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February 17, 2014


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In Kansas, it's VERY important for you to poll the support/opposition of the new gay segregation law passed in the house.

If support is underwater in a conservative state like Kansas, it would almost certainly derail similar bills proposed in less conservative states like Arizona, Ohio, and Oregon

Noveed Safipour

It's been a year since anyone has done a poll on the popularity of same-sex marriage in Kansas, during which time we've seen the Supreme Court strike down DOMA and marriage legalization take effect in 9 states. I'd be curious to see if public opinion on same-sex marriage has changed within the last year.

It's also worth asking because potentially the 10th Circuit's decision on the Utah case could affect the state's constitutional amendment regarding marriage in Kansas. That case will be due in March.

Ryon Carey

I live in Kansas and would like to know a few things if you can ask them. I would like to know the Congressional race results from KS-1 and KS-2. I would also like to know how many Kansans support marriage equality. I would like to know how many Kansans support abortion rights/women's healthcare access. Any questions you could ask regarding basic understanding of the Affordable Care Act would be interesting as well. Another interesting question would be peoples' basic understanding of medicaid and how it relates to their community (Do they know that most medicaid spending in Kansas is for elderly care in nursing homes and hospitals) Do Kansans regard their schools as well funded? Do Kansans support the recently passed farm bill? Do Kansans support eliminating the state income tax and replacing it with increased sales/property taxes? I would like to see all your results broken down by Congressional district. Thanks for polling Kansas, we are so often overlooked because of our lopsided political situation.


I've been curious for a while about what the status of "Intelligent Design" support is in Kansas (home of the Flying Spaghetti Monster); the recent proposal by the legislature to ditch the current science education standards makes it topical once more. There was a Mason-Dixon poll question used back in 2002 for the Cleveland Plain Dealer that might be interesting to repeat.


Iowa Gov.
Branstad v. Hatch
Branstad v. Tom Hoefling in primary

Iowa Senate.
Braley vs. Paul Lunde, Scott Schaben, Matt Whitaker, Mark Jacobs, Joni Ernst, and Sam Clovis.
All six Republicans in a primary.

Kansas Senate.
Roberts vs. Wolf in primary.
Roberts residency issues.
Roberts and Wolf vs. Chet Taylor in general.

Kansas Gov.
Brownback vs. Paul Davis

Jessica White Ralston

I would like to know how much support there is for the gay discrimination bill. I would also like to know how many Kansans feel that the schools are funded adequately.

active citizen

Poll Brownback favorability and potential democratic challengers to him, cause Kansas has been known to elect democratic governors before.

Also, poll the popularity of support for the anti-gay bill just passed in Kansas. I can't imagine even in a state like Kansas there's much support for something as extreme as this...

As for Iowa, do several matchups for the open senate seat, and poll support for minimum wage and Obamacare


A bill was recently introduced that would make municipal broadband impossible and the expansion of Google Fiber practically impossible. I'm curious what average citizens feel regarding the topic of muni broadband.


The race for Kansas Secretary of State should be competitive between Kobach and Schodorf.

It would also be interesting to see Tiahrt added to the primary for Senate (He is currently looking at house comeback, maybe the senate would be a better option).

KU and K-State Sports :)

Danny N Diana Higgins

I would like to know 2016 presidential polling info from both states.

Leslie Greathouse

I agree that a poll on adequacy of public education funding both in the K-12 system, the state Universities and the medical school. I think a poll on Gov. Brownback's attempts to change how Judges are selected would be interesting. Finally, how the citizens feel about Brownback's tax plan and whether it is (a) providing a large enough tax base for the state to function and (b) whether it has brought in the promised jobs.


It would be good to poll in the Big First district regarding the viability of a Democratic candidate. Are people still interested in having Tim Huelskamp represent them, or are they open to a Democrat.


In KS-Sen include former governor Mark Parkinso, HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and/or former attorney general Stephen Six so we get an idea of how a higher name rec Dem would perform against Roberts or Wolf.

In Iowa ask about agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack and how he polls against Chuck Grassley for 2016. Also ask the approval rating of the other statewide elected officers: secretary of state Matt Schultz (running for IA-03 but would give us an idea of his chances there), attorney general Tom Miller, treasurer Michael Fitzgerald, agriculture commissioner Bill Northey, and auditor Mary Mosiman.

In both states ask a generic congressional or legislative ballot. Also ask respondents their views on legalizing marijuana like Colorado/Washington did and on medical marijuana.


I would like to see a question re: the current House bill to gradually deregulate the sale of alcoholic beverages. Do Kansans support allowing grocery and convenience stores to sell beer, wine, and spirits, and liquor stores to sell non-beverage items like snacks?


You haven't polled on gay marriage in Iowa since 2012. Please poll on that issue *BUT* please poll the most relevant political issue, which is support/opposition to amending the IA constitution to prohibit gay marriage.

The question on the amendment could be either in lieu of or, preferably, in addition to your standard generic 2-option or 3-option questions on SSM.

For Iowa, I'd also suggest a Dem/Rep preference question for state legislature.


