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November 14, 2011


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Obama 2012

Now just imagine if the Cain supporters realize they are on a sinking ship and jump to Newt ... I can dream, can't I? if Newt is the GOP's guy (instead of Romney) I see a massive landslide victory in President Obama's future!


We need fresh numbers from Iowa. That will confirm Gingrich's surge


Gingrich is a RINO and his magic trick of being the career compromiser and progressive while also being a conservative to some will eventually be found out.

Dr. Femi Folorunsho

Good to see GOP making head wave. This is going to be the mother of all election for the White house in 2012.
Dr. Femi Folorunsho
Author, War Against the Devil.

Terry Mahorney

Go Newt GO! You could debate Obama under the table any day!

Warren Norred

Hates the Romney.

Dems Are All Retards

Time for the liberal media to roll out there smear machine one more time....

Keating Willcox

I'd love to know how many people were influenced by the long debate with just Herman and Newt.


Newts the smarted and boldest one around.It might be hard to over come some of the baggage.

Vachagan Yengibaryan

My friends, we are winning... We have a chance, a serious, legitimate and very viable chance of dismantling Obama's destructive anti-Amrican machine... Newt Gingrich is winning so far. He was able to comb up slowly in polls, steadily... This is a sign of a strong conservative involvement. This is encouraging sign, that more AMericans are paying attention and listening ... Thank you all!


The people of this country have such short memories. Lord help us if that idiot wins the election. Can't think of a more despicable person that ever served in this government, except for 'Mr. Evil'.

Nate Hale

Every time I see an article about Newt I hear the theme song from Rocky in my head!!




I don't know how these polls are accurate. They're all different and I never get a call to see who I'd vote for.

Go Newt!

Newt is an absolutely brilliant man and would make a fine President!

Newt was the one who gave us balanced budgets during the 90s, even though Clinton - who fought tooth and nail against them - now lamely claims credit for the balanced budgets.


Newt is a brilliant statesman, there is no doubt but people want someone with charisma in the White House, not a Jimmy Carter or a Richard Nixon. Affability matters.


The GOP must really want Obama for another 4 years. Looks like I'll be sitting out another election. I'm not voting for any more of the establishment's career politicians.


If you believe in santa clause then this poll may have meaning to those that don't it is just more PTB propaganda...


Ha-Ha! Who would believe this story?

Oh, wait. The web page banner quotes the Daily Kos. That answers my question...

Bill Cook

Two things are constant: Anybody but Romeny.... Anybody but Obama and these both equal .. Anybody but politics as usual. Just change for the sake of change isn't good enough.
1. We want real change.
2. We want GOOD changes so no thanks Ron Paul.
Face it, that's the message comeing thru loud and clear.

Don McNabb

Its a temporary surge. Almost everyone on the GOP lineup has had one, Perry rose and fell, so did Bachmann, Cain is approaching his downward dip. Newt will never win a general election, so I'm hoping this surge is shortlived. Sorry Newt.

uncle buck

Newt is great in debates.

Liberty Lover

read up on Newt. Plenty of skeltons. This guy is NOT what America needs


A nice list here


Ron Paul 2012!


Newt, please NO!!! omg. If Bill Clinton changed parties and became a republican he would beat all these guys. It a sad day to be a republican if this is the best we can field. The governor of Louisiana could join the race and take over first, and would be a much better job than any of the current field.


Newt Gingrich is the only person who has the capability to lead this nation out of its economic mess. He clearly has the greatest grasp of the major issues of our time. He is not one to take baby steps towards problems, he will take the bold steps needed to make America great again!

This is a rare election where voters have had enough and will not vote for the best looking guy or the best orator, but rather the best problem solver. Obama is already a miserable failure, he had his shot and came up empty with a clear majority for two years. What a shame, Obama had a chance to be great...

Newt/Rubio for a New America!

Lankester Merrin

Romney's got a better chance in the general election, with the Mormonism being the bigger baggage than Romneycare.

Mitt would do well to appoint Gingrich as Secy of State and immediately begin bombing Tehran.


Other than Ron Paul, whoever wins we lose! More of the same, wake up people!!!


