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November 13, 2013


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Charles Birk Wilkison

Not sure if someone has already suggested this, but I'd like to suggest a question regarding minimum wage increases in your Mississippi poll.

I've seen numbers around the internet that suggest that among random samples surveyed across the country, 75% of them support raising the federal minimum wage. I was wondering if it were at all possible to test Mississippians, and see how the numbers look over there. I feel like this issue will be of great importance in either next year's elections or the cycle after that.

Thank you so much, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Please Poll McDaniel vs Delbert Hosemann and then each of them vs Dems Attorney General Jim Hood and former Congressman Travis Childers.


As the senate primary is Schweitzer's Lt Gov or Bullock's Lt Gov, you should test to see which (drastically different) approach voters prefer.

Approval for Montana's legislature and generic legislative ballot would be quite informative in seeing what kind of cycle is shaping up.

And ask on the Tea Party and their shutdown.

Also, the "Brawl of the Wild" football game between Missoula's UM Grizzlies and Bozeman's MSU Bobcats is November 23, a "Cat, Griz?" question would be fun and could get a lot of attention given the recent UM enrollment shift to MSU.


MS Sen R Primary - Thad Cochran vs. Chris McDaniel


MT Sen D Primary - Dirk Adams vs. John Bohlinger vs. John Walsh

MT Sen R Primary - Steve Daines vs. Champ Edmunds vs. David Leaser

MT Sen General - Bohlinger/Walsh vs. Daines/Edmunds

MT House D Primary - Melinda Gopher vs. John Lewis

MT House R Primary - Matthew Rosendale vs. Corey Stapleton vs. Ryan Zinke

MT House General - Lewis vs. Rosendale/Stapleton/Zinke


Consider including Rep. Champ Edmunds in this poll? He is an announced candidate and is considering staying in the Senate race.

SamianHQuazi .

Abortion rights and gay marriage in both states.

Since Montana allows for initiated state constitutional amendments and doesn't currently ban civil unions, I was wondering how Montanans would vote if civil unions were on the ballot in 2014.

Also you could ask, "Is it time to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan?"


Montana Sen:

Dirk Adams in D primary and Champ Edmunds in R primary

Montana House:

Matthew Rosendale
Corey Stapleton
Ryan Zinke
Brad Johnson
Champ Edmunds

John Lewis
Melinda Gopher

Mississippi Sen:

Stacey Pickering
Tate Reeves
Delbert Hosemann
Gregg Harper

Jim Hood
Travis Childers
Brandon Presley

Ask about McDaniel voting in D primaries and neoconfederate conference controversies.

Who should have won the Civil War?


Republican Champ Edmunds should be included in the poll for MT US Senate.


Please poll the following:

Gay marriage in Mississippi & Montana


In MT: Clinton & Schweitzer against the Republicans

In MS: Clinton & Biden (or Warren) against the Republicans

GOP and DEM primary in both states.



Evel Knievel popularity in Montana (or whether Knievel is considered a Montanan or not). Democratic names for MS senate could be Travis Childers, Gene Taylor, Jim Hood, or William Winter (remember Ken Hechler in WV). It would be interesting also asking Mississippians if they like "Django Unchained" or not.


You should definitely include Champ Edmunds in the general election horserace questions.

Also, please do same-sex marriage, and possibly marihuana legalization.

In Mississippi: Childers, Hood and Musgrove.

Tony Laudadio

Please poll to see where Governor Phil Bryant's approval rating stands. Poll also to see how much support for charter schools exists in Mississippi.


For the Montana race in the US Senate, be sure to include Champ Edmunds. He announced for the Senate race months ago.


For Dems in Mississippi, I like Jim Hood, but I'm not sure if the other two have name recognition statewide. Brandon Presley would be an excellent candidate, but I'm not sure if he is viable just yet. Consider polling Ronnie Musgrove and Ray Maybus.

