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August 01, 2013


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Will the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team win a national championship under head coach Mark Richt? (This year or at any point in the future?)


Do Eugene Yu, Kelly Loeffler, and Derrick Grayson as Republicans as well, and include Yu and Grayson in the primary question.

For Governor: David Pennington v. Deal in the primary

Democrats for Governor: Jason Carter, Kasim Reed, Scott Holcomb, Stacey Abrams.


GA Gov

Republican Primary - Nathan Deal & David Pennington
General - Deal/Pennington vs. Stacey Abrams/Jason Carter/Scott Holcomb/Kasim Reed

GA Sen
Republican Primary - Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, Derrick Grayson, Karen Handel, Jack Kingston, David Perdue & Eugene Yu
General - all 7 above vs. Michelle Nunn


Gay marriage, legalize marijuna polls


Presidential: Hilary Clinton v. Rand Paul, Hilary Clinton v. Chris Christie.
Should Georgia State University be allowed to have a White Student Union?
Do you plan to vote in the next election?
opinions (well not really questions): Belief in Creationism. Jack Kingston's comments about Todd Akin. Opinions on personhood, gun control, common core and stand your ground.
And can we run all of the candidates and potential candidates against a fake person? It would be interesting to see how informed Georgia voters actually are.


- Please conduct a poll in reference to the Republican primary for the 2014 Senate race (including all those who has announced their candidacy)

- Please conduct a poll in reference to the 2014 gubernatorial election, preferably one which matches David Pennington against Nathan Deal

- If you are going to do some hypothetical polling related to 2016, maybe include any of the following GOP favorites (for a change): Condi Rice, Allen West, John Bolton, Donald Trump, Mitch Daniels, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson and/or Ted Nugent (because lol, I am curious)


Poll Nunn against Eugene Yu and Derrick Grayson, both Republicans. Be sure to include those two in your primary as well. Grayson is a conservative political activist and Yu is the President of the Federation of Korean Associations and a former deputy sheriff.

They are not as well known but it might be a good baseline to test to see how Nunn would do against someone completely unknown.


Do you consider your self a Southerner?

Republican Senate Primary

Just for Democrats, do you consider yourself a southern Democrat or not?


GOP primary
Deal vs. Tom Price
Deal vs. David Pennington
Deal vs. Lynn Westmoreland
Deal vs. Denise Majette
Deal vs. David Scott
Deal vs. John Lewis
Deal vs. Jason Carter
Deal vs. Stacey Abrams
Deal vs. Hank Johnson
Deal vs. Sanford Bishop
Deal vs. Scott Holcomb
Deal vs. Roy Barnes
Pennington vs. all above Democratic candidates
Senate (in addition to the others you're already doing)
Nunn vs. Derrick Grayson
Nunn vs. Eugene Yu



Governor Nathan Deal
Dalton Mayor David Pennington

State Rep. Pam Dickerson





Poll Eugene Yu as well for the Senate in GA.

Governor: Deal vs. Pennington in the primary. Deal vs. Scott Holcomb in the general. Maybe test Thurbert Baker too, though I doubt he runs.


Also, test Steen Miles in the Senate race.


What percentage of Georgians support banning sexual orientation discrimination in employment and same-sex marriage.

Brian H.

Ask if Georgia voters believe that evolution is a lie from the pit of Hell.

Viperscale .

As always I am curious to see what each state feels about 2016. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush.

Darth Jeff

Kasim Reed is frequently named a rising star in the state party and it would be interesting to get an early look at his statewide popularity.

Polling Zell Miller's favorables would also be cool to see if Democrats still have any affection for him.

A city favorability poll would also be worthwhile to see if Atlanta is looked down upon by the rest of the state (especially compared to places like Savannah).

Also native daughter Paula Dean is worth a look, especially now that the dust has settled on her controversy.


Do you think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal?

Are you glad that the North won the Civil War or do you wish that the South had won?

John Bryan

Derrick Grayson and Eugene Yu in the Republican Senate primary. And also against Nunn.


The House of Representatives is debating cutting 4 million people and 40 billion dollars from the Food Stamp program. Do you support these cuts, or not?


put Maine on the poll list next week


Approval ratings are always interesting - I'd love to see them for Chambliss and Isakson.

