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June 17, 2013


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How bad do you have to be doing when two-thirds of North Carolinians think it was wrong for you to have a reporter arrested?


Thanks so much for the employment discrmination question!


Really comprehensive poll questions, nice job.


The general approval questions are decent, but the issue-specific questions are a little slanted left. Some of the tones and wording in the questions show bias. For instance, the question, "Do you support or oppose a bill that would effectively ban the electric car manufacturer Tesla from selling its cars in North Carolina?" connotes arbitrariness. Mentioning that it is an electronic car manufacturer implies some sort of oil conspiracy. A better questions would have been something like "Do you support or oppose a bill that would effectively ban car manufacturer Tesla from selling its cars in North Carolina, because it does not have a physical dealership in the state?"

Also, Q10 shows major bias. The question makes it sound like proposed legislation would allow college students to carry a gun at all times. HB937 just allows those with concealed carry licenses to store their guns in their car in a locked box while on a campus. They can't carry it or handle it, just store it. Also, line about eliminating handguns for permits sounds like they are getting rid of the concealed carry permit and anyone will be able to buy, own, and carry a handgun without an government oversight. Of course people don't like how that sounds! HB937 just eliminates the requirement that people get a handgun buying permit from their sheriff and instead be required to get an instant background check, as required by federal law. The current system was created in 1918 in order to allow local sheriffs to arbitrarily decide who has "good moral character" (this is the requirement in the statute). In practice, it was meant as a way to keep black people from getting guns. The current system does not make sense. In Wake County, a person with no criminal convictions can pay $5 per permit for up to five permits at a time and get a background check in order to pickup the licenses a week later that are good for five years. These permits are still valid even if the person commits a felon before the permits expire! Just a few miles down the road in Orange County, a handgun buying permits requires three signed and notarized affidavits from people who have resided in the county for at least a year, a comprehensive background check, and a character reference from a police officer. All the while, the permit costs much more (plus notary fees!) and you can only apply for one at a time. Where is that in the question?

Q10 should read something like, "Do you support a bill that would allow those with concealed carry permits to store their firearms in lockboxes in their personal vehicles while on a college campus and would remove requirements to obtain a handgun buying permit in favor of using standard instant background checks done at the place of purchase?" Both versions are taling about the same proposal, but the versions will surely get different results.

Good polling is useful. This poll doesn't measure public opinion, its trying to shape it.

George Greene

The headline is wrong. It should NOT SAY "state government".
"State government" basically means THE EXECUTIVE branch and associated commissions and agencies (we have a "corporate" executive with a COUNCIL of state, not just 1 chief executive who appoints the rest of the cabinet). "State government" is all those thousands of middle-class workers, trying to do a good job. What the article says is being looked down is the state LEGISLATURE, and the headline needs to clarify that.
Bashing "state government", after all, is one of the prime talking points OF this state legislature and the party that runs it -- they bash it as inefficient and wasteful of your tax dollars, and chock full of lazy workers with better benefits than yours, which is why they want to cut spending on it.


David, the Tesla question is hardly "slanted left." "The electric car company Tesla" factually explains what Tesla is for the majority of state residents who probably have no idea. If you think the wording connotes some anti-oil bias, I would suggest that a likelier scenario is that you're projecting your own guilt over defending the indefensible. And the bill is indefensible because it IS arbitrary inasmuch as it targets one and only one existing auto maker. (It's also anti-free markets, but that's another issue altogether.)

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