Dean Debnam

Founder and CEO

Dean has been creating and growing businesses for more than 35 years. His business savvy made him question the inefficiencies he saw in political campaigns, and led him to create PPP. Dean saw that campaigns were allocating huge sums to survey research that could be better spent elsewhere, and the price of survey research kept smaller campaigns from polling at all. In response, Dean created PPP to provide the benefits of quality survey research at an affordable price. PPP began operations in 2001 helping mostly local candidates in North Carolina and has since expanded its capacity, staff, and client list to include campaigns, businesses, and advocacy organizations across the country.

He has also served as the CEO of Workplace Options, Inc. since 1993 and over the years has transformed WPO from a consultancy and management company, into the one of the largest global work-life companies. He believes that each one of his businesses informs the other and uses the best practices from each to enhance the other.


Don’t guess what voters are thinking, when you can know.”