Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s in trouble… and what else we’re up to at PPP

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PPP recently conducted a poll for 314 Action in Wisconsin and found that the state unsurprisingly continues to be closely divided politically about a lot of things… but not its feelings about Ron Johnson.

The state is closely divided in its partisan affiliation- 29% say they’re Democrats, 31% say they’re Republicans, and 39% say they’re independents. And the state is closely divided on Joe Biden- 47% say they approve of the job he’s doing and 45% say they disapprove. But the state is not closely divided in its feelings about Ron Johnson- only 35% approve of the job he’s doing to 48% who disapprove. With numbers like that it’s safe to say he’s the most vulnerable Republican Senator up for re-election next year. You can see more from our Wisconsin poll here:


We often get asked, so what do you all do when there’s not an election going on? Of course, the reality of politics these days is there’s always *PLENTY* of stuff going on!

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to:

-Polling for clients on legislative issues both in Washington and at the state level. For instance, for one client we did a series of nine polls in districts of newly elected legislators to show how their constituents felt about issues of importance to our client. In another state we did a statewide poll that found the bill they were trying to get passed had bipartisan support, giving them a tool to help make elected officials on both sides of the aisle more comfortable with it.

-Of course 2021 *IS* an election year! In recent weeks we’ve done polling for a Mayoral race in Illinois, a Sheriff’s race in Massachusetts, a City Council race in New York, and a County Supervisor race in California among other things. There are all sorts of important contests happening this year and we’re glad to have the opportunity to help clients sort them out.

-Another thing we’ve been doing is helping organizations figure out where they stand with the public- how well known are they, how are they viewed by the people who are familiar with them, are their marketing campaigns and community service efforts achieving public awareness, etc. This is a great time for that sort of work when the public isn’t getting bombarded with surveys in the way it was four months ago.

-And probably the most important thing we’re doing right now is helping clients get an early sense of the changing political landscape for 2022. With Trump out of the White House we’re finding that the electoral dynamics are likely to be a lot different than they were in 2018 and 2020 and we’re helping officials from statewide all the way to the county level figure out how voters are responding to their leadership and what the new situation means for their reelection efforts.

If we can help you with any of these sorts of things please contact us at information@publicpolicypolling.com or 888-621-6988

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