shutting down military bases and ceasing to deal with other nations with threats of violence is not isolationism. It is the opposite. Opening ourselves up to friendship, honest trade and diplomacy is the foreign policy of peace and prosperity." - Ron Paul

Save our country Iowa. Vote Ron Paul!


Hot Air: PPP’s strange idea of “likely caucus-goer” feeds photo-finish meme


Don't believe the phony polls. Santorum's support is neocon / Israeli propaganda.
The media is being used as mind control. That is why they keep repeating the same lies / talking points over and over, while ignoring Paul's answers and policy positions.

Please Google 'Edward Bernays Propaganda' to gain a better understanding of these phony polls and the role of the media in social engineering. The MSM is obviously desperate, as they are exposing themselves carelessly. The teamwork between left and right media outlets is painfully obvious as they attack and fabricate hit pieces about Dr. Paul.

Go Ron Paul!


This poll looks like bull to me. Ron Paul is definately up by more than 1%

kalimah samiullah

Stop with the Ron Paul- he-s a racist and anti-gay can didate and he's too old for thvis harrowing job as POTUS! He is not the one but then again neither is. Romneyn Santorum, Bachman or Perry! Looks like a lose lose situation no matter who wins!

Frozen North

Hello All

I'm in my mid 60's and a RP supporter. That being said I am
also a firm realist. Everything is rigged against Ron.
They'll move the count to the most corrupt state in the country where the powers that be are going to cook our goose.

No rose colored glasses do I wear.


What the Republican establishment fails to realize is that if anyone but Ron Paul wins the nomination, that Obama will have 4 more years during which to continue the destruction of our Nation.
The reason for this being that true conservatives have had to hold our noses one too many times while voting for establishment Republican candidates. I for one, refuse to do so any longer, and will, along with many other RP supporters write in the Congressman. The consequence of which will, in all probability, give the Presidency once again to Obama. The result will be that our noble attempt at self governance will have a quick death rather than cotinue to writhe in agony through a prolonged death.

David Evans

I wonder if the fact that Santorum is a paid contributor on FOX has anything to do with his reported surge? Don't you get tired of the media "making" the news?

Scott Downer

Bring our troops back and rebuilt them were they are loved .Economy does not come from Wars but Nations get built by there defense not there Offence .
We spend to much money to keep them were they are not respected ! Time to BUILD AMERICA with the Troops were they are loved RON PAUL 2012 or bust

freedom marcher

Over 37000 Americans wounded & Dead in Iraq alone,over 2000 iraq vets has committed sucide, over 169,000 Iraqis dead, over a trillion spend , still these establishment backed war mongering, war profiteers candidates wants more war to end economic crisis ! Why stop with Iran, let's attack Syria, Lebanon, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and their backers China, Russia too ! Insanity has no limit.

Ron Paul, the lone true patriot & SANE voice in America today who can not be bribed, brought or intimidated to tell the truth.


There are a lot of people in Iowa who have not made up their mind. Rick Santorum is the new Christian in white choice to some.

Don't worry about this. Rick Santorum could never win in the general election anyway. The vast majority of Americans do not want a war loving moral oppressor in charge of the country.

Ron Paul supporters in Iowa need to inform the people that a vote for Santorum is a vote for war in Iran.


a well known fact is back in the 1950s a communist party from
russia stated we will take over america without firing a shot
people who fear smaller government have the same mentality
that brought communism into power in the first place.they have been slowly adding laws that look like the communist
manifesto ron paul knows this and as president will fight for us he will restore true law and order.a vote for ron paul means true transparency not the fake stuff we see coming from barry santoro.wake up from your slumber and lets find our way back to freedom and liberty/yes this country is still better than most but in 2012 with ndaa and other sopa laws it will be worse than most.choose today for
liberty and freedom or choose a dictatorship and darkness
and tyranny////take a look at reality who cares if ron is 75
he has more energy than most 50 year olds.he is not a liar all the rest tell you what you want to hear wake up america
your country needs you more than ever.

Michael Maggard

Ron Paul has appeal across the board and we need someone like that to move this country anywhere. We have consistently complained about the ineptitude of Congress and the junk they pass, but the one person who has opposed all this junk is Dr. Ron Paul, "champion of the Constitution" Elect RON PAUL. vote for peace and prosperity.


GOOGLE Santorum

Len Snow

You need to realize something here. They are scared, and Ron Paul will win the vote..BUT, They have everyone "believing" that it's a close race right now, so we "accept" that Ron almost won it. The proof is in the votes. As RP says, We need people watching the votes. Let's not forget how they stole it with Bush and Gore. Liberty isn't free. We have to work for it. Let's Roll.

Len Snow

Ron only said watch the votes. I said the rest.

Mike Licht

It's official. Ron Paul has been elected President of the Internet. Someone should buy him a White House in Second Life.

Earle  Belle

Why The Washington, DC Tea Party Founder Switched From Michelle Bachmann & Now Hearttily Endorses Ron Paul:

Bachmann Iowa Chair Ditches Her for Ron Paul:

The Sr. Administrator of HermanCainForums has soundly rejected Newt Gingrich & endorsed Ron Paul. In a Posting on the site he stated: "Now that Herman Cain has dropped out of the race my new candidate is….. Congressman Ron Paul. Ron Paul was the only candidate that actually had remorse for how the media treated Herman Cain and the alleged affairs, I will always thank him for showing respect in that nature, with that said. I had always liked a lot of what Ron Paul advocates, I don’t agree with him on everything but probably 90%. I am going to encourage all Ron Paul supporters to come here and openly support Ron Paul for he is now my new official candidate for President. I was asked to support Newt Gingrich, there is no possibly way I could every endorse Newt Gingrich, how the republican party is supporting Gingrich I have no idea. While Newt has had documented multiple affairs with women Herman Cain’s campaign was destroyed by accusations yet Gingrich is at the top of the polls? What the hell is wrong with the republican party?" Read More: http://bit.ly/hermancainforums-endorses-ronpaul

Why The CIA Bin Laden Bureau Chief Endorses Ron Paul:

Iowa’s Choice: Dr. Paul or U.S. bankruptcy, more wars, and many more dead soldiers and Marines:

Liberal Rick Santorum & How He Supported Liberal Anti-Gun, Pro-Abortion Candidates & Helped Pass ObamaCare:


ALL candidates offer the same rhetoric in a different guise. Except Ron Paul. Paul has been the most consistent and honest over the years, you know exactly where he stands. Paul WILL restore out precious Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Ron Paul IS electable. The only way that he is not electable is if nobody votes for him, not what the media tries to coerce. It is OUR choice.

Please, at least look at the candidates politifacts before casting a vote.

RON PAUL 2012!


Ron Paul has sounded like an idjet in the debates. If he should miraculously win the nomination, he will be a laughing stock in the debate against Obama'


classical liberal

Ron Paul is the only person I can vote for in either party. Even if I have to write him in for the presidential election, I will.

Liberty is growing more popular than the typical right- and left-wing statism.

Peter Thiel


Paul got third place. TOTAL FAIL.


PPP wrong again as usual - you predicted Paul in 1st or narrow 2nd...he finishes 4 points behind 2 candidates and in third! Nicely done boys!

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