Trump and Mastriano have big leads in Pennsylvania Republican Primary for President and Senate

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A new Public Policy Polling survey of Pennsylvania Republicans finds the party base wanting to continue its recent direction, with Donald Trump and Doug Mastriano holding 18 point leads in the races for President and Senate.

Trump gets 49% to 31% for Ron DeSantis, and 5% each for Nikki Haley and Mike Pence. Trump (75/15 favorability) and DeSantis (71/8) are both broadly popular but the intensity of feeling for Trump is stronger. In a head to head contest with DeSantis, Trump retains the lead at 49-41.

In the Senate race 39% of Republicans say they’d like their candidate to be Mastriano to 21% for David McCormick and 11% for Kathy Barnette.

Mastriano remains relatively popular after his bid for Governor last year with 47% viewing him favorably to 28% with a negative opinion. McCormick’s Senate campaign doesn’t seem to have left much of an impression on voters- 65% say they have no opinion about him with 22% rating him favorably and 13% unfavorably. Barnette comes in at 17/16.

Mastriano maintains his lead over McCormick in a head to head, 42-28. It’s 51-25 among the plurality of primary voters who identify themselves as ‘very conservative.’

PPP correctly identified Mastriano as the front runner in the 2022 Republican race for Governor all the way back in November of 2021.

The Senate Republican establishment seems to prefer McCormick and want Mastriano to stay out of the race but that may actually help Mastriano’s prospects. Mitch McConnell has only a 15/62 favorability rating with GOP primary voters and an endorsement from him and his allies doesn’t seem like it would be very beneficial.

Pennsylvania Republicans gave Donald Trump and Doug Mastriano their enthusiastic support in 2020 and 2022. They appear ready to do it again in 2024.

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