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August 22, 2013


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Matt DeRienzo

How DO you get there from here?


Do you believe Obamacare will be worse for America than slavery?


- I don't know if you're sample will be big enough for this question but maybe ask Republican primary voters if they would vote against LePage during the party's primary for the gubernatorial election.

- Please ask which gubernatorial candidate (Mike Michaud, Eliot Cutler, Paul LePage) would be best for ridding Maine of its status as the worst state for business (which is a terrible truth, according to Forbes).

- For a more timely question, ask voters if they have a favourable opinion towards the state's newspapers/media and if they trust their governor more than Maine's local journalists.

- Run a poll asking if Mainers support the decriminalization of marijuana.

- Ask Mainers if they have a favourable or unfavourable opinion of Stephen King.



Gov. LePage (R)
Elliot Cutler (I)
US Rep. Michaud (D)
David Slagger (Green Independent)


Rand Paul
Chris Christie
Susanna Martinez
Ted Cruz
Paul Ryan
Rick Santorum
Marco Rubio
Bobby Jindal

Todd Sweet

Eliot Cutler VS LePage and Michaud all 3 please---DO NOT LEAVE OUT CUTLER!!!!!!


Michaud vs Cutler vs LePage is the only reasonable assumption for the Blaine House.

It would be nice to see how the CD2 primary is shaping up, and maybe put Cain against Raye for the general.

For Senate you might throw Janet Mills and Matt Dunlap up against Collins.


Include Independent Green David Slagger in the Governor poll and ask LePage supporters how likely they are to switch their support.

Also, again, please include Arkansas in next week's choices.


2016 Head-to-head match ups:
Clinton vs. Christie
Clinton vs. Cruz
Clinton vs. Paul
Clinton vs. LaPage (for the lolz)


It would be interesting to see the voter divide in the 2nd Congressional District, being that is where LePage's support is mostly located, as well as the CD Mike Michaud represents. So something along the lines of:

"If you live in the second congressional district, who would you most likely support for Governor?"

Also it would be interesting to see if people generally approve of Governor LePage's policies, but then ask them for a personal favorable/unfavorable of him.

Also, an approval rating for all the members of the congressional delegation would be pretty cool to see, as one has not been done since the beginning of the session.

As a match up for Collins, I think her greatest threat is from a far right primary challenge, so maybe find a tea party backed politican in Maine and pit him against Collins.


I'd like to see a Republican primary head-to-head of the very unlikely LePage-vs-Collins matchup. Not so much because I expect he'd have a chance as because I'd be interested to see just how many seriously die-hard followers he has.

Also, "Should Senator Collins switch parties and become a Democrat?" might be an interesting one; it'd give a look at how many Democrats would be willing to let her in, plus how many Republicans want her out.


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the Arkansas senate race is potentially the closest and most intriguing one this cycle, that the gubernatorial race is also competitive and important, that the people commenting on PPP's website are deeply interested in these races, that as PPP continues to ignore this state, it is the Right of the People to demand that PPP include Arkansas in it's list of places to poll.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the PPP readers, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these comment sections, solemnly publish and declare, That these united commentators are, and of Right ought to be Free to choose where to poll. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

D. H.

N Grondin

Could it be possible to do a ME-02 poll for Michaud's seat, assuming he runs for governor?

Maine congro

Poll second district house race. Emily Cain. Troy Jackson. Alex Willette. Kevin raye. Blaine Richardson.

Kevin Lamoreau

For Governor, I'd say just LePage, Michaud and Cutler at this point. The Greens, while they have a candidate, didn't even get their candidate 2010 on the ballot, and the only Independent besides Cutler who I've heard is running is retired financial executive Lee Schultheis who doesn't seem to be making much noise at all. I sometimes will get upset about not including all candidates in a poll but at this point in time it seems appropriate in Maine.

As for the Senate, ugh. Collins v. generic D and Collins v. generic "more conservative" Republican?

If you were willing to do a poll not covering the entire state, ME-02 general election polls with D-R combinations with the Ds being Emily Cain, Joe Baldacci and Troy Jackson and the Rs being Alexander Willette, Josh Tardy, Kevin Raye and, why not, Blaine Richardson (who got like 40% against Raye in the 2012 ME-02 primary) would be cool. But if you're only doing statewide polls for Maine at this time, it's pretty slim pickings besides the Governor's race.

There will likely be some big referenda on next year's ballot, including one to reinvigorate Maine's Clean Elections program, but it might be a bit early to have a poll question on that.


Please poll 2016, both the primaries and general election matchups. Also poll the approval rating of Angus King.

Kevin Lamoreau

Actually, I just remembered that I recently heard that the Clean Elections citizen initiative will probably not be on the ballot until 2015. There not being any statewide election this November (the first time since my first election as a voter in 1999 and I'm aware of referenda in 1997, 1995 and 1993 as well) was a major factor as elections are prime signature-gathering events.


