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July 25, 2013


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Felix Keverich

Clinton leads Paul based on name recognition alone. This will change as we get closer to the election


"The person with the most support from Republicans is also the weakest general election candidate." Nationwide polls usually don't adequately predict the nominee due to the primary process. True conservatives may prop up a nominee in polls, but look at the last 2 Republican nominees: Romney and McCain, two moderate Republicans. Christie will win the nomination without a doubt.


After what happened in 08 and 12, Dustin, Christie will NEVER be the GOP nominee

Rudy Giuliani

I'm all for fun, but these polls are useless. At this point in 2005 Hillary and I had overwhelming leads. CNN said I lead the field with 30%, with an impressive 8 pt lead on my nearest competitor.


In the end, I raised the most money in my party (more then even moneybags Mittens) and I couldn't even win a single delegate.

So much for polling years before any ballots are cast.

George Fuller

If the republicans run any of these in 2016 they will lose again.

In addition, they can't even get candidates who are eligible to be president. The requirement is to be a Natural Born Citizen which is described as a child born to parents who are both U.S. Citizens when the child is born.

Rubio's parents were not citizens when he was born.
Cruz's mother was a U.S. Citizen but the father was Cuban.
Jindal's parents were not U.S. citizens but Indians from India.

Are the people that stupid who vote in these polls.....And please, don't say well Obama's father was not a citizen. Obama was not qualified either.


George is confused. The Constitution does not define "natural born citizen." The legal interpretation is any person entitled to citizenship at birth, so as long as they were born here it doesn't matter where their parents are from.

Out of all the Republican names mentioned, only Christie has a chance of winning primary delegates in "blue" states and enough name recognition to beat out the others in some of the "purple" and "red" states.

Lisa Quigley-Moon

Cruz is eligible regardless of his fathers birth. No Mr Fuller, people are not stupid. There was a reason they made that requirement.

Lisa Quigley-Moon

I have been a devoted Republican since Reagan but I will NOT vote for Christy, Bush, or any Rhino

Kevin Gartland

Rand Paul is too gaffe-prone. Cruz is too far right. Ryan wants to be Speaker. Bush has been out of office since what, 2007? Santorum was too socially conservative and the country is going nowhere but left on social issues, especially guns and gay rights. Jindal is unpopular in his own state, deep-red Louisiana.
Christie and Martinez, however, are popular blue-state governors who can connect with the voters and have a record of getting things done. The GOP would be smart to nominate either. (They would be smartest to nominate a moderate like Jon Huntsman, but that's not gonna happen.)

Ted Caron

Ted Cruz would make a terrific poster boy for the pro-choice movement.

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