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May 02, 2013


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I would love to see a fav/unfav for "Weird Al" Yankovic.

There is a lot of talk lately about how he is no longer seen in a negative light and has become widely appreciated by the comedy and music worlds. Would be interesting to know if this is true with the public at large.


I would say ask for party ID, but expand beyond Dem v Republican. Maybe add Green Party and Libertarian.

I'd also ask least favorite music genere

Maybe a question regarding whether they have ever illegally downloaded music in the past.

Opinion on popular music today (Favorable or unfavorable view of Top 40 music)


You got to ask favorably of dub-step or even if they have heard of it before.
Ask maybe if they are less/more likely to listen to a artist if the artist has infamous (Well like Dixie Chicks or Lupe Fiasco sort of way) political views.

David K

When did you last buy music (within the month; 1 - 6 mos. ago; 7 - 24 months ago; etc.)

What format was that purchase (digital download; CD; vinyl; other)?

I think cross tabs of format preference and frequency of sales with political leanings could be interesting.


1. What do you consider the definition of a hipster?

2. Would you be more or less likely to vote for a hipster in a national election? If less, why?

3. which term do you prefer? Millennial or hipster?

4. What is it about hipsters that make non-hipsters want to punch them in the balls?

Austin Blumenfeld

How about asking about Macklemore and Gay Marriage (in reference to his song Same Love)?


Ask which decade was the best overall for contemporary music, among 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s.

Other artists I'd throw in the favorables, if not already planned:

Whitney Houston
Billy Joel
John Mellencamp
Bruce Springsteen
Elton John

Jeremy wert

If it has to do with hipsters, you can't pass up the opportunity to inquire about nurturant milk hotel reuniting. Maybe " how likely are you to see one of the reunion shows?" . Or maybe "what is the best reunion of the past year". BTW, yes it is a real band and the kids, they love them


Favorables of

Chris Brown
Kanye West
Dixie Chicks
Kid Rock
Whitney Houston
Britney Spears
Amy Winehouse

Amir Corsaro

Some likely less-than-common suggestions for favourables:
Flo Rida
Katy Perry
Linkin Park
George Michael
Elvis Presley

Asking people if they follow the Billboard Hot 100 and if they stream music on Spotify would be good questions as well.


I'd love to see a Radiohead vs. Coldplay match-up.


The fact that no one has said anything about EDM is astounding.


Any Music/Hipster poll requires a Patti Smith question. Her Green politics and non-traditional religion bent also recommend her to the poll.

I imagine she would show great popularity in the East and West, while being either unknown or hated in Louisiana Purchase Territory.


include jazz

Gene Hoglan

For each question, including political party affiliation, you need to include "It's obscure, you've never heard of it" as an answer. That way you can suss out the actual hipsters.

Mike Roberts

I was called for this one today - pretty wild. Not at all sure what the thing is designed to find out but it was fun.

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