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September 05, 2013


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Frank Hinson

Having lived in N.C.for 40 of my 50 years I have to say that I concur, and I could give you dozens of reasons why. Most prominent on the list are corruption at every level of state government and law enforcement, harsh mandatory minimum sentencing for minor infractions, a thriving prison industry and the glorification of profit over people. The decline of the Democratic party (the vast majority until the Reagan years) and the subsequent rise of the Republican and "Tea" parties is both causative and symptomatic of a paradigm of repression, oppression, suppression, and prostration to the corporate state and the church. It is not uncommon to hear the words of Rush Limbaugh preached from the pulpit of whites only churches. The fact that Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck top the radio listening charts among white men in N.C.speaks volumes.


If you want a good image for your state, then don't vote Republican. Michigan is becoming a political snakepit very fast too.


If you want a positive view of a victory for republicans in any venue don't ask a bunch of disgruntled democrats. This is the normal cycle in elections where democrats were once dominant and in control. Expenditures go up, taxes go up and feel good entitlements go up. When republicans are once again voted in to bring back some sense of fiscal responsibility suddenly junior can't get a new ipad and fiscal responsibility is labeled cruel, inhuman punishment doled out by republicans who are controlled by radical talk show hosts and fat cat corporate types. The poor little guys are now left to their own devices and it's not fair.

Why should anyone be surprised or conclude that this is only a result of this last election cycle?

Allen Hubbard

The only bright side to this Republican Neo-Fascist coup d'etat is that we can vote these yahoos out of office starting in 2014. The Voting Rights Act itself was not repealed, only the need for certain districts to get prior approval from the Justice department before making any changes in the VRA. These repressive measures are already being challenged in court and will never stand up. I just hope they won't have done too much damage before we can get rid of them.


North Carolina didn't just go way too Republican, it went crazy Republican.

Will Charnock

I was getting my haircut at a Charlotte Supercuts and everyone in there was talking about what a laughing stock our state has become and what a mess the Tea Party is. Dear Lord, please deliver us from their evil.

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