Potential Democrats for Senate:

Karen Mills, Administrator of the SBA
Chellie Pingree, Representative of the 1st District
Janet T. Mills, Maine Attorney General


LePage/Michaud/Cutler for governor.

You should do a question on if people believe LePage's denial of his alleged recent racist remark.

Only name I've heard as a potential D for Senate is Mike Tipping, a newspaper columnist.


Ask Republican primary voters who is more at fault for the death of Jesus: Pontius Pilate or Barack Obama?


CD2 primary please. Dems: Troy Jackson, Emily Cain, Joe Baldacci (considering running, last I heard), Alden Smith (kind of a Some Dude, but announced). GOP: Blaine Richardson, Alex Willette, Kevin Raye.

The Senate is almost a non-issue right now, with no Democrats running, so testing some names might be of interest. Or it could be of interest to not name any names at all, and have it be a poll question of Democratic primary voters where they volunteer who they want to run for the seat. I'm not sure if that type of poll is any good.

The typical silly question could be if people know where the town of Castle Rock is. Since it isn't real, but is often used in Stephen King novels, I'd be interested to see what the replies are...


Please poll the 2016 presidential primary's! And also please add Montana, South Dakota & Arkansas to the states on where to poll next week. Thanks!


Seriously, you guys didn't do a follow up on Ohio???

Mark B.

Polling on cannabis legalization would be interesting.
You might ask Mainers whether they favor a unicameral legislature.

Thanks for taking suggestions PPP!


Can you poll Maine's congressional districts since it is such a small state? You've done that before.


Test what would happen if Cutler switched races and went up against Collins.


Senate- GOP: most of any potential primary challengers as of now would be too little known, so stick to testing Collins vs. "Someone More Conservative."

Senate- Democratic: John Baldacci, Chellie Pingree, Stephen King (include just like Bruce Springsteen was regularly included in NJ polls in the past), Karen Mills, Janet Mills, Hannah Pingree

Governor: test LePage vs. Michaud vs. Cutler (You could add Slagger too, or do Michaud-LePage and LePage-Cutler matchups also)


Ask if people would support Angus King for President.


See if anyone's got an opinion of New Brunswick, the state's friendly neighbor to the north.


Poll whether or not people would support legalizing prostitution and marijuana in Maine


I see you did a Bush vs Obama poll in Louisiana. Here's one that makes sense:

Who is more to blame for the state of the economy?

Obama always liked to pass the buck on that one.


Would be nice to see a question on whether people think LePage has harmed the national image of the state.


Michaud (D) vs LePage (R) vs Cutler (I)

C Pingree (D) vs S Collins (R)
J Baldacci (D) vs S Collins (R)
And Republican primary S Collins vs a generic more conservative Republican.


I'd also ask just Michaud vs. LePage (one-on-one), to make it clear how much Cutler is cutting into Michaud.


ME Gov

Paul LePage vs. Mike Michaud vs. Eliot Cutler

ME Sen

Susan Collins vs. Chellie Pingree, John Baldacci


ME Gov
Paul LePage v. Mike Michaud v. Eliot Cutler

ME Sen
Republican Primary
Susan Collins v. Charlie Summers
Susan Collins v. Bruce Polquin
Susan Collins v. Paul LePage (for fun)
Susan Collins v. Andrew Ian Dodge
Susan Collins v. Scott D'Amboise

Democratic Primary
Chellie Pingree v. John Baldacci
Chellie Pingree v. Matt Dunlap

For President
Susan Collins in the Republican Primary
Angus King in the general as an Independent.

Also approval ratings of both Senators.


Someone pointed out putting Cutler in the Senate race. I agree, that is a very interesting matchup, and probably more realistic than many others -- definitely worth polling. I wouldn't be surprised if he made that jump if it looked possible. Democrats would likely bow out if he ran, as well.


Re: DKElections' suggestion - Cutler vs. LePage (one-on-one) should also be asked.


Do LePage against Hillary in 201 for kicks.


Maybe test how the senate race would look if it wasn't Susan Collins running but instead a generic Republican?

And again, please poll Arkansas or at least give us the option.

Jack M.

1. Has Maine's legalizing same-sex marriage last year had any impact on your life personally?

2. [If yes], has it had a positive impact on your life personally, a negative impact, or a mixed impact?

3. Do you believe that Gov. LePage stated at a recent fundraiser that President Obama hates white people or do you believe Gov. LePage when he denies making that statement?

4. Do you believe that President Obama hates white people?


There's a lot of chatter right now about State Sen. Roger Katz challenging Gov. LePage in the Republican primary. I think politicos in Maine would be VERY interested to see a Michaud-Cutler-Katz matchup tested.


-Poll both the LePage/Michaud/Cutler three-way race as well as poll a LePage/Michaud head-to-head.

-Collins' and King's approval ratings

-2016 GOP primary with Christie, Rubio, Bush, Ryan, Paul, Walker, and Cruz.

Be sure to include Walker. He is such a sleeper candidate and he really needs to start being included in polls.

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