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July 11, 2013


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Governor, LG, and AG races.
Generic legislative ballot.
How has McDonnell's scandal affected your view of him?
How has the scandal affected your view of the Republican Party?
Should McDonnell resign or finish out the few remaining months of his term?
Should Mark Warner run for President?
Bolling v. Warner
Cuccinelli v. Warner

North Carolina:
Is Pat McCrory too conservative?
Is the Republican legislature too conservative?
Anthony Foxx favorability.


NC: Are you disturbed by the fact the state is late in passing a budget?
What should McCrory do about the abortion bill: sign, veto, let it become law without his signature?
If McCrory signs the bill, would you consider that going back on a campaign promise?
Generic legislative ballot.
After Sanford, Spitzer, and Weiner, check and see if there is any appetite for a John Edwards comeback!
Also, if room, what do people think about the proposal to have the Governor/ Lt. Gov. run as a ticket?
Against Hagan, poll Virginia Foxx, Thom Tillis, Jim Cain, Greg Brannon, Phil Berger, Renee Ellmers, etc.

VA: Should McDonnell resign?
Make sure to include the libertarian in a version of the poll for Governor.
Generic legislative ballot.
Poll the LG and AG races for sure.
Senate 2014, but not sure who to include against Warner. Bob Marshall maybe?


VA 2013 - Have to poll Governor (Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe vs. Sarvis), Lt. Governor (Jackson vs. Northam) & AG (Obenshain vs. Herring)

VA 2014 - VA Sen with Warner vs. Howie Lind, Bob McDonnell, Mike Farris, Bob Marshall.

NC 2014 - NC Sen Hagan vs. Brannon, Tillis, Berger, Cain, Ellmers, Foxx, Harris, Wheeler. Then a GOP primary with all 8 GOP mentioned.


Obvious ones are trial heats for Gov, LG, and AG, and candidate favorables for all of them. Also McDonnell favorables and job approvals SEPARATELY, b/c i can picture his ethics problems hurting favorables but not job approvals (I can picture also both or neither being hurt...I'm not sure how much he's really bleeding yet). And Obama favorables and job approvals, again separately, are useful as gauge of general environment. Favorables also for "Democratic Party" and "Republican Party" help the same way.

You guys do great work, thanks for being a great public service to the political community!


Also for Virginia, ask about write-in campaign for Bill Bolling for Governor.


Same-sex marriage

Approval/disapproval of the NRA

Abortion rights

Approve/disapprove -- extrication of US forces in Afghanistan.

Edward Snowden.

Whether America must become a "Christian State".

Virginia -- in general, the governor. (This is tricky because many possible questions are inflammatory).

Matchups -- basically against Chris Christie. Clinton, Biden, Kaine, Warner.


Please poll the Presidential race 2016 in both states!! The primary and the general!!
Stillwaiting for the IA numbers for 2016


In NC, are the state GOP's priorities too right, too left, just right?
Moral mondays again.

VA: Who do you trust more on ethics, Cuccinelli or McCauliffe?
Do you favor allowing legislators to recieve unlimited gifts?


Why aren't you polling Arkansas? We don't need another NC or VA poll...


In NC look for any signs that the unpopularity of the legislature is rubbing off on Pat McCroy.

Party preference for control of the legislature in NC.

Hillary Clinton vs. the usual suspects for 2016 in both states.

Favorability ratings for Pope Francis in both states.


Another thing I'd suggest is splitting up McDonnell's approval rating on different issues - i.e., Do you approve of the job McDonnell is doing on transportation/jobs/ethics/taxes/etc.



Who is your choice for governor? Republican Candidate Ken Cuccinelli or Democratic Candidate Terry McCauliffe?


Who do you support for the United States senate in 2014? (Virginia Foxx Vs. incumbent, Thom Tillis vs. incumbent, etc.)





Ask North Carolina voters if they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of PPP, since you guys are based out of NC and poll the state monthly.

Also ask NC if they approve of the abortion legislation going through the legislature right now.

Generic legislative ballots for both states too.


Did you vote in favor of or against Amendment One? Thinking about the recent Supreme Court decisions on DOMA and Prop 8, how would you vote on Amendment One today?


For North Carolina


Do you approve or disapprove of Pat McCrory as governor?

Do you disapprove or disapprove of the general assembly?

Do you approve or disapprove of the Republican in general assembly?

Do you approve or disapprove of the Democrats in the general assembly?

If the election were held today, would you vote for Democrat or Republicans from your district for state legislature?

Do you approve or disapprove of the bill in the general assembly that would tighten abortion restrictions?

De you approve or disapprove North Carolina's eliminating the federal unemployment benefits and reducing of state's unemployment benefits?

Survey# 2

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Kay Hagan is doing?

If the candidates for Senate in 2014 were Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis, who would you vote for?

If the candidates for Senate in 2014 were Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Phil Berger, who would you vote for?

If the candidates for Senate in 2014 were Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Jim Cain, who would you vote for?

If the candidates for Senate in 2014 were Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Renee Ellmers, who would you vote for?


2016 election hypothetical match-ups with combinations of these democrats and republicans

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O'Malley, Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner

Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush

Do you like the Nationals, Braves, or Orioles the most?

Do you support comprehensive background checks on all gun sales?

Do you support Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid's attempt to remove the filibuster on non-judicial executive appointments?

Did you vote for Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, or George H.W. Bush in 1992?

Did you vote for George W. Bush or Al Gore in 2000?

Did you vote for Barack Obama or John McCain in 2008

Would you consider voting for current New York mayor Michael Bloomberg as a third party candidate in 2016?

Gene Hoglan

Pat McCrory promised last year to not sign any abortion restrictions. Now that he has, has your opinion improved/worsened/remained the same?

Followup: how does this affect your decision to vote for him in 2016?


For North Carolina

Do you agree with Governor McCrory's decision to sign a bill restricting abortion?

John Patriot

If it too late for this poll, then please consider including the items below for a future NC poll.

NC: for Governor --

AG Roy Cooper vs McCrory
Treasurer Janet Cowell vs McCrory
Insurance Commissioner Goodwin vs McCrory
Sup of Public Instruction Atkinson vs McCrory

NC: for Lt Governor --

Cal Cunningham vs Dan Forest
Insurance Commissioner Goodwin vs Dan Forest
Anthony Foxx vs Dan Forest
Ex-Rep. Deborah Ross vs Dan Forest

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