Go Newt Go! I'll say it again, GO NEWT GO!

Randy Johnson

The anti-conservative, anti-war, anti-free market, liberal media is going to decide this election. Don't make any mistake about it - whether it's Newt or someone else, the media is, as before in 2008, going to hype the pro-Obama agenda until every conservative, pro-business, pro-family voice is reduced to a whisper. Go Newt! Perhaps a Newt/Cain ticket?!

jolie gravo

Hey Folks, the main stream media is setting up and pushing Newt to discredit republican candidates and make Obama re-election easy. NEWT HAS MORE SEXUAL ISSUES THAN CAIN. pretty soon, you will see they digging his past and bring all sort of allegations against him. GUYS KNOW THAT NEWT CHEATED ON ALL IS WIVES??? Please folks don't be fooled. this is a media tactic to make Obama re-election very easy!!


The dream debate - Gingrich vs Obama - and no teleprompters

David Moore

We all Know newt is very intelligent and is usually the adult in the room
He has forgotten more about governance than Obama ever has known
One on one with obama Newt will take his legs off and Barry would not know it for a good 5 minutes.
I question how he would fair in the general election? We need someone dynamic that will clean house and shake the "establishment" to its core.
I loved my tough gal Palin - she has the charisma and gonads - but thats not to be.
Ron paul sure does but could not get elected. Romney is smart and a good business guy who knows how to fix things ( could use some of that)
Right now - Don't know -

Harry Wortz

His past indiscretions will probably ruin his chances for the GOP nomination but will all but assure Obama four more years if he is the nominee.

Which of his wives had cancer when he left her for another woman? He will be made out to be not only a cheater but a hypocrite as well. Americans can deal with a cheater but not a hypocrite and a cheater.


The only landslide you folks on the left are going to witness, is the dramatic rise of Conservatism, the likes of you havn't seen in your lifetime! You think Reagan won big?...you havn't seen anything! 49 states AND the "popular" vote!

Ramon Leigh

Newt will keep on rising because he's simply the strongest candidate the GOP has. That's been obvious to a lot of us for quite some time. I was wondering when the GOP primary voters
would recognize this fact. Sounds like they are on the beam
and have ceased looking for some miracle candidate. The debates have more than proven their worth, despite their faulty structure. If these had been real debates, Gingrich's talents would have been recognized sooner. On the basis of pure talent and knowledge and big ideas, Gingrich should wrap up the nomination shortly.


Personally, I have ALWAYS liked Newt. I just thought he would never get much traction.

But, now that the bloom seems to be off the rose as far as Cain is concerned, Gingrich gets MY support!

And it's not that I believe the allegations against Cain. It's just that... He was not overly adroit in dealing with them. That is my opinion, anyway.


I am so encouraged to see Romney fading a little bit. If he were to be the nominee, I would truly gag - He does not have the courage or moral compass to be our President in these difficult times. I believe Newt does. He has been in the public eye for a long time, so all his dirty laundry is out there, but I believe he has gained wisdom over the years. He has the dignity, the wisdom, and the gravitas to lead our country.

Mad Max2

We're not electing a Savior. The job is Chief Executive of a hugely corrupt bureaucracy. Newt was #3. He's eminently qualified, and has a correct view of Constitutional issues, and can correctly identify the enemy.

todd ruiter

this is all ziobot bs
the American people know who's really surging right now

Bring on the Primaries
Truth, Love and the American way -
we, the people, are ready to fight for them
the revolution continues...

Todd Ruiter


Everybody's talking about Newt's baggage. Let's focus on Obama's baggage and his failed job instead. That's where the emphasis should be.


Newt and Rubio...oh my ..that sounds like a winner to me.


PLEASE, NO!!!!!!! It will be 2008 all over again. McCain is the reason obama is in the White House. If Newt is the Republican Candidate, Newt will be the reason obama stays in the white house another 4 years. Newt knows political history and he debates well, But..... NEWT IS NOT ELECTABLE.

John Newhouse

Am I missing something? We Republicans do want to win this election, right?

Edmund Pierzchala

Can Newt win a debate against O's teleprompter?

