Biden, Smith lead by 8 in Minnesota

| pppadmin

PPP’s newest Minnesota poll finds little change in the state since July, with Joe Biden and Tina Smith both leading by 8 points.

Biden gets 52% to 44% for Donald Trump. Trump has a -9 net favorability rating, with 44% of voters approving of the job he’s doing to 53% who disapprove. Biden led 52-42 on our last public poll of the state.

PPP has conducted about 50 polls in various places across the country in the week since the Republican convention ended and this pretty well summarizes any marginal ‘bump’ Trump might have received. Biden isn’t losing any ground- 52% in July, 52% now- while Trump may be getting a nominal 1-2 point boost from conservative leaning voters who said they were undecided previously. That kind of gain could (or could not) help Trump end up eking out wins in places like Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas where polling has consistently found the race within 1-2 points. But that kind of boost is not going to let him make up his larger deficits in places like Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Biden is not losing any support.

In the Senate race Tina Smith leads Jason Lewis 49-41. That is essentially unchanged from our last poll, which found Smith ahead 48-39. The head to head numbers between Smith and Lewis pretty well track which party Minnesotans want to have control of the Senate- 51% Democrats and 44% Republicans. A plurality of voters are unfamiliar with Lewis and among those who are he has a slightly under water favorability rating with 30% giving him positive marks and 31% negative ones.

PPP interviewed 877 Minnesota voters on September 3rd and 4th. The margin of error is +/-3.3%. Full results here

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