Trump Trails Generic Democrat by 11 In New National Poll

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-PPP’s new national poll, conducted on behalf of EDF Action, finds that Donald Trump has a 40/55 approval spread and trails a generic Democratic opponent 52-41 for reelection. These numbers are about as bad as we’ve ever found for him, and indicate there’s no backlash coming from the movement of House Democrats toward impeachment in the last week.

Republicans wouldn’t be much better off with Mike Pence. The same poll found he trails a generic Democrat 49-40 and that his record on climate change makes voters less likely to support him by a 22 point margin.

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-PPP recently conducted polls in 6 Republican held Texas Congressional districts for House Majority Forward. We found that Democrats are very likely to pick up the open 23rd District, where they have a 53-41 generic ballot lead and also have a small advantage in the open 24th District at 47-46.

Republicans have small advantages in the 10th District (49-46), 22nd District (49-45), 21st District (49-44), and 31st District (51-44) but across the board it looks like new opportunities are opening up for Democrats in places in Texas that never would have been imaginable even just 4 years ago.

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-PPP recently did a public poll on the Democratic primary in Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District, represented by Tulsi Gabbard. We found that 60% of her constituents want her to drop out of the Presidential race, to only 28% who want her to continue on. Elizabeth Warren leads in the district with 25% to 22% for Joe Biden, and 13% each for Bernie Sanders and Gabbard, with the rest of the candidates in single digits.

Gabbard may have trouble even holding on to her House seat next year. 50% of Democratic primary voters say they would generally rather vote for someone else, compared to just 38% who say they’d like to nominate Gabbard for another term.

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