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October 03, 2013


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How bout asking if you would like to have dinner with your congressman or take a poop pill to cure your intestinal issue http://www.nbcnews.com/health/poop-pills-are-latest-way-cure-dangerous-c-diff-infections-8C11300066

Peter Principle

Let's make it fair: Cockroach feces.

Dean Simmons

Compare Congress to:
Political ads on TV
Paper cuts
Cell phone use in restaurants
Dungeons and Dragons
Burnt popcorn

Magnus Jansson

Generic Congressional ballot for NC. If you're testing Hagan, put her against some congresscritters. Also, which legislative body is favored - the NC Legislature or the United States Congress?


I think you should take notes from the Onion and test the death of a close family member.

Brian M

Suggested questions:

What do you have a higher opinion of:
Congress or Hipsters?

What do you have a higher opinion of:
Congress or Miley Cyrus?

What do you have a higher opinion of:
Congress or King Joffrey from the TV show Game of Thrones?

What do you have a higher opinion of:
Congress or the zombie apocalypse?

Jerry Schetterer

Vaginal Ultrasound, Being forced to watch Battlefield Earth, Cleaning up vomit, Dry Heaves


Congress VS Obamacare
Congress VS Affordable Care Act
Congress VS Not having health insurance


Congress vs. Miley Cyrus
Congress vs. Twerking
Congress vs. Candy corn (Halloween is upon us)
Congress vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Congress vs. Bill Maher
Congress vs. Pat Robertson
Congress vs. Drug dealers
Congress vs. Mark Sanchez

Leo T.

Congress versus Seltzer and Friedberg (the people behind the "[INSERT WORD HERE] Movie" franchise)
Congress versus Juggalos
Congress versus Vladimir Putin

Also seconding Congress versus hipsters.


For NC, do Kenneth Spaulding and James Protzman v. McCrory

Against Congress:
Neville Chamberlain
Bubonic Plague
George W Bush
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Your State Legislature
Walter White

Harrison Konigstein

Congress vs Satan
Congress vs Twerking
Congress vs Bill Belicheck
Congress vs the British Parliament
Congress vs Amanda Bynes
Congress vs Kim Jong Un
Congress vs Jesus
Congress vs Moses
Congress vs a room full of Ted Cruz's

As for North Carolina,

Test Coach Kryzewski against Burr/Hagan/McCrory (I have no idea what party Kryzewski's in).


If ya'll had live pollers, I'd suggest asking "Why the fuck do you keep voting for these clowns?" and just wait until people give you an answer.

I assume you're doing a straight congressional approval, generic ballot, and hopefully Congressional Dems approval rating, and cong. GOP approval. Let me suggest:

which do you prefer, Obamacare or GOP congressionals? Obviously Obamacare will win, but the cross-tabs for independents and GOP might be interesting.

who's speaker, John Boehner or Ted Cruz.

test the possibility of abolishing congress, and allowing for a dictatorship.

Congress or:
John Wilkes Booth
Ariel Castro
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Jesus. See if you can get 100 percent of people to agree on something.


1) Continue to monitor attitudes about Pat McCrory and the legislature, including another round McCroy vs. Roy Cooper.

2) Are people in NC aware that Senator Kay Hagan announced she would donate her Congressional pay to charity during the shutdown and does this make them more favorable, less favorable to her, or make no difference.

3) Kay Hagan vs. the Republican field

4) Hillary Clinton vs the usual Republican suspects for 2016.

Congress vs. Bubonic Plague
Congress vs. robocalls
Congress vs. body odor
Congress vs. root canal
Congress vs. canker sores
Congress vs. ticks

N Grondin

v. Congress

Tim Tebow
Kim Jong-un
The Onion (political satire)
Honey Boo Boo


Do people like Congress or Justin Bieber better?

Ask in NC if people prefer the NCGA or Congress.