Tara Briner

Gingrich has tons of baggage.

But he also has had the media pushing him for the last 2-3 weeks.

Media polls are just that: They gauge how well the MEDIA is propagandizing.

Great job, media. You're consistent in your ability to lead the dumb masses.

Lucky Morgan

The news media dont know that it only takes one good republican to take back over the whitehouse, senate, congress, and house!!! Remember last Nov when we took out dems and replaced them with repubs? The media dont know that we dont pay them any attention, and they cant discover what our plan is until its too late to cry. Vote straight republican across the board, and bambam is OUT!

jolie gravo


Ron Langevin

Newt is the smartest, and most politically astute man in the race as well as being able to talk without the teleprompter. Obonga about tripped over his tongue when campaigning from the carrier the other night before the BB game. What an OAF. Newt likes long debates that have NO INPUT from the moderator and if O will debate him that way, O will have tears clouding his vision after a round or two. If they are at a sit down table discussion there will be no teleprompter amd even if there were one, no one he knows is fast and smart enough to bail him out!!!


To win in 2012, Newt has to broaden his appeal not just to non-conservatives/non-Tea Partiers but also to non-Republicans. I'm skeptical of his capacity to accomplish this, his latest surge notwithstanding. This is where it might be helpful to have a Herman Cain on the ticket with Newt perhaps. Herman is more of an everyman who won't make the voting morons feel stupid just by looking at them. Plus, Newt still has to prove to me that when the going gets tough this time, he's not going to implode and disappear again and leave us dangling going "Uh, Newt, I thought we had a contract." In fact, maybe an apology from Newt might be a good thing for conservatives to hear.

Lamar Carnes

Thankful that Newt Gingrich has made this astounding comeback. Even though I supported Herman Cain, the trouble he was "given" wrongly did have some influence. No evidence at all, but things like that leave a "smell" that isn't that good. Still think he will do well. But Newt is fully able, qualified, and can be our best "run" against Obama. Newt is twice as smart as Obama, can speak up and debate better, is fully aware of the policies all around, foreign, domestic and has a handle on the issues. His only need, and I will keep insisting on this, is that he appoint a V.P. from a minority; either Cain or Marco Rubio. Preferable Marco! The U.S. Government owes Republicans ONE since they allowed Obama to be seated in the White House unqualified as a candidate. His father WAS NOT an American citizen disqualifying him from the position. So,they owe us one. Rubio born here, and parents both now citizens, but were not at his birth which was here in the U.S. So, no discrimination can be used now since Obama was given a pass! They can settle all of the Constitutional issues later, we have to go forward and don't have time to squabble about it now! I think the Constitution is clear and must be upheld if any part of it is upheld, but when you break a law it is "no longer" functional if ALLOWED by the Government! It has to be reestablished as far as I am concerned or else, you have to state Obama and all his works and policies are NULL and VOID. So go figure!

Ron Langevin

If Newt picks Cain for a running mate, there goes 30Pct of O's vote also. Go Newt, Go Cain!!!


For those who talk about Newt's baggage: how about Obama's baggage? It is much worst because it has affected all of us. Obama's baggage is unbearable!


President Barack Obama will win no problem.


Newt has some baggage, but he just consistently outshines all the other candidates because he is that smart, quick, and knows his business. Love to see Newt/Cain ticket, American needs it.


Any one of them is better than Obama. Let's not lose sight of that


If you voted for Barry Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a racist, vote for someone else (anyone) in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot!


*"survey of 576 Republican primary voters"

I am tired of these weak numbered polls. This poll like many others is there to sway the mass mind set. This poll says nothing only smells of propaganda. In what state or county was the poll taken in? Come on people and especially you media people get off you butts check the facts and sources. Does any one check references any more? Take a look at the polls that have thousands surveyed and you will see a totally different story. RPR12!


Cain/Gringrich Gingrich/Cain either way...its a winning combo!!!

Rick O'Shea

I'm looking forward to a debate between Newt and O'Dummo.


Do not believe them conservatives.....they are a favorite of the DailyKos and their founder is a democrat.

