Wisconsin Republicans Prefer Clarke, Trump

| pppadmin

A new PPP survey of Wisconsin Republicans finds that Sheriff David Clarke is their top choice to be their Senate candidate in 2024. 40% say they’d choose him compared to 20% for Mike Gallagher, 10% for Tom Tiffany, and 3% for Eric Hovde.

Clarke is by far the most well known and liked of the possible Republican contenders with 56% rating him favorably to 8% with a negative view. Gallagher (31/10), Tiffany (26/11), and Hovde (7/11) have much lower name recognition and net favorability ratings.

Clarke would also lead a head to head with Gallagher 45-26. He has at least a 20 point advantage in every media market in the state other than Green Bay, and has double digit leads with self identified Republicans and independents alike.

In the Presidential race Donald Trump leads with 41% to 25% for Ron DeSantis, 8% for Mike Pence, 5% each for Nikki Haley and Tim Scott, and 2% for Vivek Ramaswamy.

In a head to head match up though Trump’s lead over DeSantis falls from 16 points to just 4 points at 43-39. Trump doesn’t have much room to grow from his initial standing but the recent proliferation of Republican candidates into the race is significantly dividing his opposition to allow him a substantial lead in the full field.

Wisconsin’s open primary system contributes to Trump’s relative weakness here as well. While he has an 11 point advantage with self described Republicans, DeSantis leads by 11 with independents and that’s what makes it only a 4 point race overall.

Donald Trump and Sheriff David Clarke have been close political allies for a long time now. Wisconsin Republicans hope they’ll jointly lead the party ticket in 2024.

PPP surveyed 507 likely Republican primary voters on June 5th and 6th. The margin of error is +/-4.4%. Full results here

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