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June 27, 2013


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Shawn Huckaby

Re:TX - Do you support Gov. Perry's call for another special legislative session to attempt to pass abortion restrictions?

Travis Liles

The obvious questions for Texas are..

Do you support or oppose Senate Bill 5?

Do you support or oppose the tactics used Tuesday night by Senate Republicans?

Do you support or oppose the tactics used Tuesday night by Senate Democrats?

Travis Liles

Also test Wendy Davis is hypothetical state wide match ups


Texas: Obviously Wendy Davis for the Democrats, also Bill White and one or both Castros.

Ask if people approve of the abortion bill being proposed.

Do people agree with John McCain that Ted Cruz is a "wacko bird."

Iowa: Ask if people agree with the DCCC that Steve King is the "most clueless Republican."

In addition to the 2014 matchups, if you have time please poll a 2016 Senate matchup between Latham and Tom Vilsack.

Poll Mike Gronstal, Jack Hatch, Pam Jochum, Tyler Olson, and Chet Culver for Governor.

Ask whether people approve of Branstad having to approve every individual abortion under Medicaid.

Extra bonus fun question if you are interested: Does Terry Branstad's moustache have magical powers?

Eric Aguirre

^^All of those^^

A fun one could be:
Do you want to see the University of Texas at Austin play Texas A&M University resume playing football on Thanksgiving?

Chris S.

Don't you still have a national 2016 poll to release? You teased Corey Booker's 2016 showing on Twitter at least a week ago now!


Definitely poll Bruce Braley v Matt Whitaker in Iowa.

On the GOP side in Texas, you really have to poll the Gov race with and without Perry in the field.

Worth polling in both states whether President Obama should approve completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Should abortion be legal after 20 weeks of pregnancy?

Rachel Jeantel

"Do you believe it should be legal to abort a baby based on its race, gender, or sexual preference?"

JP Massar

Should the Lt. Governor, who presides over the Texas Senate, be impeached because of the way he broke the rules of the Texas Senate during Wendy Davis' filibuster and because of the way he disrespected Senator Davis and other woman Senators?


Test both Dan Patrick and Julian Castro in statewide match-ups.


Wendy Davis needs to be polled. As do gay marriage and the VRA ruling.


I would like to see some type of TX question about secession favorability. Unlike most state's residents, they tend to be Texan's first and American's second.


Everybody's all Wendy, but TX seems perfect to do something Voting Rights Act related (congressional maps and voter ID within days of SCOTUS). And immigration, oh please immigration, if there's one state where it matters, its AZ, two its TX.

Iowa, Branstad on abortion, since he now personally decides bullshit (but i doubt you'll do that as it'd make these two too abortion-y). I'd also like to see approve/disapprove or fav/unfav on Kim Reynolds in addition to the Senate and Gov's races.


You should definitely poll the Senate race in Iowa. And just out of curiosity, I'd like to see how Hillary Clinton fares against some of the top Republicans in a 2016 matchup. Maybe Clinton v. Christie, Rubio, and Paul?


Ask voters in both states if they support automatic voter registration by the government (like it is planned in Oregon), instead of the current personal voter registration.


-Test Cornyn for Republican primary versus Greg Abbott, Steve Stockman, Louie Gohmert, Erick Wyatt

-Test Cornyn versus Democrats Wendy Davis, Kirk Watson, Bill White, Julian Castro, Annise Parker, Mike Villarreal

-Support for gay marriage/opinion of DOMA ruling

-opinion on VRA ruling

-Support for background checks

-Opinion of SB5/Perry calling additional special session/GOP vs. Democrats on Senate facedown Tuesday

-Governor: Perry/Abbott vs. Wendy Davis/Kirk Watson/Mike Villarreal/Annise Parker/Bill White/Julian Castro


Hypothetical Perry vs Davis


Do you support allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry?
Do you support allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter civil unions?
Do you have a favorable/unfavorable opinion of Wendy Davis?
Do you have a favorable/unfavorable opinion of Rick Perry?
Do you have a favorable/unfavorable opinion of Ted Cruz?
Do you have a favorable/unfavorable opinion of John Cornyn?
Should Ted Cruz run for president in 2016?
Should Rick Perry run for president in 2016?


Do you support the Supreme Court's decision on the Voting Rights Act, DOMA, and Prop 8?
Do you believe in global warming? If so, do you think humans are contributing to it?
Should the US enter into a FTA with the EU?
Chet Culver for Iowa governor
Christie Vilsack for Iowa senator or governor
Wendy Davis for Texas governor or senate
Julian Castro for Texas governor or senate
Laura Bush for senate


In Texas, same question you did recently in Virginia and North Carolina:

"Do you think employers should be allowed to
discriminate against employees based on
sexual orientation, or not?"

Iowa already a state law related to the topic.


Do you approve of Wendy Davis' filibuster of the abortion bill?

Do you approve of the delaying tactics of pro-choice activists?

Do you approve of Perry's decision to call a special session in response?

For Gov., do Republican primaries with Abbott v. Perry, Abbott v. Perry with Tom Pauken, Miriam Martinez, and Larry Kilgore; and Perry and Abbott just against those three.

For Iowa Gov R:
Terry Branstad
Kim Reynolds

For Iowa Gov D:
Frank Cownie
Chet Culver
Jack Hatch
Tyler Olson

For Iowa Senate R:
Sam Clovis
Matt Whitaker
David Young
Paul Lundby
Joni Ernst
Mark Jacobs
(just for fun)
Tom Latham
Terry Branstad

Anderson v. Schultz again for Secretary of State.


By the way, here is GQR's recent Texas poll, which asked a number of questions about abortion: http://gqrr.com/images/documents/061913_TX_ACLU__FQ_public.pdf PPP may want to avoid duplicative questions.


