Minnesotans Don’t Think Franken Should Resign; Franken Remains Popular, Especially With Women

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A new Public Policy Polling survey of Minnesota voters finds that a majority don’t think Al Franken should resign from the US Senate, and that he remains popular in the state, particularly with women. Key findings from the survey include:

-50% of voters think he should not resign, to only 42% who think he should go through with his planned resignation. There is little appetite from Democratic voters at the state level for Franken to go, with 71% opposing his departure. A majority of independents- 52%- as well think he should not resign, with just 41% favoring his exit.

-Franken remains well above average in popularity for a Senator, with 53% of voters approving of the job he’s doing to 42% who disapprove. PPP rarely finds Senators with majority approval in their home states. Franken’s continued popularity is being driven especially by women. 57% of them like the job he’s doing to 37% who don’t. By contrast Donald Trump stands at 40/58 with women in the state.

-Minnesotans don’t like how the process with Franken’s resignation has played out. 60% think the Senate Ethics Committee should have completed its investigation (including 79% of Democrats and 61% of independents) before any decision was made about Franken’s future, while only 35% think he should resign immediately. Beyond that 76% of Minnesota voters think their voices should have been more important in determining whether Franken stayed in the Senate or not, to only 12% who think that should have been determined more by his fellow Senators in Washington.

Public Policy Polling interviewed 671 Minnesota voters on December 26th and 27th. The survey’s margin of error is +/-3.8%. This research was conducted on behalf of Strategic Consulting Group.

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