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July 24, 2013


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Poll Question: Should same-sex marriage be legalized in Alaska?


Is Sarah Palin a resident of Alaska?
Against Parnell, poll Ethan Berkowitz, Bill Wielechowski, and Hollis French.
Ask about a primary between Treadwell and Palin and another between Treadwell and Miller.

Ask if people think it is time for Don Young to retire or whether he should run for another term.


AK Gov
Republican Primary - Sean Parnell vs. Gerald Heikes vs. Bill Walker
General - Parnell vs. Jacob Seth Kern, Phil Stoddard, Les Gara, Bill Wielechowski

AK Sen
Republican Primary - John Jaramillo vs. Joe Miller vs. Mead Treadwell vs. Kathleen Tonn; one with Palin, one without Palin
General - Mark Begich vs. all five above

AK House
Republican Primary - Don Young vs. John Cox
General - Don Young vs. Matt Moore


Begich vs. Mead Treadwell/Joe Miller/Sarah Palin/Loren Leman/Daniel S. Sullivan

Parnell vs. Ethan Berkowitz/Hollis French/Les Gara/Bill Wielechowski


I would like to see St. Sen. Hollis French (D-Anchorage) polled against Gov. Parnell. Also would like to see a question on repeal of SB-21. A question on the Pebble Mine controversy in Bristol Bay would be good as well.


Republicans against Begich should be Don Young and Sarah Palin.

Also, please ask about same-sex marriage and congressional/legislative generic.


First off, THANK YOU for ignoring the Ohio/Connecticut votes that were clearly cheaters. I'm very excited for the Alaska poll.

For Alaska, please ask whether voters approve or disapprove of the multibillion dollar tax cut for oil companies that was recently approved. As a bonus, it might be interesting to see whether they would vote to repeal it or not in 2014 (it seems like enough signatures have been collected for the petition to make the ballot next year). I'd also be curious about Sarah Palin's favorability.

Also, if there's enough room in the survey it might be interesting to see updated same-sex marriage numbers since the Supreme Court's ruling and the 6 months since you checked last.

Thanks for taking suggestions!


V. Begich: Treadwell, Miller, obviously. I think Dan Sullivan (mayor of Anchorage) has ruled himself out, but there's "the other Dan Sullivan" (DNR Commissioner Daniel S. Sullivan.) People are going to want to see Palin :eyeroll:.

V. Parnell: Bill Wielechowski, Holis French.

Yes/No on SB-21 repeal. (Gov's oil tax reform, passed by legislature, now going up as a ballot prop.)

Approval of Supreme's VRA decision. (Alaska is... I mean, _was_, covered.)

Don't see any point in polling against Young? ... Yeah, me either.


If you're doing the GOP primary, try a LG question - Dan Sullivan vs. Lesil McGuire.



Parnell vs. Walker

Parnell/Walker vs. French/Wielechowski

Miller vs. Treadwell
Miller vs. Treadwell vs. "the other" Dan Sullivan
Miller/Treadwell/Sullivan vs. Begich.


Poll Mead Treadwell vs. Mark Begich-- He is likely to be the nominee... Close race!


Poll Mead Treadwell and Sarah Palin against Mark Begich in hypothetical matchups... Treadwell is likely to be the nominee


Poll against Sara Palin


Can you see Russia from your house?

Sorry, couldn't resist.


For a non-political question:

Alaska has recently been the backdrop of many TV series (Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, Buying Alaska, Bering Sea Gold, Ice Road Truckers, Yukon Men, etc.). Do these shows accurately depict life in Alaska? Are these shows good or bad for Alaska?


Gov race: Parnell (R), Walker (R), Wielechowski (D), French (D), Berkowitz (D), Gara (D). Might be worth asking what if Bert Stedman runs as an independent.

Sen race: Treadwell (R), Miller (R), Palin (R), Commish. Sullivan (R), Begich (D)

House race: Young (R), Berkowitz (D), Botelho (D), Tuck (D). Might be worth asking should Young retire and a what-if with Pruitt (R) and Coghill (R).

Others: SB 21 repeal, marijuana legalization (already certified for 2014 ballot), civil unions, gay marriage, background checks, assault weapons ban, ANWR drilling, is Palin a resident

Morgan Whitacre

How about Lisa Murkowski favorability post-announcement of her support for same-sex marriage?

Guy Incognito

-Governor GOP primary: Sean Parnell vs. Bill Walker

-Governor General: Parnell/Walker vs. Hollis French/Bill Wielechowski/Les Gara/Ethan Berkowitz/Scott McAdams

-Senate General: Begich vs. Sarah Palin/Joe Miller/Mead Treadwell/Tim Burgess/Loren Leman

-Senate GOP Primary: test with and without Palin

-House: Don Young vs. Scott McAdams/Ethan Berkowitz

-Issues: SB-21, marriage equality, background checks, SCOTUS VRA ruling (since Alaska was covered), immigration reform


Clinton vs. Christie
Clinton vs. Rubio
Clinton vs. Ryan
Clinton vs. Paul

2014 Senate
Begich vs. Palin
Begich vs. Miller
Begich vs. Treadwell
Republican primary between Treadwell, Miller, and Palin

Gay Marriage

Samian Quazi

Could you please poll about civil unions and/or same-sex marriage?