Would you like to see Wendy Davis: run for governor; run for lieutenant governor; run for attorney general; run for re-election to the state Senate; or not run for office at all?

Michael Messerly

Do you look favorably/unfavorably upon Texas becoming a minority-majority state?


Definately test Wendy Davis for Governor and for Senate. Also poll whether or not Texans supported her filibuster.

In Iowa, test Branstad against Jack Hatch, Frank Cownie, Pam Jochum, and Tyler Olson. Braley against Sam Clovis, Paul Lunde, David Young, Matt Whitaker, Joni Ernst, Mark Jacobs, and AJ Spiker. And of course test the GOP nomination for the Iowa Caucuses come 2016.


Same-sex marriage and the congressional generic. Also maybe the death penalty in Texas. Thanks!

Randall Ellis

Do you favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to have the same marriage rights as married heterosxual couples?


Oh and here's another thought. Since Perry decided to bring up the fact that Davis was a teen mom in his anti-abortion speech today, ask if voters approve or disapprove of him doing so.

Jehan Ford

Are you a registered voter?
Have you been following the events of the special legislative sessions?
Have those events made you more likely or less likely to vote in the upcoming elections?
Do you have a state issued ID suitable for voting purpose under the new law?
If not, what are your barriers to obtaining an ID? DMV hours of operations, DMV locations, unable to access needed documents, fee for ID, fee(s) for obtaining need documents, etc.

Ellen McLean

For Texas: Please ask if seniors should be exempt from picture voter ID. Ask if polling places in their county are equally equipped and staffed. Ask if redistricting has been fair.

Samian Quazi

Hillary, Chris Christie, et. al. --- 2016

Christopher Cahall

If you want a mother to be to see an ultrasound of a baby to maybe change their decision that has no relevance to their actual life experiences why not an actual mother to be who has had an abortion like how they commonly plan drug interventions.



- Please poll on gay marriage, but be sure to ask specifically about support/opposition to a proposed constitutional amendment to end gay marriage in Iowa.

- Bob Vander Plaats favorable/unfavorable.


- Standard PPP questions on gay marriage/civil unions

- Support for Rick Perry 2016 Presidental bid

- Agree/Disagree with Gov. Perry's claim that there is a war on Christmas


Be sure to do 2016 polls for both. In Texas, poll Kinky Friedman against Perry and Abbott.


Ask about gay marriage in both states.


For Texas, maybe include Will Wynn (former Austin mayor/boyfriend of Wendy Davis) in a poll about the 2014 gubernatorial and/or senatorial elections.

Landon C.

Governors Primary race- Perry vs. Abbott
(no one else is even viable at this point)
Lt. Governors Primary race- Dewhurst vs. Dan Patrick vs. Jerry Patterson vs. Todd Staples
Wendy Davis- Fav unFav
Bill White- Fav unFav
Ask about School Voucher support.


Do you believe voters should have to take a literacy test before being allowed to vote?

I am better a plurality of the Republican base believes literacy tests should return.


For Iowa:
IA Governor- Terry Branstad vs. Jack Hatch, Chet Culver

IA Senate- Bruce Braley vs. Matt Whitaker, David Young, and Joni Ernst
IA Senate GOP Primary: Whitaker vs. Young vs. Ernst

IA-1- Dem Primary: Pat Murphy vs. Monica Vernon vs. Swati Dandekar
IA-1- GOP Primary: Rod Blum vs. Kraig Paulsen vs. Steve Rathje
IA-1- Head to head versus all of them

2016 President: Clinton, Biden, Cuomo, O'Malley vs. Rubio, Christie, Paul, Bush


Support for: gay marriage
immigration reform
gun control (background checks)
single payer healthcare system
minimum wage increase to $10 per hour

Governor 2014 race: Rick Perry/ Greg Abbott vs. Bill White, Wendy Davis, Julian Castro
Senate Race: John Cornyn vs. Julian Castro, Wendy Davis, Bill White
Ted Cruz approval rating
Obama approval rating
2016 US presidential election:
Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Wendy Davis vs. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz

Republican Party/ Democratic Party approval rating


Also, I want to thank all of you for doing such great polling, in addition to the 2016 US presidential election, which is very far away.


- Rep. Primary 2016
- Dem. Primary 2016
- Presidential election 2016: Clinton/Biden vs Rubio/Christie/Ryan/Rand Paul/Jeb Bush


A question on ethics, transparency and accountability would be good, i.e. does Texas need more transparency in government? Should our state officials be more accountable in fundraising and public behavior? (Gov. Perry recently vetoed a bill that would required independent groups to disclose donors).

Equal Pay - Rick Perry recently vetoed Equal Pay legislation. Do voters support Equal Pay laws that allow a woman finds out her employer is paying more money to a man to do the same job?

Gov. Perry also vetoed term limis - do voters support term limits for statewide elected officials?

Maybe funding for the Public Integrity Unit. Gov. Perry recently vetoed $7 million in state funding for the Travis County District Attorney's office overseeing investigations into his donors, people who pocketed money from the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

Come to think of it...maybe just a question on Perry's vetoes is in order.


I know you already conducted your TX poll, but I want to suggest this question for the future anyway: In light of groups like Battleground Texas investing in registering new voters and increasing turnout in the hopes of electing more Democrats, are you more, less or the same amount interested in/willing to take a look at Democratic candidates before deciding who to vote for in future elections?


George W. Bush favorables.


Please use Senator Joni Ernst As a GOP contender for senate since she is likely to run.

Also I ask that you add Susanna Martinez to the GOP Iowa poll ths week


Same-sex marriage.
Favorability of Iowa State v. Iowa


Gay marriage and opinion of DOMA ruling, please!

Daniel Ruden

Iowa: please poll district 1 house candidates and the all the candidates in the Senate race.

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