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September 11, 2013


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Will it be released if Republicans are ahead?

Carli Stevenson

I would like to see you test Former Senator Bob Smith for US Senate. Thanks!


Ayotte and guns.
Brett Bielema fav/unfav in wisconsin? Has that been done?


NH Governor
Republican candidates
Ex- Rep. Frank Guinta
Ex- Rep. Charlie Bass

NH Senate
Republican candidates
Ex- Rep. Frank Guinta
Ex- Rep. Charlie Bass
Ex MA Sen Scott Brown

2016 Primary
Chris Christie
Kelly Ayotte
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Bobby Jindal
Ted Cruz
Rand Paul
Rick Santorum

(Kelly Ayotte would be great to test in New Hampshire)


Generic legislative ballot for both states

New Hampshire:

Ayotte vs. generic D (2016)

Wisconsin: whether or not they support the abortion ultrasound bill

Ron Johnson vs. generic D (2016)

Brian H.

2016 Johnson v. Feingold rematch for WI.


NH-Gov, NH-01, 02, Senate.
Generic legislative ballot


Proposed Mountain Top Removal - Penokee Mine Project [largest proposed iron ore mine in the world]. Do you support it?

GOP in legislature propose closing off 5000 acres of land open to the public for fishing, hunting, and hiking, to benefit GTac, mining company. Do you support?

GOP gave $500,000 grant to GOP fake "sportsmen" group
http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/sportsmens-grant-adopted-despite-warnings-over-loss-of-federal-funding-b9995829z1-223334581.html Do you agree?

Citizens are being arrested and handcuffed for singing in Capitol. Walker sez you need a permit. Do you agree?

NH Politico

NH Gov: Frank Gunita, George Lambert, Chuck Morse, Jeanne Forrester, and Andy Sandborn

NH Senate: Karen Testerman, Jim Ruebens, Dan Innis

Questions: Should New Hampshire accept federal funds to expand the Medicaid program to cover hardworking NH citizens who do not have health insurance? Should New Hampshire raise the minimum wage? Do you support a law that would prohibit an employer from requiring a job seeker to give your Facebook account password before being hired?


Dems to poll against Walker:
Mary Burke
Peter W. Barca
Jon Erpenbach
Steve Kagen
Tom Nelson
Herb Kohl
John Nichols


Was my post that was deleted too detailed or lengthy?


Maybe test State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout against Walker? I'd also be curious if Jim Doyle (whose cabinet the presumptive Dem nominee Burke served in) is still unpopular or if voters have largely forgotten him.

If you want some sports/trolly questions, ask Packers fans if they believe there is an NFL conspiracy against them. Also favs/unfavs for Troy Aikman.

Joe Ferson

NH GOP. would you support scott brown for NH Senate race?
Wisconsin: Negative/positive for Gov. Walker?

Both: who should be the musical guest at the Super Bowl?


WI: Poll Mary Burke and Kathleen Vinehout against Walker.
Ask people which Senator they like better- Baldwin or Johnson.
Do you approve of recall elections?
Do you support Wisconsin becoming a right to work state?

NH: See if Kelly Ayotte is still unpopular due to her gun vote.
Poll Scott Brown against Shaheen.


A very good question, Moshe.

If you are looking to ask any more gun control questions, I would advise you to change your question wording. It is abundantly obvious from the Colorado recall polling that the way you ask it does not line up with actual public sentiment. It is naive of you to attribute it to the NRA helping when they were outspent 7-1 and you have absolutely no proof to back up that claim. The real problem is in your questioning.

Mark Burtrang

2014 Governor: Mary Burke (D) vs. Walker (R-Incumbent)
2014 Generic Ballot Statewide Senate/Assembly: (D) vs. (R)
2016 US Senate: Ron Kind (D) vs. Ron Johnson (R-Incumbent)

Mark Burtrang

2014 Governor:

Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) vs. Scott Walker (R)

Chris S.

Please poll 2016 presidential primary in NH. Would also like to see a 2016 general election poll in Wisconsin with either Ryan or Walker as the GOP presidential nominee.


NH Sen-
Shaheen vs. Bass, Shaheen vs. Smith, Shaheen vs. Brown
Shaheen Approval/Disapproval, Bass Favorable/Unfavorable, Brown Favorable/ Unfavorable, Smith Favorable/Unfavorable

NH Gov-
Hassan vs. Generic Republican, Hassan Approval/Disapproval
NH 2016-
Clinton vs. Christie, Clinton vs. Paul, Clinton vs. Ryan, Clinton vs. Bush, NH Sen 2016- Ayotte vs. Hassan, Ayotte vs. Generic Democrat

WI Gov- Walker vs. Barca, Walker vs. Burke, Walker vs. Mitchell, Walker Approval/Disapproval, Candidate Favorable/Unfavorables, Do you support the abortion restrictions on abortion clinics signed by Scott Walker?

WI 2016- Clinton vs. Christie, Clinton vs. Paul, Clinton vs. Ryan, Clinton vs. Bush, WI Sen- 2016 Johnson vs. Feingold.

WI Misc- Baldwin Approval/Disapproval, Johnson Approval/Disapproval, Should Same Sex Marriage be allowed in Wisconsin?



Since another court has ruled the union reforms are constitutional and the dust has cleared from the unpopular recall effort:

Has the economy improved, worsened, or stayed the same since union reforms were passed?

Do you agree or disagree with these reforms?

