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June 10, 2013


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Would you support an immigration reform bill that allows same-sex binational couples to sponsor spouses for immigration?

Oh shoot, pets is the theme. Ok, would you support an immigration reform bill that allows a male American bulldog to sponsor his male English bulldog spouse?

Bobby Kogan

For NC:
Support for Dems/GOP in state legislature.

Support for Amendment 1.

Should states be providing a liberal arts education (versus a vocational school)?

Should public schools receive more funding (and more equitable funding) across districts?

Charter school support.

Approval of McCrory?

Which party do you trust more to run the state legislature?

Should Medicaid be expanded?

Duke UNC or NC State?


For North Carolina:

If the election were held today, would you vote for a Democrat or a Republican from your district for the state legislature?

If the election were held today, would you vote to reelect Governor McCrory?

If the election were held today, would you vote for Kay Hagan or Thom Tillis for Senate?

Do you believe that the North Carolina Democratic Party is too liberal, too conservative, or just about right?

Do you believe that the North Carolina Republican Party is too liberal, too conservative, or just about right?


Statewide favorables for Anthony Foxx and Mel Watt.


For NC:

Are people aware of the Moral Mondays demonstrations in Raleigh and if so are they supportive or not?

What connections, if any, do people see between McCrory and the legislature and what is the approval of both.

Hillary Clinton vs. various Republicans for 2016.


Do you approve of the "Moral Monday" protests?
Poll McCrory vs. Roy Cooper in 2016 just to get a baseline.


Do some general election matchups for 2016, and include Jesse Ventura as a third-party option.


Please poll a Jesse Ventura candidacy in 2016.


Poll 2016 for national

jake v

I would like to see Bloomberg polled as an independant in the national along with Clinton and Rubio to see where his votes come from


For North Carolina, ask the exact same employment discrimination question you asked recently in Virginia.

"Do you think employers should be allowed to
discriminate against employees based on
sexual orientation, or not?"

It would be interesting to see how/if the neighboring states and crosstabs differ.


Do you support increase in minimum wage?
2016: Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush.
Do you consider yourself an evangelical?
Do you support same sex marriage?
Obama approval rating.
How the question is asked related to guns?
1. Do you support weapon reform laws?
2. Do you support gun control?

Congresswoman Colbert

Pew shows that now Democrats like the NSA spying on the public and being able to access every phone call since Obama is doing it. It would be interesting to see if your results match up with Pew showing that Dems have flip flopped on the civil liberties issue, just like members of the GOP party have.

If they approve of the Obama admin using the NSA to spy on virtually every telephone call, email, etc of the American public.

If they believe Obama when he says "no one is listening to your phone calls."

What they think of the NSA director's now obvious lie stating to the Senate a few months ago that the NSA does not compile data on the American public.

What they think of the IRS scandal where the agency has admitted to targeting people for political views.

What they think of the govt spying on the AP and James Rosen.

What they think of NSA leaker - traitor or hero?

What they think of Obama doing a 180 from how he ran in 08 on civil liberties and obtaining info on people who are not specific terrorist suspects.


Do something with Jesse Ventura as an independent for a 2016 matchup.


Poll the twitter @GovBevPerdue vs. the twitter @ElevatorQueen for governor 2016.

Poll John Edwards vs. Pat McCrory for Governor 2016.


Should Music and Arts Education get more or less funding?

Do NC schools need more or less music and art teachers?


Teachers this year received a cost of living increase of 1.2 percent for the first time in four years. Do you believe teachers deserve a pay increase?

Teachers will no longer receive a raise for Master's degrees if the new budget proposal passes. Do you agree with this change?

Charles Owens

Do you believe that the recent actions of the Republicans and the North Carolina General Assembly are conclusive proof of the failure of the current North Carolina education system?


On the topics of pets: ask wether or not they would support legislation restricting dogs based solely on a dog's breed and not accounting for the specific actions of that specific dog or owner.


Pets and Animals:
Correlation of who likes dogs and cats by party affiliation and political leanings( ex. liberal/ conservative).


For North Carolina:

Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Pat McCrory?

Do you approve or disapprove of Erskine Bowles?


Hillary vs Paul, Rubio, Christie, Thune, Bush.
Biden vs Paul, Rubio, Christie, Thune, Bush.
Warren vs Paul, Rubio, Christie, Thune, Bush.

GOP nomination
Paul, Rubio, Christie, Thune, Bush, Ryan, Martinez, Santorum.

Don't bother polling the Dem nomination because it's Hillary's for the taking.


Please add Chris Chrisite in the polls for NC. Have him against Biden and Clinton, along with Paul and Rubio.

For senate

Obviously Tillis, Foxx, Ellmer, Pittman.


I would like to see how support for gay marriage has changed since they voted for it a couple years ago.


Do you approve or disapprove of Art Pope?

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