McConnell Under Water on Approval in Kentucky

| pppadmin

PPP’s newest Kentucky poll finds that Mitch McConnell continues to be unpopular in the state, with only 41% of voters approving of the job he’s doing to 48% who disapprove. Only 69% of Republicans approve of the job he’s doing, and independents split against him 30/53.

McConnell only has a 47-44 lead against a generic Democratic opponent. By contrast Donald Trump has a 16 point lead over Joe Biden in the state, 55/39.

Although Trump is up, his lead is still well down from his 30 point margin of victory in 2016. 53% of voters in the state say they’re ‘very concerned’ about the coronavirus, with 84% saying they’re at least ‘somewhat concerned.’ Only 16% say they’re not that concerned. Trump’s diminished standing in the state could be a function of voters not being that impressed with his handling of the virus- only 52% approve to 42% who disapprove, pretty low numbers in the context of his winning 63% in the state in his first campaign.

Mitch McConnell recently suggested that states having financial trouble due to the coronavirus should just consider declaring bankruptcy. Kentuckians don’t think that would be a good path for their state- only 9% support declaring bankruptcy to 69% opposed to that course of action. Both Republicans (14/60) and Democrats (5/80) think the bankruptcy idea is a pretty bad one.

PPP interviewed 1,104 Kentucky voters on May 14th and 15th. The margin of error is +/-3.0% and the full results are here

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