For potential Republican challengers, poll Hosemann, Nunnelee, McDaniel, Reeves, and Harper. (Palazzo probably won't run because McDaniel has already been endorsed by Club for Growth.)

Also, minimum wage, abortion rights, and gay marriage would be super interesting in both states. Really excited about this poll!!


After the Richard Cohen article, ask this

"Do interracial couples cause you to suppress a gag reflex"?

Tom Smith

MS-Sen (D): Jim Hood, Brandon Presley, Ronnie Musgrove, Ray Mabus, Travis Childers

I would definitely include Presley, as I have seen MS papers speculate that while he is likely to wait to make a statewide run, he would be likely to jump in against McDaniel if Cochran retires.

MS-Sen (R): McDaniel v Cochran, and McDaniel, Tate Reeves, Delbert Hosemann, Stacey Pickering, Gregg Harper

MS-Gov: poll Hood, Presley, Childers v Bryant

Ratings for Cochran, Wicker, Bryant, Hood

MT-Sen (R): include Edmunds, as it looks like he will not drop to House and will challenge Daines. Chuck Baldwin is a potential candidate.

MT-Sen (D): include Dirk Adams. He's likely a non-factor, but he has received enough coverage to at least be polled.

MT-AL(R): Matt Rosendale, Corey Stapleton, Ryan Zinke, Brad Johnson
MT-AL (D): John Lewis, Melissa Gopher

Ratings for Bullock, Daines, Tester, Baucus, Schweitzer

Test gay marriage, ENDA, background checks, minimum wage, marijuana

Include Schweitzer as a choice for president in MT, Barbour in MS


In addition to polling MS for number's on McDaniel and Hosemann vs Childers and Hood, I too would also be very interested to see the approval ratings for Governor Phil Bryant and the popularity of the Tea Party in Mississippi.

And if there is space...please poll Ted Cruz's approval ratings in Mississippi.


Ask Mississippians if they think slavery should still be legal.

Alexander Brown

Montana House
----John Lewis
----Corey Stapleton
----Matthew Rosendale
----Ryan Zinke
----Brad Johnson

Mississippi Senate
-GOP sans Cochran
----Chris McDaniel
----Stacey Pickering
----Tate Reeves
----Gregg Harper
----Delbert Hosemann
----Alan Nunnelee
-The Democrats
----Jim Hood
----Bill Luckett


Poll Dems Attorney General Jim Hood and Former Congressman Travis Childers against McDaniel and Hosemann in MS Senate - Cochran is going to retire!


Poll gay marriage, ENDA, and a $10 minimum wage in both states


Ask Mississippi which college football team they cheer for?
1) Ole Miss
2) Mississippi State
3) Southern Miss
4) Alabama
5) Auburn
6) LSU
7) Tennessee
8) Other

Noah Laratti

MS Dems: Ray Mabus, Jim Hood, Ronnie Musgrove, Bennie Thompson, Gene Taylor
MS GOP: McDaniel, Cochran, Steven Palazzo, Gregg Harper, Alan Nunnelee, Amy Tuck, Tate Reeves, Lynn Fitch, Stacey Pickering

Taylor Weiss

Republican and Democratic primaries in both states, along with Biden VS Republicans, Clinton VS Republicans, and Warren VS Republicans


MS Sen:
Thad Cochran vs Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel vs Delbert Hosemann vs Stacey Pickering vs Gregg Harper
Jim Hood vs Chris McDaniel/ Delbert Hosemann/ and Gregg Harper
MT Sen:
John Bohlinger vs John Walsh vs Dirk Adams
Steve Daines vs John Walsh/ John Bohlinger/ Dirk Adams
MT House:
Corey Stapleton vs Champ Edmunds vs Ryan Zinke vs Matt Rosendale
John Lewis vs Corey Stapleton/ Champ Edmunds/ Ryan Zinke/ and Matt Rosendale

Arthur Bryne

Possibly better for a national poll, but how about approval ratings for sex and God; which has higher approval, and how does it vary with party identification?

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