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November 14, 2015


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The same percentage of people who think Hillary won the debate plan on voting for her? Yeah that sounds wrong.


I clicked your poll itself- this is very telling.

"PPP interviewed 510 Democratic primary voters nationally by telephone after the debate
who had been pre-screened on Thursday and Friday as planning to watch the debate and
willing to give their opinions about it afterward. The survey’s margin of error is +/-4.3%.
This research was conducted on behalf of Correct The Record. "

Scott Fanetti

Were these people watching the same debate?


I'll buy that for a dollar. Oh wait, looks like Hillary already did #FeelTheBern


Sanders and O'Malley better just call it a day. Hillary won the debate hands down, and will be the Dem. nominee!!!


"Correct The Record"

That's Clinton's corrupt Super PAC that's raised over $15 million for ads supporting her campaign. Anything concerning them should be given the utmost scrutiny.


Every internet poll has Bernie killing Hillary...you guys are obviously smoking illegal substances!


I can't find a single online poll that doesn't show Bernie Sanders winning by at least 40% of those polled. This is quite suspicious since I perused all the online polls I could find.


Straw Poll from Drake Univesity in Iowa]
Sanders 116 (67%)
Clinton 36 (21%)
O'Malley 20 (12%)

Sanders 81%
Clinton 14%
O'Malley 5%

CBS Local
Sanders 94%
Clinton 4%
O'Malley 2%

Sanders 90%
Clinton 6%
O'Malley 4%

Sanders 80%
Clinton 14%
O'Malley 3%

Sanders 92%
Clinton 5%
O'Malley 3%

Washington Times
Sanders 95%
Clinton 4%
O'Malley 3%

Sanders 87%
Clinton 7%
O'Malley 5%

Sanders 88%
Clinton 9%
O'Malley 3%

Sanders 80%
Clinton 16%
O'Malley 4%

I realize, aside from the straw poll at the debate, the above polls are online and not scientific but that far off? I have my doubts. Didn't realize Clinton's "Correct The Record", "a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks" could buy your polling service.


"This research was conducted on behalf of Correct The Record."

Correct The Record is a Hillary Super PAC. They can't win so they cheat.


Looks like Sanders inherited Ron Paul's paranoid conspiracy theory voters.


"This research was conducted on behalf of Correct The Record."

Isn't that one of Hillary's Super PACs?



This most certainly was NOT the debate I watched, nor the one that all the other polls say Sen. Bernie Sanders won by 60 - 84% depending. Is this a PAC funded poll? I suspect so. No other explanation.

Eliot Woodrich

Appreciate the rapid response and information about the debate. Thank you PPP!


What percentage of the youth did this poll include? More importantly what percentage of youth own a landline?

Old people own landlines.

aeris bueller

The 500 prescreened democratic voters maybe, but it seems that's not really the consensus reached by a few other polls:


I think it's hilarious that this poll is not just the ONLY poll that has Hillary beating Bernie, it is the exact opposite in numbers to EVERY other poll on the internet. And I mean EVERY poll. They all have Bernie beating Hillary by an average of 60%. This poll is obviously skewed and/or completely worthless.


The polls I am reading (Slate.com, Washingtonpost.com, Fox5Sandiego.com, Syracuse.com) all show Bernie with a HUGE margin (80% to 90%). I guess your poll must have been only sent to Hillary supporters. It saddens me to see people using the media to try to shape public opinion rather than reporting the actual news.


Correct The Record (who conducted the 'polling') is a Hillary shill super PAC.


Jim Daniels

Absolutely stunning how Bernie supporters drop believing in science when it comes to their candidate. Online polls are not scientific polls, meaning they make no pretense at trying to get a snapshot of public opinion. All they measure is how much time the supporters of each candidate is willing to waste making sure their candidate wins these polls by voting for them over and over again. The Baseball Hall of fame voting has more credibility.

Never seen a group of people so incredulous at others for not seeing the awesomeness of their candidate they will drop all pretense of sense. Much like religion!

