Archive 2007

12/18/07: General Election Matchups for Governor

12/17/07: General Election Matchups for President and Senate

12/13/07: 10th Congressional District Poll

12/12/07 Funding for Mass Transit in the Triangle

12/11/07: ACC Loyalty Poll

12/5/07: December Republican Tracking Poll

12/4/07: December Democratic Tracking Poll

11/28/07: Wake County Transfer Tax Poll

11/07/07: November Tracking Poll

11/01/07: Kay Hagan vs. Elizabeth Dole

10/24/07: Jim Neal vs. Elizabeth Dole

10/08/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

10/05/07: Raleigh City Council

10/05/07: Cary Town Council

10/05/07: Wake County School Board

9/20/07: Could Dean Smith beat Elizabeth Dole?

9/19/07: Raleigh City Council

9/06/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

8/15/07: Dole vs. Jerry Meek, Ted Kaplan

8/15/07: South Carolina Primary

8/07/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

7/30/07: Raleigh Dorothea Dix Bond

7/27/07: Raleigh 2007 Municipal Elections

7/23/07: NC Supports Renewable Energy

7/23/07: Obesity in North Carolina

7/18/07: North Carolinians want vote on proposed transfer tax

7/17/07: Scooter Libby in NC

7/11/07: Elizabeth Dole vs. Grier Martin, Kay Hagan

7/05/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

7/03/07: Beach vs. Mountains, East BBQ over West

6/26/07: Gas Prices in NC

6/25/07: Immigration, Smoking and Gas Prices

6/21/07: North Carolina Presidential Match-ups

6/07/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

6/04/07: Iowa Presidential Caucus Poll

6/04/07: South Carolina Presidential Primary Poll

5/17/07: Dole vs. Cooper

5/07/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

4/12/07: Dole vs. Miller

4/04/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

3/28/07: NC supports smoking ban and business incentives

3/07/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

2/12/07: Universal Health Care and Dole v. Etheridge

2/06/07: North Carolina Primaries Tracking Poll

1/31/07: Wake County School Bond

1/22/07: Troop “surge” and Dole v. Easley

1/05/07: 2008 Democratic Primary

1/02/07: 2008 Republican Primary