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September 12, 2013


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Wow, PPP must be really desperate for things to make McCrory look bad. Are these people with important jobs at HHS supposed to do that pro bono? It's not like they have an office and $80k salary to sit on their thumbs. Does PPP propose they make the same wage as a high school drop out flipping burgers at McDonalds? PPP, you are ridiculous.


Lol - Carter is smoking something good. Polls don't MAKE things look bad, they register how bad PEOPLE think things are. McCrory is doing this all by himself. Problem is, those kids make way more than their experience warrants. They do not meet the minimum quals for the positions they are supposed to be supervising. There is a lot of ground between the "high school drop out flipping burgers at McDonalds" earnings and $80K+. Most teachers are making less than half of the amount of those DHHS inflated salaries. Not to mention Wos' consultant billing scandal. The desperate party here is McCrory, who has his cronies at Renew NC (who include Civitas Pres. Hawke and newly appointed NC Economic Development Board Chair Lassiter) spending another 300K+ running ridiculously bad non-campaign campaign ads that remind people of Zoolander.


Haha. A conservative arguing for fair government employee wages as soon as it helps his guy. I'm profoundly unsurprised.


I think people that work in certain circles have no clue what those types of positions pay in the private market and do not realize that they know nothing about these two men that were hired. The thinking that you can't make that money until you have 20 years experience is a ridiculous notion considering it is $60k a year just to go to college these days. I graduated 10 years ago and none of my friends made anything less than $40k coming out of school. Many were in leadership positions in a short amount of time. Considering these guys went to Georgetown and Vanderbilt, I'd say there is a chance these guys were hired for their ambition and drive, not because they are due for a promotion because they have been relatively unproductive for the last 20 years.... You have to pay for talent and they probably got a bargain with going younger.

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