And if you seriously think PPP would damage their brand by skewing or rigging a poll for a client, then you know nothing about the polling business.

Grow up Berniacs


online polls reach young voters and voters who have not been active in politics. telephone polls do not call new or returning voters, they only call people who have been active in politics. this poll only called 510 voters! that is not representative of the modern movement. #feelthebern


I am growing more and more concerned that Hillary is unelectable in the general election, and we should redirect our efforts toward another candidate. I am in full support of Bernie Sanders, but I'm not sure he is electable in a general election either. It's IMPERATIVE that we win this election for the Supreme Court and the future of Social Security and Medicare.

At this point, I am regretting that Joe Biden opted not to run....

Matthew Levine

Jim Daniels, you are correct that online polls are not scientific polls. But if you think people are voting multiple times in the online polls, maybe you don't know much about online polling, because the polls only let each IP address vote once, and very few people are going to mess around with proxy servers just to try to skew the results. I also wonder whether you meant the MLB All-Star Game voting rather than the Hall of Fame.

Also, when a poll is carried out "on behalf of", i.e. paid for by, a Clinton SuperPAC, that doesn't seem like a legitimate cause for suspicion to you?

Colorful Kent

I favor O'Malley personally, but when watching the debate, I couldn't pick a winner. I thought they all had moments. I didn't see anything from any of them I disliked either.

I favor O'Malley because he looks more presidential, doesn't have baggage, and is more based in reality than fantasy like Sanders.

Miriam Woodruff

Look at all these polls with a sample size of 46,000 plus that ALL show Bernie sweeping it with at least 80% of people saying he won. Kind of blows this 500 person sample size out of the water, and side note... who under the age of 75 has a land line anymore?



Part of the problem with this poll's accuracy I might suggest is the age demographics:
Age 2012 2016 Debate
18-45 51% 19%
45-64 35% 47%
65+ 14% 34%
under 45, where Sanders does better is very under represented.


I don't have an issue with the more scientific polls presenting Mrs. Clinton as the winner, but she was not. The problem I have is how stupid and pathetic the American public is. How can anyone with two brain cells to rub together have watched this and think Mrs. Clinton "won" this debate? She retreated into 911 hysteria when prodded about her Wall St. ties, made nonsensical retorts to serious investigations as to her character whenever possible, and as to thinking she is superior to the other candidates regarding foreign policy, well, she has been demonstrably wrong and in many cases disastrous in her foreign policy thinking. There are numerous examples of this, from her blunder in voting for the invasion of Iraq to her grotesque mishandling of the Arab Spring to her pathetic treatment of Russia. There is no reason to think she is anything but incompetent with regard to foreign policy. If the American public is this abysmally stupid and easily swayed (they are) we are completely ruined. There is now no answer but violent revolution; hopefully I will not live to see it.


Are you aware that the poll was done for "Correct The Record" which is a Hillary SuperPac? Jim Daniels has his head in a place where it will see no sunlight.

Shaun Terry

Why is PPP doing this? Correct the Record is a Clinton Super PAC. All of the online polls show Bernie having won by 65 points or greater, last I checked.


OK So Correct the Record paid for the Poll. Who here is saying the pollster gave up their integrity and allowed CTR to cheat? How so. How was the cheat accomplished or the math skewed? Where is your evidence of malfeasance? Show where the methodology is faulty or dishonest.

And as the last debate has shown you online polls that do not publish their methodology and allow multiple, open votes don't count for squat.


Tim, Take your Reich Wing Poppycock somewhere else. We all know you're not a dem supporter. Your rhetorical devices are decidedly TEA.


Mathew, your correct, not many people are going to engage a spoofer. But just ONE bot can replace 10,000-30,000+ who don't.


pardon -You're


Shorter Sandernistas:

1. Why do you hate America?

2. UR worse than Goebbels!

3. Hello, my name is Elder Green. I would like to share with you this book on Bernie Sanders.

Anthony Colla

Wow!! Clinton's SuperPac says she won the debate?!? Who would have seen that coming?!? #corruption #HillaryISanOldWhiteGuy


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