These are questions I'd like to see asked in Kansas:
Do you feel your local public schools are high quality?
Would you be willing to pay more taxes to support public education Kg-12?
Should Kansas fund the Public Retirement System (KPERS) as required by law?
If the Kansas Supreme Court finds that the legislature has failed to fund schools adequately, should the legislature respect the decision of the court? The Governor (same question)?
Since changes to Kansas Tax codes last year, have more out-of-state businesses located in your community?
Do you agree that citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons into elementary schools?


Restore Higher Education funding
Changing Supreme Court nomination method
Expanded Medicaid
Medical marijuana
Legalizing marijuana
Voter registration requirements
What if legislature ignores the state supreme court on K-12 funding?

Ryan Kim

You should poll the 2016 presidential election (i.e Clinton vs. all Republicans) in Iowa and Kansas.
You should poll favoribility of Sam Brownback and Terry something.


Interested in the 2016 polls.


For Iowa I would like to see polling for Secretary of State race between Brad Anderson and Paul Pate including favorable and unfavorable for both of them. Also if possible poll the The first congressional district Primaries and general election
the First district democratic primary
Swati Dandekar,
Anesa Kajtazovic,
Pat Murphy,
Dave O'Brien,
Monica Vernon
General election all of them against Walt Rogers

tea party jesus

For Iowa, ask whether or not they believe their state should always be the first state to hold a caucus, and test generic D v. R for the state legislature

For Kansas, gauge whether or not the public support the crazy anti-gay bill passed by the house. Also, poll whether residents have a favorable view of The Wizard Of Oz

For both, see how many voters believe that abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape. Also poll support/opposition for the senate immigration bill


I would like you to poll the popularity of ALEC, and the bills they support, among the registered voters of Kansas. Please do include those listed as "suspended".


Iowa Governor:
Poll Branstad vs Tom Hoefling GOP primary, Hatch vs. Paul Dahl and Jonathan Narcisse Dem primary.
The dem primary especially would be interesting to see, cause Hatch has been struggling to lock up party support since Olson dropped out, so it would be good to see if primary voters are still holding out on him.

Iowa Senate:
Poll all 6 GOP candidates (Clovis, Ernst, Jacobs, Lunde, Schaben, Whitaker) in primary, at least Clovis, Ernst, Jacobs, and Whitaker in general.

Kansas Senate:
General: Poll Roberts and Wolf each against Chad Taylor since he has an exploratory committee. Taylor has yet to announce that he is running and should have low name ID, so to get a good read on the race, also test against a selection of prominenet candidates, such as:
-Mark Parkinson (former Governor)
-Carl Brewer (mayor of Wichita)
-Joe Reardon (former mayor of Kansas City/Wyandotte County)
-Sandy Praeger (moderate GOP, considered running for Gov as GOP or Dem and endorsed Davis for Governor- should have higher name ID than most Dems)
-Nancy Boyda (former US Rep)
-Anthony Hensley (State Senate Minority Leader)
-Steve Six (former State AG)
-Steve Morris (former State Senate President- like Praeger a moderate Republican who considered running for Gov as GOP or Dem)
Sebelius could be tested too, but is not running, so it might be better to just test her ratings in Kansas now.

Poll Kris Kobach vs. Jean Schodorf for KS Secretary of State.

SC Guy

Please poll gay marriage in both states as it's very topical right now - especially in Iowa as same-sex marriage has been legal there for some time now. Also, the congressional generic would be interesting.


Iowa Governor:
Terry Branstad vs Jack Hatch
Iowa Senate:
Sam Clovis vs Joni Ernst vs Mark Jacobs vs Paul Lunde vs Scott Schaben vs Matt Whitaker
Sam Clovis vs Bruce Braley
Joni Ernst vs Bruce Braley
Mark Jacobs vs Bruce Braley
Matt Whitaker vs Bruce Braley
Kansas Governor:
Sam Brownback vs Paul Davis
Kansas Senate:
Pat Roberts vs Milton Wolf
Pat Roberts vs Chad Taylor
Milton Wolf vs Chad Taylor
Kansas 2016:
Marco Rubio vs Chris Christie vs Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz vs Bobby Jindal vs Mike Huckabee vs Rick Santorum vs Scott Walker
Hillary Clinton vs All of the Above
Joe Biden vs All of the Above
Iowa 2016:
Marco Rubio vs Chris Christie vs Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz vs Bobby Jindal vs Mike Huckabee vs Rick Santorum vs Scott Walker
Hillary Clinton vs All of the Above
Joe Biden vs All of the Above

Bjørn Erik Opheim

Definitely poll the 2016 match-ups in both states. How much has the Bridgegate scandal hurt Christie in Iowa? Kansas has only been polled once on 2016, a whole year ago, and then only including Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. It's time to poll Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Christie, Ted Cruz and maybe Walker in the Kansas match-ups as well. Other than that, support for gay marriage should be polled in both states.

northern dreamer

I think it'd be interesting to see how many people believe in the separation of church and state in both states.

Also, definitely ask how much support there is for the new anti-gay bill in Kansas. Even republicans are criticizing it!

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