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December 02, 2013


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I'd have loved to see numbers from Kentucky … oh well, Colorado is also good. I don't trust the numbers Quinnipiac reported.

Apart from what you're going to ask anyway: same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization, abolition of capital punishment?


Colorado Senate:
Jaime McMillan
Ken Buck
Owen Hill
Randy Baumgardner
Mark Aspiri
Amy Stephens

I'd also suggest doing a stronger R like Cory Gardner or Bob Beauprez to compare with your previous polls and get a sense of how a more well-known Republican might do.

Primary with and without stronger R.

Colorado Governor:

Greg Brophy
Tom Tancredo
Scott Gessler
Mike Kopp
Jim Rundberg
Steve House

Generic Legislative Ballot

For Michigan;

Generic Legislative Ballot

Secretary of State and AG elections
Ruth Johnson and Bill Schuette as R candidates respectively. I don't know who the D candidates would be.


No need to go mad in Colorado and poll everyone. For Colorado Governor, Hickenlooper vs:

Greg Brophy
Scott Gessler
Mike Kopp
Tom Tancredo

And for the Senate from Colorado, Udall vs:

Randy Baumgardner
Ken Buck
Owen Hill
Amy Stephens

Republican primary polling on both races would be nice too.

In Michigan, could you poll the Republican primary of the Lieutenant Governor's race? Incumbent Brian Calley has drawn a strong Tea Party challenger, Wes Nakagiri. As for the other races, don't think anyone's declared for Secretary of State yet but in the Attorney General race, incumbent Republican Bill Schuette vs Democrat Mark Totten.

In North Carolina, some more polling of the 2016 Governors race? Pat McCrory vs:

Roy Cooper
Janet Cowell
Anthony Foxx
Charles Meeker
Kenneth Spaulding
Josh Stein


NC Senate matchup

Jim Cain vs. Kay Hagan

For all presidential match ups have Condoleezza Rice!


For Colorado, a follow-up on the recalls. How about "Should the recall system be abolished, kept as-is, or modified to have recalls take place at the next regularly-scheduled election?"


In both Michigan and Colorado ask about support for same sex marriage, a $10/hour minimum wage, and overall support or opposition to Obamacare


Well, for Colorado, I think it would make sense to poll all the notable declared candidates: in alphabetical order for the Senate, Mark Aspiri, Randy Baumgardner, Ken Buck, Owen Hill, Jaime McMillan, and Amy Stephens. (Aspiri is poorly-known and could maybe be left out, but McMillan was tied for strongest-performing Republican in Quinnipiac's poll of the state, and the other four are notable elected officials). Agree with the list above on the gubernatorial Republicans to be included; Brophy, Gessler, Kopp, and Tancredo. Most of the other questions I'd be interested to see, like Obama approval and 2016 numbers, you guys include as a matter of course, so looking forward to those as well.

SamianHQuazi .

What are the chances that the Democrats in Colorado will maintain control of the Legislature after the 2014 elections?

If the GOP controls just one chamber, then the Dems' hope of getting gay marriage vanishes.

Perhaps the Democrats could put it up on the ballot in 2014 while they still control the state govt.


I would like to see a Michigan question on how people would vote on an ballot measure to repeal the new "Right to Work" law.

For North Carolina, I would like to see a question testing favorable/unfavorable ratings of Art Pope. And since it is basketball season, maybe a question on which college team is the people's favorites.

Alexander Brown

Colorado Senate Republicans
-Ken Buck
-Michael Baumgartner
-Owen Hill
-Amy Stephens
-Mark Aspirii

Colorado Gubernatorial Republicans
-Greg Brophy
-Scott Gessler
-Mike Kopp
-Tom Tancredo

Colorado Attorney General Election
-Don Quick (D)
-Cynthia Coffman (R)
-Mark Waller (R)

Colorado Treasurer Election
-Walker Stapleton (R)
-Betsy Markey (D)
-Patrick Quinn (D)

Michigan Attorney General Election
-Bill Schuette (R)
-Mark Totten (D)

If possible, it would be really nice what Mike McIntyre v David Rouzer look like in North Carolina's 7th CD.


I agree with the NC-07 suggestion, personally and professionally. I'm just barely within the district and my paper's in NC-01. They're a five-minute drive apart. Gerrymandering is fun.

Also, wondering if there's any evidence Walter Jones is vulnerable in NC-03, whether that's in a primary or the general election.


Seconding this suggestion:

"I would like to see a Michigan question on how people would vote on an ballot measure to repeal the new "Right to Work" law."

Also for Michigan, I would *definitely* ask fave/unfave about the bill to require health insurers to only offer abortion coverage separately: http://www.mlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/12/abortion_insurance_michigan_le.html

This is the time to do it, because the legislature only has 40 days to act. It would be good to have numbers on it before they do.

Also seconding generic legislative ballot for all three states.

And maybe in MI, ask Mike Duggan's favorables statewide?


All three states -- whether you intend to vote for "your" incumbent Congressional districts.

Blizzards vs. Congress.

Michigan -- binary matchups of Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Rick Snyder vs. Hillary Clinton as well as the other usual four.

Michigan -- Jennifer Granholm vs. Rick Snyder.


Michigan Questions:
Do you approve or disapprove of Judge Rhodes ruling of the Detroit bankruptcy?
Do you approve or disprove of merging Detroit and Wayne County?
Approval Disprove Mark Schauer
Should the state Legislature have the power to draw their own districts yes or no?
Rick Snyder v Marc Shcauer
Gary Peters approval/disapproval
Perspective Matchups of Gary peters vs republicans
Should public money be spent on the proposed Red Wings arena yes or no?

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