Tillis vs. Hagan
Cain vs. Hagan

President 2016

Susanna Martinez
Chris Christie
Marco Rubio
Rand Paul
Ted Cruz
Jeb Bush
Paul Ryan
Rick Santorum


Atilla the Hun
Rod Blagojevich
Anthony Weiner


Congress vs.:

Charles Manson
Colin Ferguson
Lee Harvey Oswald
Ayatollah Khomeini
Hideki Tojo
Hermann Goering
the Klan
ENRON Corporation
sadistic porn
debtors' prisons
Kwame Kilpatrick
Rod Blagojevich


Guess y'all might have this question already but: "Should members of Congress continue to be paid their salary if there is a partial government closure/shut-down in effect?"


Jimmy Kimmel did a segment recently where he asked people whether they preferred Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. It could be interesting to do something along those lines.

Which do you have a higher opinion of?

Congress or the Senate?
Congress or the House of Representatives?
Congress or the House and Senate put together?


For NC, ask a question about the Ellmers "I need my paycheck" during shutdown quote.

Congress vs. Welfare Queens


You should add a question about Supporting or Opposing the Government shutdown, so that you can compare the popularity of congress among those two subgroups. Example below

Support Shutdown:
root canals (38-50)
NFL replacement refs (34-51)
head lice (22-64)

Oppose Shutdown:
root canals (28-60)
NFL replacement refs (29-56)
head lice (14-72)


How about what constituents think of Renee Ellmers needing her paycheck....


...when federal employees who are currently working dont get paid.

James Miller

Congress vs:
Drug Dealers
Sexual Offenders
North Korea
Brutus Buckeye

James Miller

For NC,
A generic Congressional Match-up, Rep vs Dem.

Has the government shut-down affected your congressional vote in 2014?

How much does the government shut-down affect your congressional vote in 2014?

Stephen Wolf

North Carolina:

Do you consider yourself a southerner or not?

If the election for state Supreme Court Associate Justice were held today, would you vote for Court of Appeals Judge Sam Ervin or Court of Appeals Judge Bob Hunter?

Do you support or oppose creating an independent, nonpartisan commission to handle the drawing of legislative and congressional district lines?


How has no-one suggested Congress vs Hitler yet! You have to do that one.

Some more 2016 gubernatorial polling would be nice.


Compare Congress to stepping on a LEGO block.


Presidential polls with Clinton and Biden for the Dems and Christie, Paul, Cruz, and Rubio for the GOP would be great.
As for the Congress segment...
Congress vs. Herpes
Congress vs. Creed
Congress vs. back-alley abortions
Congress vs. millionaire trial lawyers
Congress vs. Vladimir Putin
Congress vs. menstrual cycles [gender crosstabs will be interesting for this one]


Pat McCrory (R)
Generic (D)
US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx (D)
Attorney General Roy Cooper (D)
Treasurer Janet Cowell (D)
Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin (D)

Maybe test a generic primary challenger to McCrory, in addition to the (D) primary.

Greg DeLapi

Congress vs.
Brussels sprouts
Jersey Shore
Adolf Hitler
Saddam Hussein
Fidel Castro
Kim II Sung
Modern-day slavery
Traffic jams
The shooting at the Washington Navy Yard
The flu
Stuff made in China
Playground bullies
Iraq War
Corporations/big business
Having food stamps
Natural disasters
Sharia Law
Stale bread
Stale milk
Rotten cheese


Which is less popular: the government shutdown or Ben Affleck as Batman.


Will you be doing a poll of the Charlotte's mayoral election this year?


Congress vs twerking
Congress vs North Korea
Congress vs Miley Cyrus
Congress vs rednecks
Congress vs drug dealers
Congress vs Satan
Congress vs Vladimir Putin
Congress vs Justin Bieber
Congress vs the plague
Congress vs used car salesmen
Congress vs the contents of your trash can


And Congress vs televangelists.


Pit NC American Idol finalists against the congressman who represent them!

Scotty McCreery (Garner) vs George Holding
Kellie Pickler (Albemarle) vs Richard Hudson
Clay Aiken (Cary) vs Renee Ellmers
Fantasia (S. Charlotte) vs Robert Pittenger
Chris Daughtry (Guilford Co.) vs Howard Coble

Current politicians are worse than reality show trainwrecks! Let's do a "Celebrity Death Match" with them!

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