Clarke, Trump dominate with Wisconsin Republicans

| pppadmin

When PPP took a first look in June at who Republicans in Wisconsin want to be on the top of their ticket next year the answer was Sheriff David Clarke for Senate and Donald Trump for President- now six months later GOP voters in the state are even more strongly in favor of that duo leading their ticket.

PPP’s newest Wisconsin Republican primary poll finds 52% want Sheriff Clarke to be their Senate nominee next year compared to 7% for Eric Hovde and 6% for Scott Mayer. In head to heads Clarke leads Hovde 51-10 and Mayer 52-6.

Clarke is the only potential GOP Senate hopeful with much of a public profile. He has 65% name recognition and 52% see him favorably to 13% with a negative opinion. Meanwhile Hovde has only 22% name recognition (11/11) and Mayer’s is 12% (5/7).

Just as he has nationally, Trump has strengthened his position in Wisconsin over the course of the last six months. He now has 54% support compared to 16% for Ron DeSantis, 15% for Nikki Haley, 5% for Chris Christie, and 4% for Vivek Ramaswamy.

That 38 point lead for Trump more than doubles his 16 point advantage from our June poll. Since then his support is up 13 points, DeSantis’ is down 9 points, and Haley’s is up by 10.

Feelings about Trump are pretty steady- a 69/21 favorability six months ago, 69/23 now. But perceptions of DeSantis have taken a sharp turn in the wrong direction with his one time +52 standing at 65/13 now diminished to +33 at 58/25.

Haley’s actually seen a decline in her net favorability too- it was 42/21 in June and it’s 42/35 now- but more of those voters who already liked her are picking her as their alternative to Trump than was the case earlier in the year. She doesn’t seem to actually be building a larger reservoir of GOP voters who like her though, which would could limit her ability to continue growing support.

PPP surveyed 503 likely Republican primary voters on December 11th and 12th. The margin of error is +/-4.4%. Full results here

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