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September 27, 2013


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Felix Keverich

I think, it's more likely that PPP wants to see Cruz as GOP leader. Remember, there is only 3 pct separating Cruz and Paul in the poll.


What a collection of wackadingdongs!

Andrew Parker

This Hillary voter could not be happier with this news. Republicans really need to get the Cruz-Palin virus out of their systems and the only way this can happen is if they get demolished in the 2016 election. Then maybe sanity will prevail.


If the Republican nominate Cruz it will put horrible hillary in the WH. Cruz will go down in flames and we will have the corrupt clintons back in the WH and the Republicans will be responsible for that. CHRIS CHRISTIE, CHRIS CHRISTIE can win and beat horrible hillary !!!!


Lol! A field of GOP whackadoodles!

I can't even fathom how silly the GOP is to fall for the schtick of these con men. All it takes is a fool reading green eggs and ham for no real reason and they wet their pants and pledge their firstborn to the newest clown in the GOP Clown Car. Too funny.

Tony Alba

Aparently Senator Cruz in his way back to Washington stoped at New Iberia, La. and drank some water while filling his car tank with gas. It happens that the water was contaminated with the new virus, an Ameba that eats the brain of the humans. The CDC, in Atlanta, has named the new virus Defunditis. People can get contaminate with the breath of the carrier, which explains why so many members of the Lemon Party in the House of Representatives are giving signs of been infested with defunditis. It is expected that the House will vote again 42 times to castrate the Romneycare, which has been a great sucess in the Bay Area.


Charles Martin

I hope he Cruz es into the white House!

Rudy Gonzales

Rafael Eduardo Cruz snatch the lead from Rand Paul of the TEA party. Neither are Republican!

Ron Milyar

So sad that such a pathetic liar like Cruz who is only looking after himself is in this position. He clearly does not give a damn about the people in this country - he is undoubtedly Party-first.


Yeah, Ari's math fails, and wingnuts buy in to the conspiracy ignoring basic math. Counting is fundamental.


Cruz-Palin 2016. A dream ticket ... For Democrats!


Yes, if we can just get the Cruz/Palin virus our of our system, we can have TWO Democrat parties. Won't that be swell?

Johnny Davis

They rushed up their national polling to this week when they knew Cruz would get a huge short term bounce -
because they wanted this headline.

Paul is much more threatening to Democrats than Cruz.
Paul has much better crossover appeal.

Todd Dugdale

What I found particularly compelling were the age demographics.

Only 24% of the Republican primary voters are seniors, and they 'only' support a shutdown by 57%.
30% of the primary voters are 18-45, and they support a shutdown by 71%.

Still, a movement that loses roughly 1 in 4 of its supporters via the Grim Reaper isn't looking at a glowing future. A smaller, but crazier, GOP serves to make the Democrats the only sane alternative, regardless of how they actually govern.

Three years ago these Tea Party bozos were telling us that they were the majority, and that they were taking over. Now they're a poor, persecuted minority that is being 'silenced' by a ruthless dictator - or a hopeless incompetent, depending on their current mood.

The 64/20 split over support of a shutdown is not good news for the GOP. For a "rally-the-base" strategy like this, 20% not going along is a bad sign. They can ill afford to alienate 20% of their base. As their numbers diminish, their only hope is in absolute unity. At this point, however, all that the base seems to really agree on is that they really hate Obama. Once Obama's gone in 2016, what's the glue that holds this base together?

Robert Chabon MD JD

Does anything better demonstrate the pathetic ignorance of the American voter? They gave us W (well not really,but they did put him in a position to occupy the White House); they came dangerously close to giving Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan,and now,they find attractive a wild-eyed megalomaniac,who reminds me of an educated "Gunner Joe" McCarthy---how low can we go?

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