Also, could you poll as to what people would vote if same-sex civil unions were on the ballot in 2014?

Finally, could you see what Hillary's favorables/unfavorables are in the state?


I'd love to see a poll on whether or not Lisa Murkowski should run her 2016 Senate campaign as a Republican.

Approval rating of Don Young would be nice as well.

And for curiosity, some thoughts on the controversial new turbo-prop planes from Alaska Airlines.


Clinton vs. Rubio, Christie, Cruz


Background checks and same-sex marriage! It's been fascinating to see support levels for those state-by-state since the failed Senate bill and the SCOTUS decision.


all these questions are great, but you guys should start the phone calls by saying: "Alaska question or two about your thoughts and opinions if that's okay with you."


Alaska Lt. Governor Race (Open)

Republican Choices:
Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan (R)
State Sen. Leslie McGuire (R)

Democratic Choices:
Bob Williams (D)

If we could see a GOP primary for the Lt. Governor race that would be cool. I believe besides the senate race it is the only other competitive office since it is open.

Daniel Mickelson

For the Republic presidential primary, ask people who their second choices are too.


Because of the awkward geography, should Alaska become part of Canada?


Ask: Do you think same sex marriage should be legal or illegal? (Not do you think samesex marriage should be allowed)

Brian H.

Alaska recently experienced a well-publicized heat wave. Do you approve or disapprove of this heat wave? Do you think temperatures in Alaska are too cold, too warm, or about right?


In addition to the habitual questions:

AK-Gov 2014
Parnell (R) vs Clark Gruening (D)

AK-Sen 2016
Murkowsky (R) vs Palin (R) Republican primary


Gay marriage for sure! And also ask about Sarah Palin's approval rating


Clinton vs. Christie
Clinton vs. Rubio
Clinton vs. Ryan
Clinton vs. Paul

2014 Senate
Begich vs. Palin
Begich vs. Miller
Begich vs. Treadwell
Republican primary between Treadwell, Miller, and Palin

Gay Marriage

(thanks Austin for typing all of the things above I was too lazy to type)

County Recognition by Nation


Do you approve or disapprove of the 24-hour sunlight during the summer?

Do you approve or disapprove of having little to no sunlight during the winter?


-Support/oppose assault rifle ban
-Support/oppose background checks
-Support/oppose stricter gun laws
-Support/oppose banning S.W.A.T. gear
-Support/oppose the NRA
-Favorable/unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin
-Alaska 2014 Governor's race + Alaska 2014 Senate race

Josh Bolen

Support for Roe vs. Wade, 20 week abortion bans and support for abortion with or without exceptions would be apt for this red but libertarian leaning state.


Poll a moose vs. Palin. You know you want to.


Ask about all possible GOP primaries, using all possible combinations of Treadwell, Palin, Miller, and "someone else"---I'm interested to see if Alaska is satisfied with the GOP candidates.
Gay marriage: Should it be legal?
Gun control---ask about:
Assault weapons ban
Universal background checks
The gun show loophole
Handgun bans
Mental health
Magazine capacity limits
And, of course, favorable/unfavorable on:
Dan Sullivan
Chris Christie
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Andrew Cuomo
Martin O'Malley
Rand Paul
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Jeb Bush
Mark Begich
Lisa Murkowski
Don Young


And I forgot to post these in my first comment.

Begich vs. Treadwell
Begich vs. Miller
Begich vs. Palin
Begich vs. Parnell

Clinton vs. Christie
Cinton vs. Paul
Clinton vs. Bush
Clinton vs. Cruz
Clinton vs. Rubio
Biden vs. Christie
Biden vs. Paul
Biden vs. Bush
Biden vs. Cruz
Biden vs. Rubio

And a political label poll.
Do you consider yourself conservative, liberal or moderate?
Do you consider yourself libertarian?
Do you consider yourself fiscally conservative, moderate or liberal?
Do you consider yourself socially conservative, moderate or liberal?
Do you agree more with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party?

Do you like or dislike Alaska's weather?
Do you envy Hawaii? (Choices: Not at all, not really, a little bit, and definitely.)


We all know--- Mark Begich Vs. Mead Treadwell!!!

That's almost certainly what the election is going to be, and that's who you guys should poll.


2016 GOP primary.


It would be interesting to see what a rematch between Miller and Murkowski in 2016 would look like.

Also, rather Alaskans have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Michael Bloomberg. It would be good to poll this in light of Bloomberg's decision to run ads criticizing Begich for his votes on guns, and whether Bloomberg's image harms his pro-gun control message. Doubly interesting is the question of whether Democrats approve of such tactics as Bloomberg is utilizing against anti-gun control Democratic politicians.


it would be great to be Alaska in Canada


For the next one, it would be interesting to poll the Governor's race with Bill Walker or Gary Stevens running as independents.

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