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September 04, 2013


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Ask questions about raising the minimum wage, raising taxes on the wealthy, and giving all workers collective bargaining rights. The first looks to be a big issue for 2014, the second somewhat less so, and the third would be interesting to see given that NC hasn't been a union state.


Would those be the Colorado recall elections next week?

Down with the gun grabbers. That's what you get for listening to wacky mayor Bloomberg instead of your constituents.


- 2016 Presidential: Clinton/Biden/Warren vs. Christie/Paul/Rubio/Cruz/Bush/Ryan
- Favorability: Governor Pat McCrory, General Assembly


Do you believe North Carolina should repeal the state constitution's amendment forbidding same-sex marriages and civil unions?

Do you support or oppose the concept of forced pooling as proposed by proponents of fracking in NC?


Continue monitoring attitudes about McCrory and the legislature as well as Moral Mondays


Name recognition favorability of Art Pope and Rev. Willam Barber.

McCrory vs. Roy Cooper for 2016
Hillary Clinton vs. various Republicans for 2016

And just for the heck of it who would you vote for in a totally hypothetical match up between Kay Hagan and Richard Burr


Try Kenneth Spaulding vs. McCrory.


Do you approve or disapprove of McCrory giving highly paid jobs to his campaign staff, including Matthew McKillip and Ricky Diaz, while freezing paid for other public employees?


Do you approve or disapprove of the General Assembly's decision to increase the number of government patronage jobs from 400 to 1500?


Thom Tillis vs Kay Hagan
Greg Brannon vs Kay Hagan


Did you vote Republican in your General Assembly race last year and if so, do you regret it now?

Ask about the favorability of all the attacks on voting rights the NC GOP is waging.


NC Senate
GOP Candidates
Ambassador Cain
Speaker Tom Tillis

Sen Kay Hagan

2016 GOP Presidential
Chris Christie
Nikki Haley
Bobby Jindal
Rick Santorum
Marco Rubio
Rand Paul
Ted Cruz
Paul Ryan
Susanna Martinez

Hillary Clinton
Joe Biden
Amy Klobachar
Kristine Gillibrand
Peter Shumlin


SYRIA!! Do North Carolinians support/oppose limited bombing? With/Without boots on the ground? Crosstabs may be very interesting.


I second the question on forced pooling re fracking in NC.

Dmitri R.

NCGA wants to eliminate income tax and increase consumption taxes. Do you approve?

Jeffrey Meehan

Just a standard Religious practice and Favorite NFL team.


It might be interesting to ask about the degree to which North Carolinians care about how their state is perceived (with respect to particular issues/state practices perhaps) by the country as a whole and/or by different regions of the country.


It would be helpful to see a generic congressional ballot in North Carlina's 13 congressional districts. Due to the unpopular nature of the GOP in that state, North Carolina congressional control could change, obviously having a huge impact on the House in general. Also, gauge interest for a Pat Mccorry recall election.


I agree with Bill and jt. Re: Bill's question, you might even mention that the state's image has significantly declined (as per your poll). Answers to the Syria question would be particularly interesting in military-heavy regions.


Do you approve or disapprove of eliminating state income tax in favor of higher sales tax?


Same-sex marriage
Approval-Hagan, Burr, McCrory, Tillis, Berger, Obama
Ask about the recently passed abortion and voting restrictions too.


Ken Spaulding (D) is a very viable gubernatorial candidate in North Carolina.

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