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May 13, 2013


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jason stevenson

define hipster


to jason--- that would skew the data

Rose Frumkin

In honor of Lena Dunham's birthday today, it may have been useful to ask whether or not the voter was a fan of the HBO show "Girls". It would be interesting to see what effect, if any, the show may have on those who view "Hipsters" in a positive or negative light.


This is so unkind. It's picking on people because of their beliefs and their tastes. That's so unAmerican. Let's fight this prejudice-- one that's admittedly much smaller than some of the more serious ones out there.


I disliked hipsters way before it was cool...


If you are part of the 10% to define yourself as a hipster, you're not a hipster. If you have a home phone and actually took the survey, you're not a hipster.

Rose Frumkin

Bob, the poll is not unkind. The authors conducting it did not invent the term "hipster" nor did they give an indication that the term was negative. It's a poll. It collects data from voters, analyzes it and presents it. One could call this specific poll "biased", but un-American? People are voting and expressing their opinions, chill out.


What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong, I say hipsters are wrong and bunch of wanna bees,just walk around williamsburg brooklyn and you will see.


It takes one to know one, and no true hipster would admit to being one, unless it was meant ironically.
Many of the rubes would view hipsters more favorably if they realized that "the sweetest, gone-est, wailin'-est cat that ever stomped on this sweet-swingin' shere" was The Nazz, whom they would gleefully murder if he ever actually appeared in person - because they don't like hipsters.
Hip doesn't mean "fashionable" - it means aware. Hipsters are often extremely unfashionable.


A true hipster looks borderline homeless. More than likely, from a wealthy family, college educated, works at a bar or coffee shop, rides a fixed gear, mustached or bearded, Ray Bans lots of Ray Bans, dirty, but not as dirty as a hippy. Pleasant individually, but rather dicky, opinionated, arrogant and condescending in groups, similar to a frat guy. Portrays a "I don't give a f#ck" attitude, however, secretly, is highly competitive in being ironic.


Who's more annoying -- hipsters, or people who constantly complain about hipsters?


Paulie, I guess that makes you hipper than the rest of us. Ergo...

MC Moose

“soullessly appropriate cultural tropes from the past for their own ironic amusement.”
73% of those questioned had no idea what you were talking about.

Rudy Sanchez

I wonder how many hipsters took this poll and gave negative feedback regarding hipsters without even realizing they were hipsters themselves.


PPPolling are hipsters LOL !

Tom Z.

Interesting, 10% of Republicans consider themselves a hipster, but only 2% are more likely to vote for one. Do I detect some hipster self-loathing?

Ken David

What is the point of this poll? What a ridiculous waste of time and money. Really, this is what PPP spends time, money, and talent on? What a joke.


How is pbr associated with hipsters? Give me my beer back you hipster pussies


Does anyone really even know what a hipster really means anymore save for some vague idea of desperately trying not to conform to society whilst at the same time trying to give off the notion that one belongs in some counterculture dialect which of course counters the very idea of what makes for a true counter culture figure in the first place.

Which is to suggest most of you slackers have no real idea what you’re doing in the first place and maybe why so many Americans probably ignore you to begin with...



Its a joke people, not a real poll! Read through to the end!!!


So this poll indicates the sort of people who use the label "hipster" don't like "hipsters."


90% of those who say they don't like hipsters do not know what they are, have them confused with hippies.


Ken, you are amazing! Thank you for saying it so beautifully. I almost shed a year. Hipsters want to be hippies but they've grown up in a very materialistic society and they no nothing else. They act poor and buy very expensive things (expensive to me at least). That's the irony of their idol, Macklemore.


Half of twenty somethings consider themselves to be hipsters? That can't be right. Hipsters would never admit that they are hipsters. Especially if every other person thinks they are one. That can only mean the fad is nearing its end.

hostile elite

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My grandpappy was thrilled to receive a phone call from those nice poll people. He answered every question, gave those hipsters what for, and wishes his grandchildren would put down their frisbees and PBRs long enough to call him.


I thought the 80's was a vain period. Millennial's are even more vain in very obscure ways. Every 5 minutes there is someone spouting off about about an Emo, a hipster, a tween blah blah blah. Jesus Christ everything is about I'm better because you are weird.


Your poll is being ridiculed around the world for being completely inaccurate and bias, yet you lead with this on your front page. Well done you.

abe normal

Jason - "define hipsters". I agree. Bob - I don't think that there is a "belief" that is being criticized here. My generation wiped out the thrift stores of all the "cool" stuff, hipsters are just taking care of the rest of their stock, which the generation before me also thought the same thing. Being that they belong to a younger generation, it is easy to call them naive or weird.

El Stone

Hipsters do suck. Austin is full of them.

They generally seem to keep to themselves, so they don't really do anything to actively bother me. But they honestly do seem to have an aura of superiority about the. It's as if they think they know more about music, or keeping chickens (or bees), or beer (not all hipsters drink PBR, it's mainly Lone Star they drink in Austin) than everyone else around.

I am both disgusted and amused by the skinny jeans and the hipster "uniform" (ironic t-shirts sometimes with torn off sleeves, trucker hats, retro shoes, moustaches, neon Ray Bans, fixed-speed bike, excessive tattoos, greasy hair, etc.).

The funniest think about hipsters to me is their homogenous outfits. While hipsters allegedly pride themselves on not fitting in or being ahead of the curve (in bringing back that retro style), they actually all look alike because of how they dress. It may have been original when a few people in Brooklyn (or maybe Portland) were doing it, but now the hipster movement has spread and I think it's about time they get a new uniform.


a true hipster would never admit to being a hipster and would undoubtedly hate other hipsters. all this poll is good for is to perpetuate hipster culture. the more you hate them, the stronger they get.

Kris Corgan

high waisted shorts.. crop tops... perfect hair... forehead headband... not hipsters

James Stolz



hipsters as a word is about as descriptive as the word assholes.


Aware of WHAT?

patty O' furniture

Let's exterminate all the hipsters

Ross Richendrfer

Hipsters are an easy lightning rod, but I've found that sometimes they produce some good. Example, four songs I identified for a post on my blog (The Spark File): http://sparkfileblog.com/three-song-thursday-even-hipsters-get-it-right-sometimes/

Not spam, I promise. Just pushing the hipster conversation forward :)

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