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December 18, 2015


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You know, I'm fine if people don't know what Agrabah is. We can't all keep up with every work of fiction in the world, even a relatively old and popular one. And we especially can't necessarily keep up with the names of all the characters and places in every work of fiction we encounter. But for the love of GOD, don't say you support bombing a place you clearly don't know anything about. You've proven yourself to be both a warmonger and an imbecile at that point.


What were the options on the "bomb Agrabah" question?
Was it just Yes/No?
Was it Yes/No/Don't Know?

just trying to figure out how the question was presented... thanks!


30% of GOP supporters support bombing a fictional country, and 13% opposed, meaning 43% of GOP supporters were duped by this question. However 36% of Democrats opposed bombing a fictional country, and 19% supported it, meaning 55% of these people didn't know they were being duped.

Your article intimates this means GOP Trump supporters are ignorant of geography and blood thirsty. In fact by 55-43% it is Democrats who were ignorant. This is consistent with Harvard studies that showed Conservatives scored higher on questioning about geography than Liberals did. In fact they scored higher with questioning about math, science, history, economics, and geography by about the same margin, (27.9% better).

This poll, meant to 'demonstrate' how stupid Trump supporters are actually shows the opposite is true.


It has become now necessary to Face the Fact that Trump needs to be accepted. All those with less than 7 % in a population of 500 or mor must drop out; so that the votes do not get fractured as is happening now.


Jeb Bush is so dumb ( "Dumb as a stone") that he did not understand why no other candidate is attacking Trump. Experience has shown all attackers have faded out(the last case is Jindal). The obstinate Trump supporters will spread the message and JB will go down further. "I am the only tough one to attack Trump" will not hold good, NOW, because attacking Trump at this point of time in the road to 2016 WH is too late, foolish and too little.Bush timing of the attack is another case of very poor political and sociological judgment.

Steve Minard

It is absolutely false equivalence to claim that Democrats were "more duped" by this question. NOT wanting to bomb a fictional land is far from the ignorance of agreeing with it. Not saying there isn't a good amount of ignorance on both sides, but there are plenty of instances where a "No" answer is not "being duped."

1) A good number of Democrats would be opposed to ANY bombing. "No" would simply be their moral choice. It would be a non-starter for ANY option proposed.

2) Even if unsure of what Agrabah was, saying you don't want to bomb it when you don't know exactly what it is seems a perfectly legitimate answer. Probably even more so than "I don't know." Perhaps the third option might have been more enlightening had it been "I would need more information."

"Do you want to punch Johnny Boblonsky in the face? Yes or No." Umm... no. Who is he anyway? (Was I "duped?")

3) What about the respondents that actually KNEW it was the Kingdom of Aladdin and said "No, I don't want to bomb a fictional land?"

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