Clinton up big on GOP field in NH

| Tom Jensen

PPP’s new New Hampshire poll finds Hillary Clinton with commanding leads over the entire Republican field in the state- she is up by anywhere from 9 to 15 points against the nine GOP contenders we tested her against. 

The hopefuls who come closest to Clinton are Rand Paul and Scott Walker, each of whom trail by 9 at 49/40. The ones who do the worst are Chris Christie (51/36) and Ted Cruz (52/37) who each have 15 point deficits. In between are Marco Rubio who trails by 12 at 50/38, and Jeb Bush (49/36), Ben Carson (51/38), Mike Huckabee (51/38), and Rick Perry (also 51/38) who all trail by 13 points.

In most of the swing states we’ve polled Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden have trailed the leading Republican contender even if Clinton had a lead over him but that’s not the case in New Hampshire- Warren (45/40) and Biden (44/40) both lead Walker even if it’s by a more narrow margin than the one Clinton enjoys.

Other notes from New Hampshire:

-71% of voters in the state oppose a proposed bill to let people carry a concealed gun without a license, while only 23% are supportive of it. The overwhelming opposition to the bill is bipartisan- Democrats (87/9), independents (71/22), and Republicans (55/37) are all against it. This is a case of Republican leaders going well beyond even what the party base thinks is acceptable in an attempt to appease the gun lobby.

-On the issue of making the red tailed hawk the official state raptor, New Hampshire voters stand with the kids. 53% support the proposal to only 12% who are opposed to it. This is another one where voters agree across party lines- Democrats (60/10), independents (53/10), and Republicans (46/18) all think it’s a good idea.

-Granite State voters narrowly favor making casino gambling legal in the state, 49/42. This is one where voters do divide along party lines- Democrats (52/39) are in support of it while Republicans (43/49) are opposed. There’s also a big age gap with younger voters overwhelmingly in favor of it (67/31) while seniors (42/48) are the one age group opposed.

-Now that Scott Brown isn’t on the ballot for the Senate anymore his favorability numbers have tanked with New Hampshire voters- only 30% have a positive opinion of him now to 56% with a negative one. Those numbers are way down from a 44/46 favorability on the eve of the election last fall. The decline is mostly among Republican leaning voters- with those who supported Mitt Romney for President in 2012 he’s gone from being at 77/13 favorability all the way down to 57/29. Very few Granite State voters claim Brown as one of their own at this point either- 25% consider him to be a New Hampshirite to 63% who say they don’t.

-Finally Jeanne Shaheen is easily the state’s more popular Senator, coming in well ahead of Kelly Ayotte’s approval numbers from last week with a 52/39 spread.

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