And PPP, please don't use push poll or deceptive wording like you do with the gun control issue. I don't want to see you become any more of a laughing stock than you already are.


Support for gay marriage, please! And Baldwin's favorability, of course.


I second Rubens, Testerman, Bass, and Innis for NH Senate.

For NH, it'd be nice if you could poll both congressional districts on Kuster v. Gary Lambert and Shea-Porter v. Guinta and Innis.

For WI, please do Mark Harris for Governor, and Russ Feingold and Ron Kind for 2016 Senate.


Kelly Ayotte approval rating in NH

Josh Smith

Generic legislative ballots for both states - NH is close and has big swings, and WI Senate is close too.


You know, with the inaccuracy between the "support" you find for gun control and the true public sentiment demonstrated in the recall elections, it really calls into question the "support" you find for gay marriage. I'm willing to bet those numbers are over inflated as well.


Make sure to include Brad Cook (R) for NH Gov


For New Hampshire, trust in the various media sources might be interesting.

Please rank the following in terms of honesty and fairness on a scale of 1 - 5, where 1 is no trust and 5 is completely trusted:
CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, The Internet, WMUR, Union Leader, Your Local Paper, talk radio.


Support for gay marriage and Syria strikes in both states


NH and WI

2016 - Clinton vs Christie, Clinton vs Rubio, Clinton vs Ryan, Clinton vs Walker, Clinton vs Paul, Clinton vs Brown, Biden vs Christie, Biden vs Rubio, Biden vs Ryan, Biden vs Walker, Biden vs Paul, Biden vs Brown

GOP primary - Christie, Rubio, Ryan, Walker, Paul, Brown


The 2016 presidential race is a must for NH.


Huntsman thrown in on R ticket?


Please poll gay marriage in both states. Wisconsin should have at least plurality support at this point.


Mr. Jensen,

Please use the NH poll as an opportunity to ask the gay marriage/personal impact question in a new way. Please ask the personal impact question FIRST. Then ask about support/opposition on gay marriage.

In previous polls, you asked the generic support/oppose question first, which I believe primes the respondents to report that gay marriage has had a personal impact on their lives. They tend to report that the impact was positive or negative depending upon how they answered the initial support/oppose question.

Try it the other way this time. I predict that PPP will get a much higher response of "no impact" than it received in prior polling.


Walker vs Barca
Walker vs former governor Jim Doyle
Also test some Dem (prominent, maybe Barca as example) for AG and ST.


For WI, ask if the Walker Administration is justified in requiring the Solidarity Singers get a permit for daily protests in the Capitol.


Ask about gay marriage in both states.

Aaron Camp


Gov Democratic primary: Mary Burke vs. Kathleen Vinehout
Gov Democratic primary: Mary Burke vs. "someone more progressive"
Gov Democratic primary: Kathleen Vinehout vs. "someone more progressive"
Gov Democratic primary: Mary Burke vs. Kathleen Vinehout vs. "someone more progressive"
Gov Democratic primary: Mary Burke vs. Kathleen Vinehout vs. Chris Taylor
Gov Democratic primary: Mary Burke vs. Kathleen Vinehout vs. Lori Compas
Gov Republican primary: Scott Walker vs. "someone more conservative"
Gov Republican primary: Scott Walker vs. Don Pridemore
Gov general election: Mary Burke (D) vs. Scott Walker(R)
Gov general election: Kathleen Vinehout (D) vs. Scott Walker (R)
Gov general election: Chris Taylor (D) vs. Scott Walker (R)
Gov general election: Lori Compas (D) vs. Scott Walker (R)
Gov general election: Mark Harris (D) vs. Scott Walker (R)
Gov general election: Peter Barca (D) vs. Scott Walker (R)
Gov general election: Jon Erpenbach (D) vs. Scott Walker (R)
Gov general election: Mary Burke (D) vs. Scott Walker (R) vs. Francis Klein (Pirate Party)
Gov general election: Kathleen Vinehout (D) vs. Scott Walker (R) vs. Francis Klein (Pirate Party)
Gov general election: The Prairie Badger (D) vs. Scott Walker (R)
AG general election: John Chisholm (D) vs. J.B. Van Hollen
AG general election: Jessica King (D) vs. J.B. Van Hollen
AG general election: Chris Taylor (D) vs. J.B. Van Hollen
2016 Sen general election: Russ Feingold (D) vs. Ron Johnson (R)
2016 Sen general election: Ron Kind (D) vs. Ron Johnson (R)
2016 Sen general election: Chris Taylor (D) vs. Ron Johnson (R)
2016 Sen general election: Lori Compas (D) vs. Ron Johnson (R)
Generic congressional ballot
Generic state legislative ballot
Favorable/unfavorable: Scott Walker, Mary Burke, Kathleen Vinehout, Peter Barca, Chris Larson, Mike Tate (among Democrats only), Joe Fadness (among Republicans only), Jim Doyle, Tammy Baldwin, Ron Johnson, Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Harris, Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Republican Party of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson, Solidarity Sing-Along, Tommmy Thompson, Tea Party, Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, University of Wisconsin Badgers
Do you support or oppose requiring demonstrations and other groups to obtain permits to use the Wisconsin State Capitol rotunda?
Do you believe that the Wisconsin State Capitol is a public forum?
Do you believe that all school voucher programs in Wisconsin should be repealed?
Do you believe that all workers should have full collective bargaining rights?

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