The left pushes whatever candidate they think will either
a)lose to obama
b)not introduce radical changes to return us to our
constitutional roots

They do not think Newt can win in the general election therefore they will twist the result. They like Romney because he won't really change their plantation system nor tax/monetary policy.


How long until the Chigaoland/ObaMarxist slime/smear factory trots out a woman accusing newt??????? Ask yourself WHY the Obama Smear Machine has not targeted Romney, and why the liberal media is actually defending Romney.......

jolie gravo

The democrats want Newt or Romney. They want someone from the establishment to run again Obama. Newt has more skeletons in his closet than among running now!

R McGehee

I would have to say the Newt is the most briliant person I have ever met. I've met him several times and heard him speak in person a few times. I would love to see the Newt/Obama debate. It wouldn't take 45 minutes before Obama would start crying and run out of the room.


Why would people who think Cain has a problem with women go to Gingrich, who has a well known and document cases of problems with women? That makes no sense.
What's happening is conservatives aren't going to fall for the trap that is Mitt Romney so the lame stream media is spooling up thier second RINO choice, Gingrich.

jolie gravo

Don't be narrow minded people. You guys seem to over look the power of the left wing media. Did you see how they treated Cain with frivolous allegations?

The guy who cheated on his three wives? you tell me he will win? please.....

Al Farr

Newt is by far the smartest one on the block, and he knows what this country needs and how to lead to make it happen. His past, well we all have one. You can repent of the sins throught Jesus Christ and he did, but people seem to think they are greater then Christ. They hold on to someone elses past.
Go Newt, got my vote.


I wonder why all of these anti-Newt posters are saying he's unelectable? They are all saying it, but notice NOT ONE HAS SAID WHY!!!!!! Perhaps they are Democrats, because democrats repeat the lie, but never say WHY!

It's not the "wife on the deathbed" DNC/Liberal media lie, is it? You know Newt's wife served him with divorce papers right, and that she is still alive......., and she was NEVER on her deathbed, right?????

It's amazing how uniformed some self professed Republicans are......Speak up, or correctly be labeled a fraud.


Obama, the ONE & DONE worst President in the history of the United States.

Rick O'Shea

I forgot to say that a mathematician cant be affirmative actioned like a community organizer and a doctorate of history doesn't have to worry about it.


For all the Libtard Progressives, like Chris Matthews, Newt doesn't even have 'baggage'. Now Obama, that's a man with LOTS of baggage!

Larry Croft

I believe Mr. Gingrich is the most knowledgeable of the group and can defeat Mr. Obama.

Gingrich has a checkered past that I don't like but as a card-carrying conservative, I will accept it and likely will vote for him in the Arizona primary.


Newt Gingrich, a man that on face value should be running from the law, as for POTUS. A man that is so much a globalist lackey that he might as well have a triangle tattooed on his forehead. A man that while tooting his horn about "family values" was having an affair, divorced his dying wife, and later dumped his new wife for one 23-yrs his junior.

This is who the NWO/Bilderberg/CFR want to have represent us?

They think us fools. They have absolutely no respect for the people they say they represent. Worse, they seem to want us dead. You can believe them if you wish. You can fall for their lies again. Go ahead. See what that gets you.

Romney's no better. Cain either. Most all of them are just as sick as the others.

There is only one that has any credibility and the powers-that-be and the putrid pundits of propaganda are trying to pretend he doesn't matter or even exist, even though he wins most all the straw polls and "who won the debate" polls by double digits.

Matter of fact, even though he only received 89-secs. in the last debate, as opposed to Romney's 12+ min. and Perry's 10+min., he still won the CBS who-won-the-debate poll.

It should make you mad. It should make you mad enough to support the man they're trying to shut-down. There is a reason the crooks don't want the man in.

But if you're happy with being treated as fools by crooks, please support anyone but Ron Paul.

Stop the nonsense. Support commonsense.

