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November 06, 2013


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Shenna Bellows, the former head of the Maine ACLU is the only Democratic candidate to announce for far.

In light of that it make sense to do a head to head--Collins vs. Bellows. Could also make sense to include some questions about NSA/spying since Bellows has already been working to drive that contrast: http://www.salon.com/2013/10/30/senate_candidate_snowden_is_a_whistle_blower_not_a_criminal/

Adam Waxman

Would love to see some polling in NC on various education stuff that has been happening. How does eliminating tenure poll? Increasing pay for teachers generally? How does TFA poll? It would be a little unfair to poll "the education policies pursued by the General Assembly" because I'm not sure that's specific enough.


I would also suggest a question on attitudes toward marijuana decriminalization in light of the vote in Maine's largest city last night. It would also be interesting to see if Maine people care whether such an action occurs through the legislative or referendum process.


Kenneth Spaulding and Roy Cooper v. McCrory for Governor.

In Maine, ask Michaud and Cutler voters whether they are voting for their candidate or against LePage.


Talking with random people in western Maine, jobs and pay rates are frequent topics. I would like to know how important that issue is to how many people. I sense anger about pay rates and working conditions from many including and maybe especially Tea Party types. They talk about fast food and Walmart.

Also, the climate usually comes up in conversations. Even my Tea Party type neighbors wearing camouflage seem to worry about the climate. Is this important or is it just me?


Approval rate for Susan Collins for sure, I suspect it should be quite high since Maine likes independent Senators. Also an issue of interests is marijuana legalization.


"Does Mike Michaud coming out as gay influence your support for him at all?"

Maybe ask something about a generic state house and state senate ballot pitting a generic Republican vs. Democrat.

Also, poll for a more moderate Republican vs. LePage in a primary contest.


Oh, and depending on the sample size in Maine's 2nd CD, it might be interesting to see how the Republican and Democratic Congressional primaries are shaping up.


ME House District 2 Primaries: D- Cain/Baldacci Jr./Jackson and R- Poliquin/Raye/etc. and then general matchups. Could be a competitive race.

In NC you should ask NC residents a hypothetical of Kay Hagan primary from John Edwards. Might be funny and also test his reputation in his home state

Derek Lane

In light of the recent Legal Marijuana referendum that passed here in Portland, it would be interesting to see a statewide poll of legalizing marijuana statewide

Bethany Reynolds

Shenna Bellows vs. Collins for US Senate 2014.
Bellows's website is http://www.bellowsforsenate.com.
Bellows was a leader in the coalitions to make same-sex marriage legal in Maine ('12) and to restore same-day voter registration ('11). She helped Maine pass one of only two cell phone privacy bills in the nation this year, and played a key role in successfully overriding Gov. LePage's veto of the bill.
The Maine Democratic Party is supporting Bellows, and no primary challenges are expected.

No credible Republican primary challengers to Collins have come forward or been rumored in Maine thus far.

A poll of the CD2 race would also be welcome.


for both states,
In light of the upcoming Black Friday sales,

Do you approve or disapprove of stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving day?

Will you or an immediate family member wait in line on Thanksgiving Day?

Where will you do most of your Black Friday spending?
Best Buy

John Scott

In light of the recent Americans for Prosperity NC poll on support for the new tax law cuts, it would be interesting to replicate voters' knowledge about the tax law and reword the questions so that it is more about a choice (tax cuts v. fewer teacher assistants in schools) rather than just a simple yes/no on lower tax rates.
AFP NC link:


It's been exactly one year since Maine approved same-sex marriage at the ballot box, so I'd like to see a question that asks people their general opinion of same-sex marriage, which would allow us to see whether or not people are more accepting of it now that it's been legal for a while.


After asking approve or disapprove of ACA, ask if respondents believe that the government is offering government run health insurance plans on the exchange as part of Obamacare.

Peter Herrick

South Portland, Maine is the second largest oil port on the East Coast, and the local company (Portland Pipe Line Co., owned via subsidiary by Exxon Mobil) has expressed interest in reversing their Montreal pipeline to pump tar sands down from Canada. (This is sort of a side project off the Keystone XL project since it is about getting this material out of Canada.)

A local zoning ordinance to block this was very narrowly defeated Tuesday but there is a strong sentiment in South Portland that the ordinance was defeated because of its wording, and the majority of residents do not want tar sands oil. City Council meetings began Wednesday to work on a temporary moratorium so a more clearly worded ordinance can be worked out.

This issue is not going away and, depending on how it goes at the local level, it will likely be elevated to the State level since the Maine DEP has some regulatory oversight.

In short, this issue will likely prove to be a major statewide conversation over the next year or two. Given the dollars involved, it will likely be very contentious as it was in South Portland.

I would love to see a question or two about statewide opinions about tar sands (aka dilbit, aka oil sands). Is there support for blocking this, and does this support break along party lines?



Game 3 obstruction call against the Red Sox vs. Congress
Detroit Tigers vs. Congress
New York Yankees vs. Congress
Blizzards vs. Congress

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