Washington Voters on Sports, Microsoft/Starbucks, Bigfoot, and More

| Tom Jensen

PPP’s newest Washington poll finds that even though Seahawks fans think the team should have run instead of passing in the closing minutes of the Super Bowl, they still overwhelmingly approve of the job Pete Carroll is doing as their coach.

89% of Seahawks fans say they think Carroll is doing a good job to only 4% who disapprove of him. That’s part of a general trend of the team’s backers pretty universally beloving all of the most prominent figures associated with their team. Russell Wilson has a 92/1 favorability rating and Richard Sherman (86/3) and Marshawn Lynch (80/6) aren’t far behind in terms of their popularity. 67% of Seahawks fans think the team should have run on their final offensive play in the Super Bowl to only 13% who support the decision to pass but it doesn’t seem to have much effect on overall feelings toward Carroll. One other thing most all Seahawks fans agree on- hating Tom Brady- he has a 16/65 favorability rating with the team’s fans.

The Seahawks are easily the most popular pro sports team in the state. 70% of Washingtonians identify themselves as fans of the Seahawks compared to 54% for the Mariners, and 30% for the Sounders. Mariners fans are largely ambivalent toward the job Lloyd McClendon is doing as manager- 49% say they have no opinion to 43% who approve and 8% disapprove. Also on the professional sports front, 49% of Washington voters say they would like to see the NBA return to the state compared to 24% who are against it.

When it comes to college sports loyalties in the state, Washington outpaces Washington State 39/26. Both schools’ fan bases are keeping the jury out on their schools’ football coaches. 43% of Huskies fans approve of the job Chris Petersen is doing to 5% who disapprove, and 42% of Cougars fans approve of the job Mike Leach is doing to 16% who disapprove.

Washingtonians have mostly positive opinions about each of their state’s most iconic businesses. Microsoft has a 67/15 favorability rating and Starbucks’ is 57/24. Both businesses get much higher favorability ratings from Democrats (79% for Microsoft and 68% for Starbucks) than they do from Republicans (69% for Microsoft and 49% for Starbucks.) Bill Gates has an overall 68/15 favorability rating in the state and is likewise a lot more popular with Democrats (85/6) than he is with Republicans (59/22). By a 55/22 spread Microsoft beats out Starbucks as the business the state’s voters are most proud of.

A couple final notes:

-55% of Washingtonians have a favorable opinion of rain to 13% with an unfavorable view of it, probably a good thing given the volume of it that they get.

-18% of voters in the state believe in Bigfoot to 61% who say they do not.

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