Ron Paul ~ 2012 ~


Since no one else will say it, I will. Cain's supporters are motivated -- primarily -- by his being black. A "black" candidate is the best antidote the tea party had to wild hysterical accusations from the far left that the tea party is "racist". But, as the hour is late, it's time to make a reality check: Cain is NOT qualified to be president -- and I think the vast majority of us realize that. Newt, on the other hand, has actual accomplishments -- as does Romney. If Perry would "just be Perry" and stop parsing his words and policies so carefully (and that would've been more effective a month ago) maybe he would see some upward movement. As it is, it's looking increasingly like Gingrich is the man to beat.


Newt Gingrich is a very serious, highly qualified, experiences and a formidable candidate for POTUS. He doesn't use gimmickry, or slogans, or a teleprompter; just common sense, clear thinking and articulation of relevant issues using several variations but staying on message. The man is brilliant, knowledgeable and skillful. His is the caliber we expect of a Commander-in-Chief, President of the United States, or Occupier of the Oval Office.

jolie gravo

Newt made an Ad with Nancy Pelosi on Global Warming!! He accepted lobbyist money to lobbied for Fannie and Freddie. He criticized and chastised many republicans who spoke against democrats. He has LOT OF LOTS OF SEXUAL ISSUES THAN CAIN. I am a conservative republican. I don't like Obama, but think Newt would be a disaster for our agenda and base!!!


When are you folks going to put your foot down and not allow the controlled media to feed you this garbage at election time? Gingrich is hated by most independent voters and by lots of republicans as well. The media shoved Clinton, Bush, and Obama down our throats and many of us bought into it. Lets not get fooled again. I'm tired with these elections ending up with 'meet the new boss, same as the old one.' Wake Up!


Newt is intelligent, knows his way around Washington and all parties, etc., but in the eyes of the non-conservative, non-republican - independent voter, on-the-fence voter, Newt typifies "Old Line Republican." The old guys in suits. I like Newt, but he carries a lot of baggage in his personal life. (of course these days, who doesn't???). I was excited when Perry entered the race but now I see he can't talk his way out of a wet paper bag. I wish Rick Santorum had more publicity and exposure - he's young, fresh, attractive, well-spoken and intelligent. You saw what happened in 2008 when the Republicans put up someone from the "Old Guard;" we got smashed!!!!

Geo. S. Southerly

Cain did rather poorly in the last debate on foreign policy.
Romney and Gingrich tied that one.
Santorum shines backstage, but on stage where he is strained, nervous and doesn't seem to make his point very well, he is not nearly as effective.
Bachmann made some good points.
Paul was rail-roaded in the FP debate.
Shame on CBS. They did not give Bachmann, Santorum or Paul equal time.
Perry just does not have it for debating or public speaking. Some of his appearances and moods are just plain wierd, (that NH speech was scary!) I fear he has substance abuse issues.

Gingrich has really big morality/integrity, attitude/hubris issues as well as flip-flopping, bad choices, such as falling for the global warming/climate change myth and other political follies. He's not a solid conservative...but he is articulate. He's Catholic now, but is he pro-life?

I did love what he said about work-study college programs like the College of the Ozarks. Cooperative Education would be better at character, experience and resume' building for young people than big federal college loans and big debt when they finish.

Kev K

Newt Gingrich is at/near top?!

I simply don't believe it. I'm getting more than a bit suspicious of these phoney baloney "polls" that tell us something increasingly bizarre. Who's being surveyed?!

Gingrich was a sellout in the 90's. Debt and govt spending increased mightily after the GOP wave of '94. And still will with him if he was in charge. He's no improvement.

Only candidate with the GOP who represents a real change is still Ron Paul. If they run any of the many neocons, like Gingrich, they may as well hand it to Obama.


PPP poll?

Yeah that's a real poll!

Art Woosley

Gingrich is THE MAN! He is the only candidate with the depth of experience, understanding and knowledge to repair this country after the slut and gutter trash obama has destroyed it.
Donate to Newt! Support Gingrich!!!


Newt looks like yoda.

Bryan Eddy

Careful what ya wish for .Im sure GE is busy at work finding ways to besmirch your reputation.Trust me when i tell you ,If the press favors you in any way ,its a trap.They dont want any one to rise in the GOP.


I am a conservative Republican, but I will vote for any Republican over Obama, including a RINO.


