Ohio Odds and Ends

| Tom Jensen

-PPP’s new Ohio poll finds that John Boehner is exceedingly unpopular in his home state. Only 26% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 55% who disapprove. Even Republicans (45/38) only narrowly support his leadership and Democrats (14/67) and independents (16/62) are similarly united in their opposition to it.

-Ohioans are inclined to support a constitutional amendment that would require redistricting be done in a bipartisan fashion. 41% say they would favor such a proposal to only 20% are opposed- 39% with no opinion is an indication the issue hasn’t completely pierced the public consciousness yet.  Democrats (53/17) and independents (41/15) are both pretty supportive of such an amendment and even Republicans (29/26) are, albeit by a much narrower margin.

-There’s not much public support for Lincoln Chafee’s proposal to get the country on the metric system- only 23% of voters are in favor of it to 56% who are opposed. Voters are against it across party lines but Republicans (15/70) are a lot more emphatic in their opposition than Democrats (25/48) are.

-LeBron James’ popularity in Ohio has come all the way back from the low depths it reached after he went to play for the Heat. In early 2012 we found only 15% of Ohioans had a favorable opinion of James to 33% with a negative one. Now he’s all the way back up to 59% with a positive opinion of him and only 11% with an unfavorable one. 55% of voters in the state say they’re pulling for the Cavs to win it all with 4% going for the Warriors and 41% saying they don’t care.

-Only 25% of Browns fans want Johnny Manziel to be their Quarterback next year. Statewide Manziel is an unpopular figure with only 18% of Ohioans seeing him favorably to 36% with a negative view. Among Browns fans Manziel is at 25/45, making him even more unpopular with them than he is with the overall population. 22% want Josh McCown to be their QB, 11% want Thaddeus Lewis, 8% want Connor Shaw, 10% want none of the above, and 24% are unsure.

Mike Pettine has a solid 50/5 approval rating with Browns fans. Also faring well with his fan base is Marvin Lewis, who 52% of Bengals fans approve of to only 9% who disapprove. The many playoff appearances seems to trump the lack of wins in said appearances for most fans.

-When it comes to baseball loyalties in the state 33% are Indians fans to 26% for the Reds, with no one else polling over 6%. Indians fans are largely happy with the job Terry Francona’s doing- 53% approve of him to only 3% who disapprove. It’s a very different story for Reds manager Bryan Price- only 18% give him good marks and an equal 18% say they think he’s doing a bad job. Those numbers strongly suggest no tears will be shed if he gets fired at some point in the near future.

Pete Rose remains a very popular figure- 53% of voters in the state see him favorably to only 20% who have a negative view. And 64% think he should be in the Hall of Fame compared to only 17% who believe he should continue to be left out.

-51% of Ohioans identify themselves as Ohio State fans on the college sports front with 10% going for Cincinnati and every other school in the state (as well as Michigan)  polling in the 3-6% support range. Urban Meyer has one of the highest approval ratings we’ve ever measured for a coach with 85% of Buckeye fans approving of the job he’s doing to only 2% who disapprove.

In fact in just a few short years Meyer has almost matched Woody Hayes in the hearts and minds of Buckeye Nation- 30% say Meyer is the program’s best coach ever, putting him within striking range of Hayes’ 35%. Jim Tressel (still beloved by OSU fans with a 71/9 favorability rating) gets 18% and poor Earle Bruce and John Cooper each get just 1%. If Buckeyes fans got to pick their QB this fall, 33% would choose Cardale Jones to 23% for Braxton Miller and 14% for J.T. Barrett.

-Finally we found that Ohioans really do hate Michigan a lot more than any other state. 30% have a negative opinion of it to 20% for Kentucky, 17% for Indiana, 16% for West Virginia, and only 10% for Pennsylvania.

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