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May 16, 2013


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Not quite sure how to phrase this but with the debate at the capitol coming down to taxes and one side of legislature really wanting to pay back school shift as promised in last election, could you ask what is more important paying back the school shift or not raising taxes.


Poll Jesse Ventura as an independent for the MN Senate race. Also do the usual 2016 stuff for both states.


Mike McFadden v. Franken
Jason Lewis v. Franken
Julianne Ortman v. Franken

Scott Honour v. Dayton
Jeff Johnson v. Dayton
Dave Thompson v. Dayton
David Hann v. Dayton


Interested to see if T-paw's and Colemans favorabilities have rebounded at all in MN. Bachmann statewide favorability and matchup w/ Franken would be nice.


In NC, stick with Berger, Berry, Brannon, Ellmers, Foxx, and Tillis. Embler dropped out two days ago.

In MN Sen, try Mike McFadden and Jason Lewis, who are both running. Laura Brod and Rich Stanek might be good ideas too.

In MN Gov, try Scott Honour and Jeff Johnson, who are both running.

We know Coleman, Kline, Paulsen, and Pawlenty aren't running so don't include them in either.


For Minnesota, see if the gay marriage vote makes the voter more or less likely to vote for their state representative, and the generic legislative ballot for 2014.


I hate online voters. Terrible time to poll MN, this poll will be conducted during the middle of the end of session, where news will be volatile and rampant. Next weekend would have been much better.

v. Dayton
Scott Honour
Jeff Johnson
Dave Thompson
David Hann
Julie Rosen
Kurt Zellers

v. Franken
Mike McFadden
Julianne Ortmann
Julie Rosen

Don't test Bachmann statewide. Just dont.

You're going to test marriage. you're probably going to test taxes (somehow, while the taxes are developing). testing increase in Education funding, paying back the shift would both be good as well.

If you're looking for something fun, which state is their biggest rival? WI, IA, ND, SD?


MN - legalizing marijuana, Kline vs Obermueller in CD2, vikings stadium funding from general fun.


The congressional generic would be interesting to see in both states.


Minnesota: Please poll Gay Marriage


NC is a swing state.

Do some 2016 stuff:

Hillary vs. Christie/Rubio/Paul/Bush
Biden vs. Christie/Rubio/Paul/Bush

O'Malley, Warren, Hickenlooper vs. Christie/Rubio/Paul/Bush

Walt Filson

How many Childcare Providers want the union.


In NC, there is a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal the (unenforceable) literacy test clause. It'd be interesting to see the breakdown on this by party. Maybe even use the exact language as it would appear on the ballot for a more accurate result.


Come to think of it, its also probably worth doing some three way polling. Could easily use Dan Barkley and Tom Horner as stand ins for whoever the IP is going to dredge up.


In NC, favorability of Anthony Foxx and Mel Watt.


In both states poll marijuana and then do the 2016 races. For the general test Andrew Coumo, and Elizabeth Warren, along with Hillary and Biden vs Republicans Rand, Rubio, Christie. And please do both Dem and Republican presidential primary's.


Please poll Minnesota on the following subjects.

-Generic Legislative Ballot
-Approval Rating of Governor Dayton
-Whether liquor stores should be allowed to sell liquor on Sundays.


Poll how many child care providers will discontinue serving low income families if there is a union, leaving the most vulnerable children without quality child care, reducing the likelihood they will be ready for Kindergarten.


In NC, how do people view efforts by the legislature to force cities to relinquish control of airports, water systems, etc. to "independent" authorities controlled by the state.


Also suggest adding Arkansas, South Dakota, or Montana to your vote next week. Thanks, as always.


Both states -- opinion of Pope Francis.


For MN

Franken v. Jason Lewis
Franken v. Mike Mcfadden
Franken v. Rick Stanek

Dayton v. Marty Seifert
Dayton v. Scott Honour
Dayton v. Jeff Johnson
Dayton v. Kurt Zellers

Polling ?'s

Do you favor marijuana decriminalization?
Do you support gay marriage referendum in 2014/2016?
Do you support subsidizing vikings stadium?

Also could you throw in Dayton in a 2016 hypothetical to see how he does against other democratic challengers?

Todd Dugdale

I second the idea of including Jason Lewis in the MN Senate race. Also, some kind of question on marijuana for MN would be justified, since medical marijuana will be taken up next session and Dayton is opposed to it.

Including Ventura is pointless; he won't run. Including Bachmann is also pointless; we already know she is unpopular statewide, and nothing has happened to change that.

What I would really like to see is some kind of breakdown for rural vs. urban, even if it's just area codes. That is the crucial thing in MN politics. If rural support softens, then the MNGOP is toast.


Since Jim Cain, former Ambassador to Denmark, has shown interest in challenging Hagan, it'd only be natural to test him.

Tom Hill

MN Senate
Mike McFadden vs Al Franken
Laura Brod vs Al Franken
Michele Bachmann vs Al Franken
NC Senate
Cherie Berry vs Kay Hagan
Thom Tillis vs Kay Hagan
Phil Berger vs Kay Hagan
Renee Ellmers vs Kay Hagan
Virginia Foxx vs Kay Hagan
Cherie Berry vs Thom Tills vs Phil Berger vs Renee Ellmers vs Virginia Foxx


Test Bachman in a primary against her former Chief of Staff Andy Parrish

Spying on AP

Ask what the voter's thoughts are on the IRS being abused to target political opponents of Obama and how the story changes every day and no one in any position of power seems to know anything at all, or the Obama admin spying on the AP phone records and a Foxnews reporter.

I am actually interested to see if self described liberals support it because Obama is doing it like they have many other things that violate their basic beliefs (at least when a Republican is in power) such as drone strikes, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, etc.

Maybe PPP can restore some of its luster after blowing the Sanford race so horribly.

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