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October 30, 2013


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For Texas:
Linda Vega and Louie Gohmert v. Cornyn in primary.
Republican Lieutenant Governor primary.
Ted Cruz v. Julian Castro

For Virginia:
Generic legislative ballot
Bill Bolling write-in for Governor


Cornyn and Cruz favor
Shutdown blame
Cornyn v White
Cornyn v Perry primary
Debra Media as a independent in Gov race and GOP view of her
Generic legislature ballot

Thinking ahead to next year Senate
Bob McDonnell views of his corruption case


Which candidate would do a better job handling {ISSUE} for the state of Texas today? Greg Abbott or Wendy Davis



I'm curious what Texans think about their new voting ID law.

Also curious how popular GW Bush is down there these days...

Joseph Vogas

Lt Governor. Primary between Dewhurst, Patrick, Patterson, and Staples and all 4 vs Van de Putte.

Abortion (HB2) approval. Does Wendy's filibuster make you more or less likely to support her for governor?

Cornyn, primary vs existing candidates (Dwayne Stovall, Linda Vega, and Erick Wyatt) and vs Goehmert. Then poll Cornyn and Cruz vs Joaquin Castro in general

Approve/Disapprove of Cruz' filibuster.

Who's to blame for shutdown? Congressional republicans or Barack Obama and Senate Democrats?


Gov. Perry job approval, Policy/social issues: LGBT issues (Employment Non-Discrimination, Marriage Equality, etc.), the right to choose, Voter ID, Education finance, Higher Education funding.


Education finance, Immigration reform, Abortion, LGBT issues (ENDA, Marriage equality, etc.), Higher Ed. funding, Voter ID. Potential 2016 Presidential match-ups (Primaries & General).

Tex Jefferson

For Texas:

Straight ticket voting likelihood for both parties.

Lt. Gov: Democratic Senator Van De Putte vs. Republican Lt Gov. David Dewhurst, Dan Patrick, Todd Staples, Jerry Patterson.

Attorney General: Democrats Sam Houston and Carlos Uresti vs. Republicans Dan Branch, Barry Smitherman, Ken Paxton.

Comptroller: Democrat Mike Collier vs. Republicans Debra Medina, Glenn Hegar, Harvey Hilderbrand, Raul Torres.

Land Commissioner: Democrat John Cook vs. Republicans George P. Bush, David Watts.

Patrick Franklin


Would love to see what Deb Medina would do in the Gov. Race as an independent.

Also Gohmert vs Cornyn in a Senate primary.


5th CD: Chris Howard (D) vs. Robert Hurt

Patrick Franklin


Marriage Equality
Medicare Expansion
Republican Primary LVs on Secession, Impeachment, other fringe issues.

Ron Rosenblith

For both states, but especially VA please ask marital status. I would be happy to pay for if necessary to get PPP to start asking.


Also David Barton in primary v. Cornyn.


For Virginia, for all three state level races, please conduct poll of those who have already voted as well. Thanks


Cruz popularity. Does it go past the tea party?


For Texas: Can a Christian Scientist Congressman, such as Lamar Smith, be trusted to decide health care policy for the nation?

Against Cornyn (General Election) Turk Pipkin.

For Lt. Governor: Dan Patrick (R) vs. Linda Chavez Thompson (D).


Texas: Ask about whether or not they support the 20 week abortion ban, and whether they support the democrats immigration bill

Virginia: Ask whether they support same sex marriage, and whether they support anti-discrimination laws for LGBT people. And also ask whether or not they support criminalizing gay sex (as Cuccinelli has said he does)


Debra Medina as a third-party spoiler in the Governor's race.

Sam Houston (D) for Attorney General vs generic TEA Party GOP (too hard to gauge a winner there right now).

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte for Lt. Gov.

Tony Goodwin

I'd like to see you include Tom Pauken as an option for TX Governor.



House of Delegates projection.. not sure if you could do the targeted 12 Democratic pick up opportunities or at least a House generic ballot and a extrapolated prediction....


Test Texas native Tommy Lee Jones favorability and put him up against Cornyn in GE as D.

Opinions of bordering states: NM, OK, AR, LA.

Dan Garcia

Should Perry/Lege accept Medicaid expansion?
Do you support voter ID law?
Generic R v Generic D
Do you support cutting SNAP?


Tea Party approval/disapproval
Approve/disapprove: a federal law that would prohibit the smuggling of firearms into Mexico contrary to Mexican law

For nostalgia:

Lloyd Bentsen vs. Ted Cruz
Ann Richards vs. Rick Perry

State-based "Congress vs. Nail Fungus" questions

Houston Astros vs. Congress
Fire ants vs. Congress
Blue northers vs. Congress (Texans will know what a Blue norther is -- it's a sudden cold snap that can drop temperatures quickly)


For Virginia:

Two way race between @RobertSarvisVA and @TerryMcAuliffe, it would be interesting to see if either candidate secures a majority in that situation since RCP average shows Terry & Ken below 50% in two way match up. This is one of the last polls we will have to judge Sarvis's surge to above 10%

Support for gay marriage and repealing Virginia Marriage Amendment.

Ban on the use of domestic drones (currently there is a moratorium).

Marijuana legalization or decriminalization by the Commonwealth.

House of Delegates races: Will you vote Dem, Republican, Libertarian, Green or Other on election day? It would be interesting to see down ticket effect from Sarvis and the negativity of the campaign on 3rd parties as there are Libertarians & Greens running for the House of Delegates.

Joshua Mccullough

For VA, would be interesting to see McAuliffe vs Sarvis head-to-head.

Arthur Bryne

Here in Virginia, I'm interested in what the state-wide attitude is on legalization for marijuana; in particular, I'm curious as to the relative levels of support for legalization of marijuana specifically for medical use, versus general legalization that would include recreational use. Given how VA seems very US-median of late, that could be very informative on how that attitude shift is going.

Asking people questions about whether they think abortion, contraception and blowjobs should be legal might be both topical and illuminating of the current election races; however, I'm not sure whether the FCC might get upset at automated questioning on that last.

Other standing interests of mine lately active in the news would be support for gay marriage, attitude on the tea party (member, supporter, indifferent, opponent), support for the state accepting the Medicaid expansion, and whether for-profit corporations should be allowed to claim exemptions from religious belief (such as from the ACA).

Less in the news but always of interest to me would be acceptance on evolution (though I prefer the 2002 Cleveland Plain Dealer version to the long-running Gallup question), legality of interracial marriage (has Virginia v Loving sunk in?), and support vs opposition for legality of teacher-led school prayer.

Most of those questions could be interesting for Texas, too.

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