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May 13, 2013


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What's worse is the 70/20 on Iran-Contra, which occurred only 2-3 years after hostages were taken at the American embassy in Tehran. Amazing.

Billy Munoz

This is not a popularity contest, and you are equating Clinton's "popularity" with her approval ratings over something very serious which caused the death of 4 Americans . I think that is much more important, and if the Administration lied knowingly to the public, Obama should be held accountable.


just goes to show u that the dumbing down of America is now complete. We now have more morons in this country than we do GOD fearing, honest, educated, ethical, common sensical folks. Of course, I realized that when Mack Daddy got reelected. 4 dead Americans because of that idiot and shillary ultimately. These are dangerous individuals that need to be gone asap. In any case, they will PAY when the LORD returns. These are classic examples of the type of people that will spend eternity in hell. GOD SPEED!

Virginia Cotts RN BSN

Well, turns out Andy Borowitz was right. "Who could have known?"??



Good to have the official stats to back it up. Thanks. Also saw a comment that many/most of the people claiming this was such a crime probably don't know where Benghazi is (any more than some had the right spelling...).

It's like the folks at the Onion are saying - the GOP writes parody for them.

Furd Burfle

Boehner continues desperately to seek significance as well as most congressional republicans after realizing that the voting American populace are more intelligent than they realized prior to the last election.
We need more than catchy phrases, slogans and trumped non issues put forward by super political action commitees financed by uber wealthy concerns, to be fooled into voting against our own best interests.
They realize Hillary is a shoe in and are already starting the anti Hillary campaign. By bringing it all up this early in the game they have made yet another strategic blunder. The news cycle will fizzle and the voters will forget about it, even the ones that buy into it.
Most people realize that Benghazi was a opportunistic terrorist attack that took place during a riot in the middle of a completely lawless city on a poorly defended hastily built consulate. The Republicans are also quick not to mention that the State department was struggling to operate due to budgets cuts put forward by a conservative controlled congress.

Smooth Jazz

LOL, Nice of Daily KOS/PPP to trot out a poll to prop up Hillary. This has as much credibility as your poll that had the SC Liberal up 10 on Mr damaged goods himself, Sanford, 2 weeks before the election, and tied the day before the election.

Yep, You guys nailed that one.

At any rate, 2013 is a LONG WAY from 2016 and Hillary may be left holding the bag and answer ObamaCare questions if by 2016 that train wreck blows up into a full fledged disaster. Nothing you guys will be able to do to prop up Hillary by then if the entire country is pissed at Dems for forcing this ObamaCare bill of goods down our throats.


LOL. 39% of Republicans don't know where Benghazi is. Typical. Idiots that slept through a dozen embassy bombings during the previous Bush Administrations can't be expected to follow the news too carefully. All you can expect from that bunch is right-wing talking points.


The biggest political scandal... in history. Imagine how huge it will be if they ever actually do find something the Obama administration tried to cover up.


wonder how popular she'll be when she goes to jail over it?


Haha bump on J.J.'s comment


How many Republicans today remember, or know any of the details about, Watergate?


If only Republicans focused on actually doing their jobs with this much earnest.


"wonder how popular she'll be when she goes to jail over it?"

For what? Don't you normally have to commit a crime to be sent to jail, or are the Republicans just going to imprison her because she is Hillary?

"Hillary may be left holding the bag and answer ObamaCare questions if by 2016 that train wreck blows up into a full fledged disaster"

I guess this could happen, Republicans are doing all they can to make sure Obamacare is as expensive and inefficient as possible, all in the name of fiscal responsiblility, no doubt.


Goes to show you what idiots we have in this country. I'd like to know who they polled. One sided I'm sure.


"and if the Administration lied knowingly to the public, Obama should be held accountable."

Yes, 'if', as in "if we had any evidence, we would have some evidence", but so far there seems to be zero evidence of anything nefarious. For today's Republican, the complete lack of evidence is simply proof of an even more massive coverup.

I don't have any evidence that Darryl Issa killed a prostitute, but clearly he would have to paid a lot of bribes to cover something like that up so completely. Why aren't Republicans investigating that, or don't they think murdering prostitutes should be a crime?

Nicholas Giafes

This political greed was nothing short of criminal by the Obama Administration to be re-elected. The propaganda in the works shows to what length it will go to cover-up. Voting for Hillary? That's the stupidest act this Country could commit. What' the difference between gunning down 4 Americans as opposed to not giving the order to assist or rescue them. And how many love that "Oh well, it's over now", comment?

For all that happens to the ignorant Americans not understanding what is really going on? May Heaven help your Children.


I guess the public doesn't read. Mrs. Clinton was asleep at the wheel as to security of the Benghazi Annex although she know about the problems. Time for Clinton to have her feet put to the fire.I am dubious about the results of this poll. I guess if she stays in hiding and isn't subpoenaed to appear in front of Congress again, we'll never know extent of her culpability.

Mike D

Republicans have been too busy working on jobs bills to get the necessary traction and public awareness on Benghazi. Right? I mean haven't Republicans been laser focused on jobs ever since the election has been over. LOL


Spin, spin, spin.

How ironic. The article was designed to make those concerned about Benghazi seem particularly uninformed, and it is obvious some by the comments here that some took the bait. Take the time to read the actual data from the survey:

Who CORRECTLY identified the location of Benghazi?

Very Liberal 55%
Somewhat Liberal 43%
Moderate 55%
Somewhat Conservative 67%
Very Conservative 74%

dave M

History shows you cant trust Hillary.




Actually, if you look at the statistics, you'll see the proportion of Obama voters who don't know where Benghazi is, is higher than those who voted for Romney.

58% of Romney voters correctly identified Benghazi as being in Libya, versus 53% of Obama voters. 9% of Romney voters said they didn't know, versus 17% of Obama voters.

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