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August 17, 2016


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1) A presidential poll that includes Evan McMullin.

2) A religious demographic question that separates evangelicals and Mormons (with cross-tabs).


Have a secondary poll for Romney vs. Clinton, or a gen-election Romney vs. Trump.

Polygamy approval/disapproval.

Man, I don't know anything about Utah except Mormons - this sucks

Nathan Coulter

-Fav/Unfav of beehives, Mike Lee, Jon Huntsman, Jim Matheson, Joseph Smith
-Support for Trump's Muslim ban


- Utah Vs. Utah State Vs. BYU
- Ted Cruz Vs. Donald Trump
- Romney favorable rating
- Support building a wall between Colorado/Nevada?
- Support building a wall on Mexican border?
- Support building a wall on Canadian border?
- Utah Jazz favorable rating
- Support legalization of Marijuana in Utah?
- Would you support a NFL team in Utah?


2018 Senate
- Ben McAdams v Republicans (Hatch, Spencer Cox, Greg Hughes, Mia Love, Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, or Chris Stewart)
- Jim Matheson v Republicans

Possible ballot measure to create an independent redistricting commission

College Football
- U of Utah v BYU v Utah State

Favorite side dish
- Funeral potatoes v jell-o salad

Adam Byrnes

-Mormon Church favorability
-Obama vs. Trump
-GOP/Dems favorability
-Tea Party favorability
-How scared are you of a Trump/Clinton presidency?
-Does Trump/Clinton share your values?
-Gay marriage
-Transgender bathrooms
Also, make sure to include Evan McMullin in a 5-way poll.


"If you are not voting for Donald Trump, do you have family members or close friends who are?"

Similarly with Clinton.

I've seen a lot of "I don't know anyone voting for Trump" thinkpieces, and I'm curious how prominent this sort of thing really is. Maybe just ask about members of immediate family.


Very interested in how Utahans feel about the 3rd party candidates. An interesting question I'd like to see polled is: Who is your second choice for president in a four way race?


Does Orrin Hatch's endorsement of Donald Trump make you more or less likely to vote for Sen. Hatch if he chooses to run for reelection in 2018?


Some political leaders (Senator Orrin Hatch, Governor Gary Herbert, Congressman Jason Chaffetz) say they support Donald Trump, while others (Senator Mike Lee and Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox) refuse to support him. If a political leader supports Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, does that make you more or less likely to support him or her?


Who would you support in a 2018 U.S. Senate election, Senator Orrin Hatch or Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox?


Who would you support in a 2020 gubernatorial election, Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox or Congressman Jason Chaffetz?


Would be cool if you polled If Romney was the nominee and/or if there was no R nominee, so just Clinton, Johnson, Mcmullin, and Harambe


Does House Speaker Greg Hughes early endorsement of Donald Trump make you more or less likely to support Hughes in a future political race?

jason o

Favorite national/state park in Utah would be cool to see!

Jefferson V

Include Evan McMullin as an independent candidate in a Clinton/Trump and/or Clinton/Trump/Johnson/Stein matchup. If you can do CD-specific polling, a poll on the Mia Love/Doug Owens race would be interesting, as well as their respective popularities. Finally, since Mormons don't drink it, the approval rating of Coffee would be a fun suggestion.


Poll the senate race with Mike Lee obviously. Poll social issues like abortion and gay marriage, and also see whether or not the mormon majority population believes whether or not alcohol should be legal

Michael Terence Worley

1) Obviously include Evan McMullin

2) Favorable/unfavorable of California, Nevada, and Idaho

3) Loyalty: University of Utah or BYU

4) What is the ideal age to marry: 18-21; 22-25; 26-29; 30+?

5) Did you read the op-eds written in the Deseret News written by:

a) Gary Johnson
b) Hillary Clinton
c) Donald Trump?

6) Do you approve or disapprove of Mitt Romney's choice to critique Donald Trump?

7) Would you rather have funeral potatoes or green jello for breakfast?

8) Do you approve or disapprove of grocery stores being open on Sunday?

Michael Terence Worley

Also: big issue: Utah has continued to let refugees into the state. Approve/disapprove of letting Refugges into the state and approve/disapprove of a ban on Muslims.


Will you do polling for McMullin too?


Attitudes towards whether polygamy should be legal.
(Compare to attitudes towards gay marriage).

Secondly, should people on welfare be allowed to vote?