The pasty faced sellout moves into first. Guess its a good thing I was planing on voting third party anyway.


Newt???? My, how short-term our memories are ...


Most of the anti-Newt posters are worried liberals. They don't want Newt to face Obama in the general election. Newt will demolish Obama in the debates!


Newt would eat Obummer for lunch in a debate.

Hugh Beaumont

HAHA! See you at the ballot box.


If a lot of people are like me, they are cooling on Cain not because of the allegations that he hits on women, but that the more we get to see him in debates, the more apparent it is that he may not be ready for the white house. Newt on the other hand is consistently the most on-point candidate on stage. None of the other candidates seem to want to pick a fight with him (romney tried, and got spanked). He is a great debater, and acknowledges and points out the other candidates' strong points. He is very unifying in the debates, with statements like, "Any one of the people on this stage would be a better president that Barack Obama." He is well vetted, well spoken, and I believe would be an extremely formidable opponent for Obama. I for one would love to see him win the nomination; I think that he is the best bet.

Tommy A

Newt is too creepy to be president. FYI, the good looking guy always wins. That is the way it has always been in the world of TV.


I guess it's time to start sending Newt some money for his campaign.


Are you guys serious? Newt Gingrich? I'm a young Conservative, but the older I get the more I see that at the end of the day the Red States are no different then the blue. They'll just vote for whoever the GOP tells them to. You claim you want change yet you support mediocre candidates who won't accomplish anything. I'm really surprised here that you guys have no idea what you're talking about. Really? You want Newt as your candidate? hahahaha




C'mon folks. All this tail wagging the dog is making you look like fools. Let's put someone in office that actually does NOT have a prior political record and see what happens.

We got your back, Herman! Should be some stronger R's and I's out there than this. Are you really this weak, folks?

He's had my vote for three years and not going to chage based on headlines.




I will never vote for Newt. Time for a real American to be president, and not more of the same.

If Obama wins again America is finished, we'll lose our sovereignty altogether when the illegals are granted amnesty.

Millions of Americans have died defending our freedoms AND our borders, only to lose it by an traitorous enemy within.

Revolutionary War-25,000 American Deaths
Civil War-1,030,000 American Deaths
WW1-116,516 American Deaths
WW2-416,800 American Deaths
Korea-36,515 American Deaths
Vietnam-58,151 American Deaths
War on Terror-6,280 American Deaths

What side will you take?

Terry Lumpkin

You can not have a Newt/Cain ticket.....the y are both from Georgia. One of the would have to be a resident of another state. (Remember Bush/Channey)?

jason morse

OMG! Gingrich was in single digits several days ago, then came the stories "Gingrich Surges" (up to double digits) and within another 24 hours, and NOW; "Gingrich takes the Lead."

Holy Mother of God! It's a Miracle!

What does the lamestream media take the American people for? Do they think EVERYONE in America is a bunch of backwood's hayseed hicks? And THIS poll. Wow! So an American Democratic Party-affliated polling firm has one of the "Old-Republican guard" candidates now in the lead? Yeah, the American people really deserve a long-time, career, inside-the-beltway, old-guard, Republican-establishment GOP'r with saddle sores to change Washington. Yeah, right. Conservatives demand more.

Now that's groundbreaking news! Puke.


Newt Gingrich is gonna go down in the polls as his past comes down. For me it's either Ron Paul or no one. Im tired of the status quo.


Newt is not McCain and will be able to beat the community organizer. Please people all I heard about in the last election was Republicans did not have anyone as smart as Obama (what a joke that was), well we do now. I could care less about his "baggage" all I care about is his politics. Nobody cared about Obama's socialist and hate spewing church baggage. I have talked Newt up to many people since the day he started his campaign and told them he will be the next President. Remember nobody gave Obama a chance either over Hillary. We need someone to get us out of this economic mess and he knows that Capital and Free Market is the way. He understands what made the USA great and how to get us back there. Let us remember that Obama got just 52% of the vote not 65%, you cannot tell me that at least 3% of the people have not woke up to Obama and what he stands for.
So please stop talking about him not being able to win.

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