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August 08, 2013


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Just checked the White Student Union cross tabs and wow are Georgian Democrats racist. I highly doubt Republicans would be that opposed to a Black Student Union.


Recognizing that whites-only clubs have a significant history of racism is itself not racist. Thinking that forming a new whites-only club is not racist, is itself a sign of racism.


Yeah coz those are totally the same thing... #LazyCouchPotatoArgument


What happened to the 2016 primary numbers?????


I beg to differ NRH. You use some of the same flawed assumptions that some people use to defend keeping states arbitrarily burdened by the Voting Rights Act just because policy makers from some bygone era created racist practices decades ago. That's no longer the case and a "white-only" club as you put it is no different than a "blacks-only" or "Asian-only" student union, especially when you consider Georgia State has roughly equal numbers of white and black students.

A. G. Cook

Believing that students should be permitted to form a white student union is not necessarily racist.

One can believe that students ought to have that right while viewing the exercise of that right as repugnant.


Yes, it's a significant red flag identifying probable racism and ignorance regarding minority issues for a privileged majority to believe it's ok form a "us-only" student group. Students should, though, have the right to parade that ignorance so that it may prompt dialogue and lead to at least some of them being educated about the dynamics of race and inequality. Good luck, Georgia. Hopefully you'll also pick up on some of the more positive contributions that MLK brought to the table over, say, Paula Deen.

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