1) Trump vs. "Jeopardy!" contestant (and prominent Mormon) Ken Jennings. Democrats tried to recruit him once! Optionally, include IBM's Watson as a third-party candidate.

2) Would Utahans favor desalinating the Great Salt Lake if it were an option at no cost? If so, would they change the name?

3) Fav/Unfav Martin Shkreli


Legalization of marijuana (medical &/or recreational).

Privatization of alcohol sales


Does Bill Clinton's history of infidelity bother you more, or Donald Trump's?


Who would you vote for if Romney signed up to the ballot?

Romney, Trump or Clinton?


-President, include Evan McMullin since he has made the ballot in Utah. (Clinton/Trump/Johnson/Stein/McMullin)
-You could also potentially include Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party nominee. Castle is on the ballot in Utah, and will be the one other candidate on the ballot in a majority of states. The potential competitiveness comes from a weird situtation- the Republican, Trump, is seen as incredibly offensive to many in the state. Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin are seen as alternatives for conservatives, but Johnson's social liberalism is a nonstarter to some, while McMullin is little known so far. The Constitution Party is unlikely to poll strongly in many places, but could get 1 percent or higher, considering it is a social conservative party and Castle's VP is from Utah. You should consider adding Castle, at least this one time to confirm whether he has any local strength (since if he gets multiple percent that could impact the results in the end).

-Ask whether Mitt Romney endorsing a candidate would make you more likely to vote for them. This could be done simply asking how much more likely it is, or after the initial presidential question asking people to select their choice for president again under the assumption of Romney endorsing a particular candidate (Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin seem the only possibilities, although you could ask about Castle also).

-Senate: Mike Lee (R) vs. Misty Snow (D) vs. Stoney Fonua (IAP) vs Bill Barron (I)

Also, poll a hypothetical matchup of Mike Lee vs. Jim Matheson. This will be an interesting comparison with the Lee/Snow results, as Matheson is the strongest Democrat in Utah, while Snow, with her far left she is, is arguably the weakest option for the race. This will show whether there was any possibility Trump could have ever helped put this seat in play this year. Also, it is still possible for candidates to be replaced, so Matheson could be made the Democratic nominee if competitive.

-Governor: Gary Herbert (R) vs. Mike Weinholtz (D) vs. Brian Kamerath (L) vs. Superdell Schanze (IAP)

-Downballot statewide races: these races rarely get polled, so it would be nice to see any or all of them asked for once, just to get a picture of how these races stand. With Utah possibly unexpectedly competitive, there is a very longshot possibility of other races being made more competitive if third party candidates poll well in them. Gary Herbert seems to be too strong for that to happen for Governor, while Misty Snow seems too weak for that to happen for Senate.

they would rarely get any attention.
-AG: Sean Reyes (R) vs. Jon Harper (D) vs. Andrew McCullough (L) vs. Michael Isbell (IAP)
-Treasurer: David Damschen (R) vs. Neil Hansen (D) vs. Richard Proctor (Constitution)
-Auditor: John Dougall (R) vs. Mike Mitchell (D) vs. Jared Green (IAP)

-Candidate ratings: in addition to asking about any of this year's candidates, ask about opinions of Romney, Huntsman, Matheson, Hatch

-2018 Senate: Hatch pledged that if he won re-election in 2012 he would retire at the end of the term, but he has been signalling that he is likely to run again in 2018. Should Hatch run again in 2018?

-As suggested above, poll some social issues (abortion, gay marriage, transgender issues, marijuana). I would especially be curious to see how much of the state identifies as pro-life. I assume it is high, but curious just how high


Ask Utahns if they're voting for their candidate or against the other one.


Hillary Clinton vs. Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush
Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump, Jon Huntsman

Approval/disapproval of Vladimir Putin
Approval/disapproval of rattlesnakes
Approval/disapproval of alcoholic beverages

Is climate warming real?


Hey PPP! If you're still taking suggestions for Utah I'd love you if you asked whether Utah residents whether they wish Utah was an independent country and national home for Mormons (similar to Israel for Jews)?


My only request is to stop including joke candidates like Deez Nuts, Harambe, and Meteor of Death.


When will the poll be done/finished/published?


Include all ballot-qualified candidates in the presidential poll. The ballot qualified candidates are: Clinton, Trump, Johnson, Stein, McMullin, Darrell Castle, Rocky De La Fuente, Alyson Kennedy, Monica Moorehead, and Farley Anderson.

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