Georgia Trending Well For Democrats

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PPP’s newest Georgia poll finds Jon Ossoff right on the cusp of avoiding a runoff in his race against David Perdue. Ossoff is at 47% to 44% for Perdue with Libertarian Shane Hazel at 3%. Ossoff’s 3 point lead represents an improvement from PPP’s last poll, which had him ahead 44-43. The main change in the dynamics of the race seems to be a decline in Perdue’s approval numbers in the wake of his racist comments about Kamala Harris at a recent rally- before that incident he had a 41/46 approval spread but that has now declined to 39/49.

PPP also conducted a private poll in Georgia’s 7th Congressional district on Monday and Tuesday which found Ossoff at 50% there to 44% for Perdue and just 2% for Hazel, lending further credence both to our statewide poll and others this week that have shown the contest trending in Ossoff’s direction.

One way to try to game out where the race will end up is to allocate the undecided voters for Senate based on whether they are voting for Biden or Trump, given the decline in ticket splitting in recent elections. That would put Ossoff at 49.9% with Perdue at 47% and Hazel at 3.1%. Of course polls aren’t that precise but regardless it shows how razor close to the 50% line the winner in this race could end up.

In Georgia’s other Senate race Raphael Warnock continues to grow his support and is now at 46% to 27% for Kelly Loeffler, 19% for Doug Collins, and 2% for Matt Lieberman. Warnock is a popular candidate with a net +21 favorability rating at 48/27. By contrast both the Republicans are unpopular- Loeffler has a 30/48 approval spread and Collins has a 26/40 favorability.

In the Presidential race Joe Biden is at 48% to 46% for Donald Trump. The generational divide in the Presidential race continues to suggest that this year may usher in Georgia being a key battleground state for years to come- Biden is up 53/39 with voters under 45 and 51/44 with voters between 46 and 65 and the only thing keeping Trump in the ballpark is a 60/36 advantage with seniors.

PPP interviewed 661 Georgia voters on October 27th and 28th. The margin of error is +/-3.8%. Full results here

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