I'd also like to see some Chambliss-specific questions, as well: Did he need to retire? And is he too liberal for Georgia, too conservative, or about right?


Add Hillary vs. Gingrich to the binary choices for 2016.

Approval, Pope Francis.

Should Dale Murphy be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Was Jimmy Carter a good...

Governor? President?

Approval of Congress -- vs.

*William Tecumseh Sherman
*Al Capone

Approval/disapproval -- the mock-Indian cheer of the Braves' fans.

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech.


For governor on the Dem side I would test Jason Carter and Scott Holcomb for sure.

After last session's last-minute gun bill fail:."Should the Georgia General Assembly pass a law allowing guns to be carried on college campuses and in churches and bars?"

The next big fight in the General Assembly will be over replacing our state income tax with a sales tax, so a question about that would be great.


Max Cleland favorability
Gingrich favorability
VRA decision
Is VRA still needed


Test Deal vs Brian Kemp and Deal vs Sam Olens


Please do an Obama/Romney 2012 question and associated crosstabs!


Have you seen the movie Gone with the Wind?

Favorable/unfavorable: libertarians/libertarianism.

[Republicans] In general, which type of candidate do you believe has the best chance to win a Presidential election: a moderate, or a conservative?


Which Squidbilly would you vote for Governor? Early, Lil, Rusty, Granny, Krystal, The Sheriff, or Dan Halen?


Immigration reform
Same sex marriage
Voter ID Laws
Closing corporate tax loopholes


How about job approval for Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black


Favorite College Team
G Tech


How should the State of Georgia help metro Atlanta address its traffic congestion?

(1) Primarily fund new and expanded rail and bus transit
(2) Primarily fund new and expanded roads and highways
(3) An even mix between mass transit and road improvements
(4) The state should not help metro Atlanta at all

Jello Mayberry

Stop pussy-footing around and have Arkansas as an option next week! We all know Pryor's vulnerable but come on how vulnerable is he?

Daniel Mickelson

If a zombie apocalypse happened in Georgia and you had to flee by foot, which way would you go to escape?

North to Tennessee or the Carolinas
East to the sea
West to Alabama
South to Florida
Refuse to flee


Ask about interracial marriage. Seems to still be controversial among rural whites down there


Arkansas as a choice next week! The most competitive race and nobody has polled there yet.


Gay marriage

Michelle Nunn against Broun, Gingrey, Handel, Yu
Clinton vs. Paul, Bush, Jindal, Palin, Christe, Peter King, and Rick Perry


Test Hilary! Georgia was like Obama's North Carolina; barely won it in his first term and barely lost it in his bid for reelection. Test:
Hilary Clinton
Joe Biden
Martin O'Malley
Andrew Cuomo
Elizabeth Warren
Mark Warner
Deval Patrick
John Hickenlooper

Christ Christie
Paul Ryan
Rand Paul
Peter King
Sarah Palin
Marco Rubio
Nikki Haley
Scott Walker
Ted Cruz

Gay Marriage
Background Checks
Assault Weapons Ban
Global Warming
Immigration Reform

Test Obama's and Jimmy Carter's approval ratings


Do Arkansas next week!


Please include a question about Edward Snowden. I'm curious to see whether in a reddish state like Georgia people think he should be prosecuted/tried or celebrated as whistleblower.
Thanks for all your work.


God can you guys shut up about the redneck and sports questions. None of those are important at all and have been done to death already.

How about do you support medical marijuana, legalized recreational marijuana, or none of the above?


President Republican Primary:
Chris Christie
Rand Paul
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Susana Martinez
Scott Walker
Bobby Jindal
Rick Santorum
Peter King
Newt Gingrich

And see how adding or subtracting Bush changes this.

For Georgia Governor:
Nathan Deal v. Roy Barnes (just to see what a re-match looks like)
Nathan Deal v. Kasim Reed
Nathan Deal v. Jason Carter
Nathan Deal v. Thurbert Baker
Nathan Deal v. Steve Thompson

Nathan Deal v. David Pennington
Nathan Deal v. Newt Gingrich


Should Georgia legalize same-sex marraige? Do you consider yourself a Southerner? Should stand-your-ground be law?

Samian Quazi

Should Max Cleland run for his old Senate seat again?

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