This is what people are saying about us.

PPP is quick, inexpensive and strategic. Incredibly helpful in both the early strategy phases and the late rough and tumble of a campaign.”

Steve Smith
Kansas Family Values

Throughout the battle against health care repeal and in the 2018 midterms, PPP was an essential partner giving us fast, accurate and compelling data that was a critical part of our ability to succeed. Their cost-effective polling was a key part of our campaign to protect the American people from health care repeal and sabotage.”

Brad Woodhouse
Protect Our Care

Often times, legislative caucus directors are forced to choose between affordable or accurate polling. That is not the case with Public Policy Polling, which has provided reasonably priced and eerily accurate results during the last two campaign cycles for the Ohio House Democratic Caucus. I am thankful for PPP's quick turnaround and excellent staff and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

Aaron Fisher
Ohio House Democratic Caucus

PPP's work with the Iowa House Democrats in 2018 was critical to us defeating 4 longtime GOP incumbents and flipping 3 additional open seats. We could always count on PPP to be affordable, accurate, and timely. Their affordability and flexibility allowed us to identify districts that many thought weren't competitive, expand our playing field, and invest more money communicating directly with voters.”

Mike Frosolone
Former Iowa House Democrats Caucus Director

It is critical that targeting and spending decisions in our legislative program be based upon data that we trust and that we can track over time. PPP has given our program a cost-effective way to do that. It has been an important part of our success over the past two years, including flipping the state Senate in a 2017 special election.”

Kurt Fritts
Director of Legislative IE effort in Washington State

In Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, Ohio, over 50 candidate offices appear on the ballot every year. Virtually none of these candidates have previously had access to reliable or affordable polling. With PPP's flexibility and professional assistance, our firm has been able to develop a high-quality multi-candidate poll for our local and district clients with overlapping jurisdictions. Each candidate securely and confidentially receives the benefits of quality polling for their race alone while sharing overall costs with other participants. This service has been a game changer for our candidates, interest groups, and local party. Our election success rates have increased substantially in November. Prospective candidates now actively seek to participate in polls prior to costly primary battles.”

Chris Glassburn
President, Project Govern (OH)

PPP’s affordability and speed made it possible for us to greatly increase the number of tracking polls we did the last two cycles. Their spot-on polling in contests like the New Hampshire Senate race in 2014 and the Presidential race in Colorado in 2012 helped us push back against inaccurate surveys showing our candidates in worse shape than they actually were.”

Leslie Martes
League of Conservation Voters

PPP helped us navigate a very tricky path as we needed to win nearly all of our competitive races in districts where Senator McConnell and other national Republicans enjoyed substantial leads throughout the campaign.  PPP was not only extremely accurate , their affordability allowed us to initially test 25 districts, strike those from our program that were not competitive and focus the bulk of our resources on those races where we knew we could make a difference.  In the end, with PPP's research guiding us on targeting and messaging, our candidates won 11 of our 15 top districts.”

Dave Contarino
Kentucky Family Values

PPP provided us with a cost effective way to gain insight into the political environment. Their reliable information enabled NC House Democrats to weather the storm and become the only legislative chamber in the Southeast where Democrats gained seats.”

Representative Grier Martin
North Carolina House Democratic Caucus Campaign Committee

We came to PPP after a public poll in the San Jose Mayoral race showed our opponent ahead by 8 points. They found our candidate (Sam Liccardo) ahead by 3 points and that allowed us to be able to push back with the press against the perception that our opponent was now a strong favorite in the race. Sam ended up winning by 2 points and is now the next Mayor of San Jose. PPP worked very fast and had a very accurate read on the electorate when we needed them”

Eric Jaye
Storefront Political Media

We were in a "safe" district, but in a "bad" year, and our opponent started receiving independent expenditures.  We needed a read on whether the opponent was gaining traction.  For a week, our non-solution was to lose sleep.  Then, we asked PPP to do a poll. In less than 24 hours, and for a reasonable price, we were able to get the peace of mind that we didn't need to ratchet up our direct mail.  In the end, the PPP poll gave us a result that allowed us to save money on additional mail. And to get some sleep.”

Mike Kreloff
Campaign Chair for State Representative Laura Fine (IL)

PPP conducted three tracking polls on our school funding measure in Marion County, Florida. One had it passing with 53% of the vote, one had it passing with 55%, and one had it passing with 56%. Our bond ended up getting 54%, right in line with what they’d been telling us. Their polls were a cost effective way of letting us know that we were on the right track throughout the campaign, and now more than 42,000 students in Marion County will benefit from this additional community investment in our public schools.”

Ray Seaman
Yes for Marion (FL) Schools